How can I transform my ipad app within an app that works for the iPad and iPhone?

I built an ipad with the DPS application. But now my client wants to have the same content on iphone. How can I transform my ipad app within an app that works for the iPad and iPhone?  Is this possible without creating a new application App Builder? Thanks for your replies.


You must create a new instance of the DPS App Builder application. Select iPhone and iPad. If you use the same mobileprovision files (or mobile layout updated of the files of the bases on the same ID App), it is considered that a version update of the application itself.

You will need create sheets separated for the iPhone. folios iPad do not appear in the library of iPhone. See Digital Publishing Suite help | Creating content DPS for iPhones.

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    The cables for the iPad and the iPhone (and iPod Touch) are identical. They all have the same part number. The exception would be the cable for the iPad Pro. It's longer.  The adapter is different for regular size iPads and iPhones. It sounds as if someone was trying to avoid to honor the warranty.

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    Sometimes there are ideas as to the allow him to use educational applications and its music from itunes, but not anything about wifi, or any other games or Web sites.    There are other times where I'd like it to be allowed to use iMessage and not much else.

    The problem is that there is something out there that allows this level of control.    Apple has rolled out their "our Pact" that does not come close, but it's a start.     And no other control parental app or program allows control level "app." they will allow you to lock all applications (which are not integrated in the iOS) or not, but I can not choose.     Restrictions are unnecessary and won't allow me to lock the wifi or not to allow the addition of new locations of wifi.

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    Someone at - it a have a way around this?    Someone has any idea how to get Apple to listen to?

    For an application to the time-, you can use guided access

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    Any ideas how to do this?  A non-graphical way could there be to do? Thank you!!!

    Your best bet is to reduce the size of the thumbnails for the little ones, then disable thumbnails (to speed up the refresh), then drag in several stages, the Plan view scroll each time. In the next version of Muse (17 June), you will be able to collapse, chimneys vertical pages, which will be means your Plan view is not as wide. If cut you each stack, you will see only the top-level pages, and you won't have to scroll through many times. Or maybe they all will be fit. What you really need is autoscroll in the Plan view, which we do not currently have.

    Paul Sorrick

    Muse of engineering

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    Hi Oracle Experts,

    I have a difficult question . Lets say that I have two table with the same name, but these two tables come from two different databases with 2 different users.

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    Table Column Data_Type Length PRECISION Scale Primary key Nullable Default Comment



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    Table Column Data_Type Length PRECISION Scale Primary key Nullable Default Comment

    What I want to do:

    I want to get a query script that shows which columns need to edit, add and drop depends on the source table (make the necessary changes to make the columns in the Source table columns the same target table). No need to make any changes in the database do not want the query that must run to make these changes.

    EXAMPLE: I was using under query to get the query create table EMP. But seeing the column information to create the column even for the other user is difficult:)

    Select dbms_metadata.get_ddl ('TABLE', 'EMP') of double

    Erhan_toronto wrote:

    Is it possible to see the result like this:

    ALTER table Target_table change BOOK_ID Varchar2 (4);

    ALTER table Target_table add ISBN_10 Varchar2 (13), null;

    ALTER table drop TITLE Target_table;

    There are two simple ways to do so.

    1. use free sql Oracle development tools

    Simply select 'Tools - Diff of the database' and go through the menus

    Here is an article from Oracle by Jeff Smith that shows how do


    Quickly copy, compare and synchronize databases with Oracle SQL Developer.


    2 use the DBMS_METADATA_DIFF package - see the commercial doc


    Using the DBMS_METADATA_DIFF API to compare the metadata of the object


    If you look at step 14 of this article, you will see the result of the use of COMPARE_ALTER:


    14. compare the results by using the navigation API DBMS_METADATA_DIFF:

    SQL > SELECT dbms_metadata_diff.compare_alter ('TABLE', 'TAB1', 'TAB2') FROM dual;

    1 selected line.


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    I would go into the file HAVE and making the paths overlap slightly.

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    I have a number of Android apps to the BlackBerry World, which are all listed with lozenges of required device software : 2.0.1 or higher and BB10 Smartphone: or higher. Show all devices supported as the PlayBook and Z10 only. There is nothing on the applications themselves that prevent from running on the Q10. What should I do to make sure that they are offered to the owners of Q10? At the end of last month, I received an email from BB saying they were one of my apps to Q10 Portage (whatever that means), and that I don't have to do anything; However, the list global BB so that the app still shows that it is accessible to the general public only PlayBook and Z10. I have not received similar notifications on my other apps.

    Use glass magnifying glass to examine your existing versions of the release, and then select the pencil to change the newer version and then go to the "Add release version" tab where you can click on the pencil under load many devices to change the devices that you support.

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    When you have installed your own copy of Windows 7, you have deleted the recovery partition (Assist/F10 function will not work).

    To restore your computer to factory settings and also restore the recovery partition, you can probably buy for your vaio recovery disks.

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    A master password (for Thunderbird) can be the way to go. Set up and when you open your "Master Password" that opens the password manager will ask you to TB, so she can select your passwords of real connection for different sites.

    While TB is still open, you would usually not to re - enter the password "master." It requires TB be fully closed, then reopened before he asked the password again.

    'Tools - Options - Security - passwords'

    You can delete your IDs e-mail from the password manager, but you can have several - each POP account, each IMAP account, each SMTP account has its own password. My memory isn't good.

    TB38.2 Win10-PC

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