How can I uniinstall flashplayer

more than once by mistake downloaded flashplayer


Oops, double post. See the thread earlier here:

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  • How can I get Flashplayer on Mozilla on preloaded version to explore?

    (11/2014) my new PC came with Internet Explorer pre-loaded. I configure Mozilla as my favorite homevbase and then tried to install Adobe Flash Player. After failing, I found that it is already installed under preload Exporer. However, I can't use Flash Player via Mozilla: it seems that it is only available through Explorer. But, obviously, I don't want to use the Explorer (I don't trust it).

    How can I get Flashplayer to work on Mozilla as, or instead of Solution Explorer, please?

    If you continue to receive the error 1722 which means there are some current windows errors. try Googling this issue and try some of the steps from Microsoft to resolve.

  • How can I get flashplayer to work on a device listed as trusted?

    bought a Tosiba excited at350 because it is on the certified list of flashplayer. The Tablet say he is not certified. Can I run Flash Player on this device?

    I do not see at350 Tosiba excited in this list:

    Flash Player certified devices:

    But if you want to try and see how it works with your own risk, the following information may help:

    How to manually install Flash Player on my Android device?

  • How can I download flashplayer for Sony Xperia J

    and remember people like me have portable and has been on install McGee most thing I go for but you have left my laptop without the Flash Player or could free you at least mobile pays for him please.

    Hi Daniel,.

    Flash Player for Android is no longer available. For more information, see here: date.html

    Android users can always download and install Flash Player from Flash Player Versions archived page on the Adobe Web site.

    Please visit:

    Please visit this page for a list of all certified devices:Flash Player certified devices

  • How can I uniinstall the software that are corrupt

    I want to uninstall the software that is not properly installed and during uninstall, it says that the uninstall file is corrupt


    One solution is to start in Safe Mode - repeatedly tap F8 as you start - then
    uninstall programs.

    A better option is to use Revo Unistaller - free version - as it will remove usually more
    programs than their own uninstall programs.

    Revo - Uninstaller - free version

    I hope this helps.

  • How can I download FlashPlayer, if I'm using Fireworks and 64-bit?

    Hi people,

    I have windows7 and 64-bit and I want to download adobe flash player and use Fireworks. I have unsuccessfully during the last hours of the couple. I read all posted questions and still confused. Tell me exactly what I should do to achieve.

    Thank you

    What is "fireworks"?

  • How can I stop the sweet Firefox blocking plugin Adobe Flashplayer?

    I use Windows XP. Firefox keeps blocking of the plug-in asking whether to allow the plugin to run Adobe. How can I get Firefox to stop blocking the flashplayer?

    Good news! Adobe released an update yesterday to solve critical problems, he admitted were in the version. You can get on this page:

    If you are using Windows, look for the line "browser plugin", and you can use the exe or MSI installer.

    If you use Mac, there is only a single download to consider.

    If you use Linux, unfortunately, the update isn't out yet but should this week

    Although it is rare to have a block on the last available version, no one can promise that this kind of block will never happen. If that happens, if you are not accustomed to using the "Request to activate" feature a plugin, here's what to expect:

    When you visit a site that wants to use the Flash, you should see a notification in the address bar icon and one of the following: a link in a black rectangle in the page or an information bar slides between the toolbar and in the page area.

    If you see a good reason to use Flash, and the site looks trustworthy, you can go ahead and click on the Lego-like icon in the address bar to allow Flash. You can trust the site for the time being or permanently.

    But some pages use Flash only for tracking or play ads, so if you do not see an immediate need for Flash, feel free to ignore the notification! It will just sit there in case you later want.

  • How can I prevent the Flashplayer crash in Google Chrome?

    I have a Dell Optiplex 745 running Windows XP Professional.  I have Avg and installed Malwarebytes.  I use google chrome because I can't have IE8 to work or firefox to work properly.  I had the problem of Flash Player is not responding or crash for a while and have always run AVG as my anti-virus.  I only am not very computer so please be gentle to the Flash Player test page showed that I am not a good version of Flash Player, but flashplayer comes with Google Chrome.

    How can I stop messages unreponsive and falls down?

    Hi, well I think you deserve a rest! You did a great job. Flash Player is installed correctly and you have Shockwave Player in all 3 browsers!

    Since you're playing games online, be careful because there is a Virus that seems to be on Facebook and other sites as games. If you receive a message saying that you need to update Flash Player or if this game does not start within 10 seconds, etc.. Do not click on anything whatsoever.

    Close this site. You already know that you have the latest Flash Player, so any message contrary to that, you certainly want to ignore.

    Make sure that your antivirus software is up-to-date with the latest definitions.

    Have a good evening and ensure safety on the Internet!

    Kind regards


  • How can I get Firefox looking for my computer for the plugins that are already there?

