How can I transfer photos from the "iPhoto" to 'Photos' without losing info "date of creation"?

I decided to transfer all the remaining photos, I have always in an old iPhoto Library in pictures. I was able to 'rebuild' the library within the new version of iPhoto (which still exists on my Mac) and then export all the photos in a folder on a hard drive. However, when I then imported in Photos, they all got a new 'creation date' the exact moment where I imported the - missing information about when they were shot. Is there anything I can do to keep this information in Photos? The problem is that I can't even sort the pictures in "Photos" - under the "Sort" in the "View" menu option, there is only one, gray, option: 'Keep sorted by oldest first' if I look 'Photos' or 'Album' 'All the Photos' in the sidebar. Why are there no more options? (For example, sort by title?) Why is "Photos" so clumsy and unwieldy and paradoxical? Why does he use the same generic name ("Photos") for the app and the real thing, he manages a link in the sidebar? What happened to the Mac user interface intuitive but customizable? Augggghhhh!

TO migrate from keep everything that you migrate the iPhoto for pictures library by dragging the Photos icon in the dock

If you export you create them new files with metadata selected although the date of the photos should stay in the fields of EXIF/IPTC - assistance to export from iPHoto see - export to iPhoto

If the metadata is not correct after exporting it's user error - and if you perform the migration instead of export and import, nothing will change-- How Photos handles content and metadata for iPhoto and Aperture - Apple Support

What about sorting in the Photos - all the photos of the user can be sorted by ascending or descending date or by title - see Photos (years/collections/moments) is always sorted by date of the photo with the oldest first and pictures is always sorted by date added


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