How can I system recover my w500 tab that has been renovated

How can I system recover my tab w500 which has been renovated and did not come with recovery CD/PARTITION. I got the runaround on this recovery info and no one wants to be responsible and to help me. So now I am subject to an acer store which says that I have no options for this product. When I emailed for help, it bounces invalid address. I paid a lot of money for this thing and I NEED HELP! SN: LERK602047118060BA6500.  I'm out!

They are not on the site, because it is a Tablet, if you call - they can get it for you.

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    I'm sorry, but you cannot move the D: Partition recovery or its contents; It will not work if you do.

    Your recovery Partition was photographed on your hard drive during the production of your computer by the manufacturer for all of these reasons.

    1. If you want to reinstall Windows from in the case of a failure of the system, based on individuals or the keys at startup.

    F10 or Alt + F10 or F11 are a couple of different manufacturers use sequences.

    You will need to ask your manufacturer for proper sequence.

    2. to make the recovery disks on if your drive hard breaks down, so that you can then reinstall the operating system on a new hard drive.

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    Your D: Recovery Drive is should not be used for backups, defragmented, etc..

    There are backups on an external hard drive.

    To resolve the problems that have arisen with the recovery D: Partition, you will need to contact the manufacturer of your computer to remove all that has been added to it.

    See you soon.

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    From the home screen, press the right arrow, and then select Setup.

    Touch of the reports, and then select Printer Status Report.

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    In the jdev web module are

    [11: 09:38] wrote the Web for F:\backup of AshCMS\AshCMS\ViewController\deploy\AshCMS_ViewController_webapp.war application Module

    [11: 10:33] wrote the Module Enterprise Application to F:\backup of AshCMS\AshCMS\deploy\AshCMS_Project1_AshCMS.ear

    [11: 10:33] Application deployment...

    [11: 14:24] Application deployed successfully.

    [11: 14:24] time to deployment: 8 minutes, 11 seconds

    [11: 14:24]-deployment is complete.  ----

    what url in the browser.


    Mr President.

    I run my application on built-in web logic server and get the url from there

    http://localhost:7101 / ViewController/faces/MainPage

    then simply change the localhost of 7101 to 8081 as below

    http://localhost: 8081, ViewController, faces, MainPage

    and it works


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    See these two articles:

    If this suggestion solves the problem for you, please click the button solved next to this post after logging in to the forum. This will help others looking for a solution for the same topic.

    Thank you.

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