How can I tell the mail client to search for new mail on the server?

How can I tell the mail client to search for new mail on the server?

Within the Mail app and display the Inbox you can pull down on the list of e-mail using your finger and you should see a small reel spinning gear. Which indicates that his check new email.

You can also go into the settings of e-mail and calendars Contacts and view the settings there. Examine the settings of "search for new data. If the Push is enabled, then messages will be pushed to you if the email provider supports this feature. You can also set your accounts to use Fetch and set the frequency, he's going to go out and look for new e-mail messages.

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    Link above has an easy to follow Guide to set up Windows Mail.

    Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

    They offer your broad band/Dial-up connection.

    Ask them to:

    password for your service account to wide band/Dial-Up with them

    Server of incoming POP3 mail
    outgoing mail SMTP server

    The above information is required to set up Windows Mail.

    ISPS are usually happy to help you set up your email account.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    the page will have to be carried out has been an HTML page.

    You cannot use the old panels of database server & PHP on ordinary HTML files.  They need to be saved as .php files to analyze the code on the server side.

    If your remote & local test server uses PHP 5.5 or higher, I do not recommend using panels of database server & deprecated.  The code is incompatible, obsolete & non-secure.

    Further, you should be manually coding with (improved) MySQLi or PDO.

    Nancy O.

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    How can I configure my Mozilla Thunderbird to me for new confirmed before leaving?

    As far as I can see there is no easy way to do this. However, an easy option is to have the Thunderbird in the system tray on hitting the close instead of closing button. The add-on "Minimize on start and close" for Thunderbird accomplishes this mission and to close all what you need to do is right-click on the icon in the taskbar, and then click close to close actually it. I hope this helps.

  • How can I tell the boss... his code was cr * p?

    I came across a PL/SQL function that is called by at least 100 million lines

    I see the boss had his name on it. It's got to be horribly inefficient, no?

    I mean open a cursor positioned on static data - it's crazy!

    So I rewrote... but how can I tell him?

    FUNCTION get_facility_typeF

    (p_bill_type IN VARCHAR2,

    p_hospital_flag in VARCHAR2




    L_RETIN CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): = 'hospitalization. "

    L_RETOUT CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): = 'external ';

    L_FIRST2 CHAR (2);


    SELECT (CASE WHEN p_bill_type AS 11% ' THEN 'hospital')

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 12% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 18% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 21% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 22% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 28% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 32% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 41% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    WHEN p_bill_type AS 42% ' THEN 'hospitalization.

    'External' ELSE END)



    IF p_hospital_flag = "Y" THEN

    IF p_bill_type IS NOT NULL THEN

    OPEN c_set_facility_type.

    SEEK c_set_facility_type INTO l_facility_type;

    CLOSE C_set_facility_type;


    l_facility_type: = 'external ';

    END IF;


    l_facility_type: = 'Professional ';

    END IF;

    RETURN l_facility_type;


    Here's my quick... ultra rewrite, right?

    FUNCTION to CREATE or REPLACE get_facility_typeF

    (p_bill_type IN VARCHAR2,

    p_hospital_flag in VARCHAR2



    L_RETIN CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): = 'hospitalization. "    -return

    L_RETOUT CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): = 'external ';  -return

    L_PROFOUT CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): "Professional" = -return

    / * below are to be analyzed for the qualification to hospital patients of the type of Bill

    Add to the list below, if new billing codes are developed * /.

    L_CHECKTYPE CONSTANT VARCHAR2 (255): = '11,12,18,21,22,28,32,41,42';


    L_FIRST2 CHAR (2);


    L_FIRST2: = SUBSTR (p_bill_type, 1, 2); -check the first 2 characters





    END IF;

    IF p_hospital_flag <>THEN 'Y'


    END IF;




    Syswizard wrote:

    Thanks for this alternative Frank, but the function is already called in dozens of places.

    This is one of the reasons why I said that speed is only one review.  Even if you want to change dozens of places now, as you mentioned later, you don't want to change dozens of places, each time changing billing codes.

    like your approach, but I I still think mine is faster.

    No this CASE and IN case can beat IF and InStr.

    This is not necessarily true, but if it's true in this situation is irrelevant.  There is a great cost for the SQL, PL/SQL, and that's what I was trying to avoid.  Even if the CASE were slower than IF, and even were IN slower than INSTR, the difference would be very slight compared to the difference between doing all the work in SQL or by switching to the PL/SQL on every row.

    In addition, you must declare the function as DETERMINISTIC.

