How can I transfer Acrobat 9 Standard on PC to another?  I have the serial number and key for the software originally installed.  He has been installed from download and I have NO CD.

My PC operating system crashed and will not recover.  Drive since the crash PC works fine in a case of external drive.  I want Adobe Acrobat 9 standard from the old hard drive PC to the new PC. Old OS was XP Professional, Windows 7 is new.  I have the serial number adobe acrobat standard 9 and the original key.

After surfing on these communities, I downloaded a trial version of standard adobe 9 and tried to install it using my serial number.  It was not installed and the msg of error in a box, said that the serial number was not valid.  After trying several times, I went back to these messages in the community and did make the experience of others which State... .the copy of Adobe Acrobat trial is coupled with a Setup program that is intended to be used with Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional and since the serial number I am trying to used does not respect the AA 9 Pro numbering scheme, the installation fails?

Today, I tried to talk to the telephone line of Adobe Tech and all they wanted to do is insert a packaget of software allowing them to take possession of my new PC... NO STARTER.  After talking with several "supervisors" we gave me an another phone number to the TEAM from ADOBE, which of course only works for the current range of products.  SO.... I need guidance... I have Adobe Acrobat 9 enbedded in the work process that I use and it works great... I am a frugal man, and do not want to buy new or different Adobe Acrobat SW just because I still find an operational installation program.  How to get off this meeting happy tour and get my software installed on the new PC?


Since you have the serial number of moose Acrobat 9 standard, you can download Acrobat 9 standard using the link below and install it:

Once it is installed, you can use the license key to activate it and use it.

Kind regards

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