How can I transfer my arcobat 11 from my old computer to my new computer

How can I transfer my arcobat 11 from my old computer to my new computer


Hi elmerg6976650,

Open Acrobat on your old system, go to the menu help & Sign Out / disable.

Now, to install Acrobat XI on your new computer Download Adobe Acrobat products. Standard, Pro | DC, XI, X & activate it.

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  • How can I transfer my adobe pro from my old computer to my new computer?

    How can I transfer my adobe pro from my old computer to my new computer?

    Disable you the software on the first machine. Then use the installation DVD or file downloaded installer that you archived to keep safe on the second computer.

  • How can I transfer all the emails from the old hard drive to a new hard drive, Windows 7

    This transfer of e-mail has some quirk to it.  I am running Windows 7 Professional on a concert of 150 old drive raptor WD with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express.  I'll be installing Windows 7 Professional on the new drive and running Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird and the need to pass all the information the browser and e-mails (with folders) to the appropriate place on the new drive.  I will use the same Windows 7 Professional disk for the operating system on the new drive, and then the old drive will be trashed as soon as the transfer is completed.  What is the best way to transfer the data since I use two different browsers and e-mail clients?  Do I first transfer all on the same type of browser and e-mail on the new disk and then import in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird, or can I do a direct transfer to them?

    Hey there James :)

    If your original WD Raptor drive is in good health, have you considered cloning it to the new drive and so keeping everything as it is without the need to reinstall and backup and restore your data to the e-mail and other applications? I suggest to check out Acronis True Image WD Edition for this procedure:
    I would first of all check if the drive is healthy, as the procedure could transfer some potential errors from the old drive to the new. I would recommend running tool WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostic to check the status of the WD Raptor drive. Here's a link:

    After the back if you have any questions!


  • How can I transfer all the files from an iPad earlier to a new iPad pro?

    I'm considering buying an iPad pro and want to transfer all the files from my iPad generation (big connector) prior to the new.

    Is it possible directly, and is there a cable to connect the of LIGHTNING current in style making earlier?

    Or it's done via WiFi?

    You have a computer?

  • Hi, how can I transfer my license windows from the old to the new computer

    I have a windows xp system recently that the hard drive has no operatre. If I bought a new system can I transfer license windows to my new system...

    I'll be able to down load the updates...

    It depends on the license.  If you have purchased a copy of Windows XP retail, then you should be able to transfer it to another machine.  If you have an OEM license, however, your license is married to your machine and it dies when your machine dies.  If you bought a brand such as Dell, HP or Toshiba computer, and it came with Windows XP installed, then it is likely an OEM license.

    Note that the same install a retail version of Windows XP on a modern machine can not be easy.  The installation CD does not recognize a SATA hard drive, and to install a driver so that he will see the player will require that you have a floppy drive.  The alternative is to integrate driver into your installation disk.

    If you plan to buy a new computer, I recommend you go with the new version of Windows that comes with it.


  • I just installed a new drive faster. How can I get windows live mail from the old drive to the new drive

    Where are the files stored WindowsLiveMail?  Under what article directory.  I have "tons" of e-mail messages stored on the old disk and need to move them to the new drive faster.  How can I do?

    The location of the store folder, which contains all the messages, calendars and the account settings, is configurable by the user. The default location is
    C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

    If the installer of WLMail is a record storage in the default location, it normally acknowledge and take into use if. The only user that would be required should reinstate saved passwords. If this is to succeed, the old and new installations of WLMail normally must be exactly the same construction. The storage location must be in place in the default location on the new drive before installing WLMail. Also, the current user must be the owner of the record store to its new location.

    If the old drive is installed on the same computer as the new facility in WLMail, you can point the Import Wizard to import messages to the old folder of the store. They will find under storage folders into imported folders.

  • How can I move my bookmarks, etc. from my old mac to my new mac?

    I recently bought a new Mac Book Pro. How to import my data from Firefox (bookmarks, etc.) to my new laptop.

    Thank you


    Your Firefox data are stored in the profile folder. You can copy the contents of the old profile folder in the new.

  • Just bought a new computer with Windows 10.  Can I transfer Acrobat 9 Pro from my old computer?

    I just bought a new computer and want to load my Acrobat 9 Pro top.  Is it possible to do?

    [email protected]


    If you wish, you can certainly try and install Acrobat 9, but you can meet the compatibility issue.

    You can check the system requirements here: 42

    You can download from:

    Let us know if that helps you!

  • How can you transfer all data and software form old iPad new iPad?

    Hello: I have an iPad 9.7 "display of 2012 with 16 GB of storage. I'm about to storage now and are considering buying an iPad 2 Air. My question is, how can you transfer all the info from my old iPad to the new without starting from scratch?

    Thank you, Gilbert.

    < email published by host >

    Whence the content come of for example you have the music on the iPad, and if so is sometimes copied from CDs? You can copy purchases on iTunes from your computer via file > devices > transfer purchases, make a backup of the iPad, and restore this backup on the new iPad (music, videos, etc. is copied from the iTunes library, not the actual backup, so you will need these items in the iTunes library).

    Transfer to a new device: transfer the contents of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to a new device - Apple Support

    (Because these are user forums I asked guests to remove your e-mail address of your post, it is not a good idea to post it on any public forum.)

  • How can I transfer my songs I from Itunes to a new iphone

    How can I transfer my songs I from Itunes to a new iphone

    Do you this through iTunes. You iTunes purchases should be in your iTunes library and you can synchronize the authorized devices with the same Apple ID for this iTunes library.

  • How can I transfer an iMovie project from a mac to an iPad pro?

    How can I transfer an iMovie project from a mac to an iPad pro?

    You can not. They use different versions of iMovie.

  • How can I transfer a video clip from youtube to Windows Media Player?

    Original title: transfers.

    How can I transfer a video clip from youtube to windows media player

    Hi john331,

    1. what version of Windows Media Player are you using?

    2. What is the format of the video file?

    (a) you can use a third party downloader to download the video file on your computer.

    Note: This response contains a reference to third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft provides this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and no has not tested any software or information found on these sites; Therefore, Microsoft cannot make any approach to quality, security or the ability of a software or information that are there.

    (b) thereafter, try to play the video in Windows Media Player.

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • How can I transfer my photoshop 7 from my laptop to new PC?

    How can I transfer my photoshop 7 from my laptop to new PC?

    You can just install on your new PC and turn it on.  If you have two current activations, you will need to disable one before you can activate Photoshop on your new PC. My memory has a problem remembering to Photoshop 7 which is old, I think around 2001-2001, time that can be before Photoshop need activation all that was needed was your serial number.

  • I need to transfer my Adobe Suite from my old computer (almost dead) on my new computer. How can I do this?

    I need to transfer my Adobe Suite from my old computer to my new computer. How can I do this?

    Please check the help below document:

    Quickly find your serial number

    In the case of the volume license product, please visit: site Web of Adobe License | Serial numbers | Orders | Accounts

  • How can I transfer CS5 and LR3 from a PC to a Mac?

    How can I transfer CS5 and LR3 from a PC to a Mac?

    Hi nataliewebb05,

    It depends on if the version you bought originally was only for Windows platform or it-platform like Windows version does not work on Mac.

    Here are the download links:

    CS5: download products CS5

    Lightroom 3: tml

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