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    Hi Csbhkvp1, the only way I know about pin of the slab which is not already on the page (sometimes if you zoom using Ctrl-to see all 15 tiles you could spot it) must first of all to bookmark the site you want to pin as a tile, then add the bookmark to the page. Please see this article for more information on this method: customize the page new tab (section "Add a tile from your bookmarks").

    Sorry, Mac, as you know, zoom out is not command - Ctrl

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    Things are read from the server in the order in which they are encountered in
    the markup, the reading ofTO. Things appear on the page in
    the order that they arrive at the local browser after reading. You
    Can't control it.

    Murray - ICQ 71997575
    Adobe Community Expert
    (If you * MUST * write me, don't don't LAUGH when you do!)
    ================== - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources - DW FAQs, tutorials & resources

    "T_Wurz" wrote in message
    News:[email protected].
    > I need an accordion spry as one of the first things that load.
    > because
    > as a general rule, it will remain completely open which extends from the page. Any ideas on
    > How
    > tell the browser to load the first accordion spry, or less busy
    > closed
    > instead of completely open?
    > T

  • How can I change the server name? whenever I try to send windows live e-mail message comes upasking verifyserver name. need help

    cannot NMCS emails Windows live 2011 because incorrect spelling server id. How can I fix it?

    Please ask your question in the Windows Live Solution Center. Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]
    If a response may help, please vote it as useful. If a response to the problem, please mark it as an answer.

  • How can I make command-f continue to search for the same term on each page I bring up without returning the search term?

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    Command-G, for 'new' works in Web browsers.

  • How can I tell the LMS what variables I want him?

    Hi, I'm working on the development of an online course and I am obliged to put it to a locally-developed LMS which I don't have access and control to.

    What I know now, is that:

    1. This LMS cannot accept that data is passed a SCORM singlep packed;

    2. a single SCORM packed can pass two variables to this LMS: total score and pass/fail;

    However, the customer wants to track the performance of learners as much as possible, which means that they want more data than just the final score

    and success/failure.

    Can someone explain to me how do I specify what are the variables to pass to the LMS? Even I understand that I still am not able to get this to work, since I have no access control / in the implementation of the LMS, I want to understand the mechanism and to be able to explain why I can't get there to my supervisor.

    Thanks for all the inputs.

    Data are compatible SCORM LMS interaction via JavaScript variable transfer "mechanism".  SCORM uses a JavaScript API standard LMS compatible all supposed to understand and interpret correctly.  (I use the words "supposed" because reality tends to be that they all interpret the standard a little differently).

    If it is a "locally-developed LMS" then all bets are off.  In theory you should be able to transfer some of the information, but with a land roll-your-own system at the other end, you have no way of knowing how he will handle this information.

    You need to talk to the guy who built or currently leads this LMS, I hope that someone with expertise and technical knowledge.  Encourage them to tell you how much of the standard SCORM is actually taken in charge.  Only then you know if you can use some more advanced features of Captivate to transmit information more significant (e.g. data interaction as partition/success/failure).

    If your current LMS is really only able to accept a couple of values and desires of the customer more of this, handball, the question again to them.  They will have to upgrade their LMS or revise their requirements.

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    I was trying to download an MP3 that a friend had sent to me, but when I went to press the button 'Save file' on the small window that says "Open in..." or "save to...". ' (Or something like that), I accidentally hit the button that says always "do this with this type of file" and did not know until AFTER clicking on the button to continue with my download. Is there a way to fix this so that the download tool will ask me what to do with an MP3 download again?

    You can check the MP3 setting in tools > Options > Applications

    See also "Reset the download Actions":

  • How can you tell the difference between Microsoft Windows 8 Pro Full version and upgrade?

    For previous versions of Windows, for example, Windows 7, it was very easy.  Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade has 'Upgrade' printed on the outside the box in the upper right, as well as on the discs themselves, while the full version does not work.

    See here for example of the box:

    For examples of records, see here:, -[3] 148 - p.jpg

    With Windows 8 Pro, I can't find any distinctive feature.  I bought the full version and upgrade of Windows 8 Pro, but after their installation on several dozen calculates, I lost track of which boxes and discs are which.  And there seems to be no way to understand who is who...

    There is never any full retail versions of Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro box. Only Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro OEM System Builder licenses were full versions. It's the best way to confirm.

    Since the release of Windows 8.1, in retail box copies are full versions.

  • How can you tell the total number of photos in the Organizer 11 PES

    I used PSE 9, and there was a line at the bottom that says the total number of photos in the Organizer.  I now PES 11 and I find no such line, and I have not found a way to say the total number of photos in my organizer.  Where is this information?

    Thanks for your help.

    You should see at the bottom left of the Organizer.

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    Sorry, Firefox is not a "Download Scheduler. Which is provided by an extension or an external program.

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