    How can I get Firefox looking for my computer for the plugins that are already there?

    Adobe Flash player is already on my computer from IE 8. How can I get Firefox to see that it is already on my PC and use it so I don't have to download it again and possibly create other problems. Also, in my efforts to download Flash, active Firefox IE that made me concerned that would cause problems that our just leave me where I am now, instance where IE can use a bottle but Firefox cannot.

    Internet Explorer uses a version of the Flash player ActiveX plugin as it does not work with other browsers.

    Download the version of the Plugin-based browsers and make sure Firefox is closed when you install it.

  • In Plugins, I have two versions of Adobe Acrobat - how can I get rid of the old?

    In Plugins (and Applications), it shows two Adobe Acrobat version: and, how can I get rid of the old?

    Fix. If you think there may be a problem, follow these instructions;

    Take uninstaller from here:
    Uninstall Flash Player | Windows
    Uninstall Flash Player | Mac
    Reinstall the latest version.

    Flash Player Version

    Shockwave Director Version

    Opps, Sorry, wrong instructions.

    Remove the two programs. Then install the current.

  • How can I disable the auto-hide known file attachments, and why are still on the 10 internet pages where I have to download something if I use firefo

    How can I disable the auto-hide known file attachments and why are they always about 10 Web pages where I have to download something when I use mozila firefox?

    Windows computer

    Ignore the link of the player Shockwave that probably, you mustn't he compared to Flash player because it is barely used nowadays.

    FredMcD, you really need correct/update your clipboard for that.

    The downloadable Shockwave player version (not flashing) is and not as you can be confusing which version of the flashplayer reached before.

    Flash player is and not as you can see at

    Flash player is used for good Flash videos like Youtube and Flash games in Shockwave player is little used compared to Flash, for things such as games and online learning tools.

    And please, don't say "I asked. It's the way it is displayed on the site"as you said last time in , because who says little about why you're wrong ad versions and calling Shockwave player, Shockwave Flash.

  • How can I REMOVE an update installed without permission?

    FF, updated even though I had ticked the box that says 'never check updates.' I had version 17, now I'm on version 18. This update is not yet listed in the history of the update, but now Hulu does not work and I get a message that says that my Flash drive needs to be updated. I will not even enter the countless reasons why I NEVER do that! I despise Adobe! I finally found a version of their player who is not screw up every five minutes and now Firfox saw it all!

    What is the problem? It's frustration level Microsnot!

    How can I remove the 18 updated version and revert to 17?

    (Julesb100 - you may not be interested by this but other readers of the thread can be)

    Flash Player has critical security issues once again

    Comment a lot of Firefox Windows problems concerns the protected mode introduced in Flash 11.3. A solution is to manually disable the protected mode, then you can find more recent versions of the work of FlashPlayer


    I do not use Windows at the present time. Not sure if Firefox did not update a option now. Personally I would not downgrade to version 17 it is not secure and does not have the latest patches. If you wish to make in order to follow the link in this article. Install an older version of Firefox

    A better option

    disclaimer - this is not official advice
    - this procedure is NOT supported by support.mozilla
    - and is not recommended for personal use

    Use the ESR version, at least it is safe and will use Fx17 soon.

    If you do not need updates to block there are possible ways (but not necessarily on the ESR) it is to get rid of the address update string.

  • How can I make several outputs scanned in a single folder? DeskJet 2050 J510

    DeskJet 2050 - J510

    Windows 7

    At present, each image that I scan appears in a separate folder.  It's a nuisance for the mutiple image scans.  How can I make all the images in one session are displayed in the same fiolde, preferably on my desk?

    Hello kayecy

    Lets try to reinstall the software. Please follow the instructions below.

    1. open Control Panel
    2. click on uninstall a program
    3 uninstall the Deskjet 2050 in the list
    4 restart your computer
    5. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player
    6 download the drivers and full software functionality, and then reinstall the printer.

    Complete software Deskjet 2050 features

    Let me know if something changes or if the same interface of shows.

  • The ITV player / You Tube keeps in memory buffer and sound cut since I have done a Windows Update. How can I fix?

    I did a Windows Update on my XP

    The ITV player / You Tube keeps in memory buffer and sound cut since I have done a Windows Update. How can I fix?

    What is the speed of internet connection?


    Don't make sure that no firewall or internet security thing trying to block streaming.

    Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player: -.

  • I can't get adobe to work and when I look in ms confing is shows that it is stopped and does not work how can I run past

    i cant get adobe flash player to work and when I look in ms confing is shows that he is arrested and does not work how can I change to run again


    This can help you:

    Download and run the Flash Player uninstaller program.

    Then download and install Flash Player; After unchecking installing Chrome and Google toolbar option:

    If the problem persists, you may want to ask in the Forums of community Flash Player:

    See you soon.

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