How can I transfer information from one mac to another on time machine?

I use Time Machine time and have all the info. I tried to understand myslef but get stuck on the same stage. Thanks for the help. Sorry to ask another question, should have asked

in my other post. My apologies

Move your content to a new Mac - Apple Support It should work, next time, I recommend you all first looking for an answer. Hope this helps, good luck to you?

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    We have purchased the Illustrator license in our society, but want to transfer from a cell phone to a new laptop. How can I do this?

    What version of Illustrator?

    What operating system?

    If it is a non-Cloud version, you download the Installer, install, then enter your serial number.

    If it's a version of cloud, you sign in to your Adobe account, download the Cloud app and then download the installer.

    If it's a creative cloud for version teams then steps apply again.

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    So here's the problem: this two tables have same column called cityId. And I have a button on the page of the city called 'create new home' how can I carrying Cityid information page of the city of haouse page when I pressed the button. Thanks for your help.

    Button, you can use thet setActionListener to assign a property of bean used in the second page, support the cityId
    as follows

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    You can find the profile folder of Firefox via this button on the troubleshooting information page:

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    I just bought a new computer and looking for parameter files for web sites that I currently manage on a single computer, so I can transfer them to another computer. How? Where can I find them?

    On the old computer, open DW...

    1. Choose Site > Manage Sites

    2. Select a site and choose export

    3. save the resultant .ste file somewhere you'll remember

    4 copy the folders of your local site from computer 1 to computer 2

    5. copy the .ste computer 1 computer 2

    6 al ' DW on computer 2, go to Site > Manage Sites > import and browse the newly copied .ste files

    7 connect the folder root Local sites on computer 2 to the newly copied local site folders

  • How can I transfer licenses from one PC to another?

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    over the next week (Monday 9 April 2012 - Sunday 15 April 2012) I'll replace it my current PC with a new PC. The old PC will serve longer. I should deeply happy to receive detailed step by step instructions to use in the new PC, software that I purchased from you, namely Acrobat and Dreamweaver, activated in my current PC and therefore on how to transfer the licenses relevant e corresponding activation codes from the old PC to the new PC. I'm waiting for your quick reply and send you greetings.


    Sergio Rossi - Rome - Italy

    [edited by the host of the forum - deleted email address]

    Simply choose Help--> desactiver disable in two applications with the ability to erase the serial number of the system, and then reinstall the software on the new system and activate it.


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    Located on the site until telephone numbers or chat option appear.

    I found this page after choosing Photoshop and pretending that I had a problem of password...

    At the bottom, there should be a button cat now, but for some reason any (I think that one of my tracking blocker modules) it will not appear for me in Firefox.

  • How can I move notes from one folder to another?

    I thought that some of my notes were missing, but it seems that some are stored in icloud and the other in different files associated with my personal email address.  How can I make sure that they are all on the icloud (in case I lose my phone, when I update my phone, etc.)?  How can I move them from one folder to another?  I not create separate records in the first place. I guess it happened when I updated to the current IOS.  Thanks for your help!

    Slide left on each note you want to move to your iCloud folder. Move and delete option is available. The rest is simple.

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    How can I move photos from one folder to another?

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    How can I move photos from one date to another in my catalog? Downloaded LR of photos taken over several days to a date. LR6 Win7 PC.

    Hi bubba43,

    Please select the images in the library grid mode Module and then drag and drop them in another folder you want.

    Kind regards


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    We have CS5 on a PC with Windows 7. Now wet want o change to another PC with Windows 8. How to do it. I work for a company, but I don't know how to change the program from one to the other PC. Is this possible? The passage from one to the other PC?

    assuming that there are no licensing issues, simply install on computer 2 using the installation files.  If you have already installed/enabled on both computers and that you have a single user (as opposed to a volume license) license, you will need to disable this feature (help > deactivate) on one of the other two before installing.

    Downloads available:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

    window using the Lightroom 3 link to see these "important Instructions".

  • How can I transfer videos from my mac to my ipadmini?

    I have a problem in sharing my videos from my mac 10.7.5 version to my iPad mini. I can share music and photos easily, but I cannot transfer the video or movies, should he have any software to do that?

    You should be able to sync videos to videos app to the iPad via iTunes on your computer. Videos are your computer's iTunes library, they have then they show selection and timing of the iPad when you connect it and select in iTunes

  • How can I transfer pictures from this computer to another?


    I need my photos in the Gallery Windows transferred to another computer. How can I do this task using a CD as a flash driver?

    Thank you.


    I need my photos in the Gallery Windows transferred to another computer. How can I do this task using a CD as a flash driver?

    Thank you.

    Click right click/copy...right/coller?

    What version of Windows are you using?

  • When I transfer information from one document to another, why change the margins, add spaces and dashes. How can I fix it?

    Windows XP Home Edition

    Hello Tomartcom,

    What type of document you're off / put in?

    Formatting problems you encounter can be in the formatting code left by the program, you are taking in, and when it is placed in the program you put into the formatting is inconsistent. Try to paste the text into Notepad, then copy the text from Notepad and paste the document that you want to use. Notepad should drop all the code formatting out of the text.

    Hope that helps, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How can I copy information from one image to the other GPS?

    I bought a Canon S100 specifically for its GPs and film.  These last vacation, I used the S100 and a Nikon D300.  In cases where the images were taken with both cameras roughly the same place, I would like to copy GPS information to CR2 S100 files to the D300 NEF files.  Does anyone know how to do this or if there is no plugins that will do it?

    And the answer is!   LIGHTROOM Beta 4!  It does everything I need.  Just announced today!

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