How can I uninstall the sidebar of all-in-one and completely disable "LyricSing"?

The function of "all-in-one sidebar" offers redundant and confusing capacity that consumes valuable real estate display on my old (and small) monitor. The result is that it makes several important sites essentially unusable. Please help me get rid of it on Firefox 31,0 or allow the return to an older version of Firefox that does not include it.

Similarly, "LyricSing" uses real estate display and also acts as a great popup generator. The path to "disable" and the "current status" switch does not work on my XP-based system.

I strongly dislike (I'm being nice) IE and Chrome! Help, please!


You can uninstall the extensions that are more, you need or want to use.

  • You can enable or disable the power bookmarks bar by ' view > sidebar > bookmarks ' or 'Ctrl + B' (command + B on Mac)
  • You can enable or disable the sidebar story power by "view > sidebar > History" or "Ctrl + H" (command-H on Mac)

The current releases of Firefox have a button ' show lateral bars > "in the palette to customize this feature is also in the history of bookmarks and buttons drop-down list (the latter in the list '3-bar' from the Firefox menu button).

  • Firefox '3-bar' menu button > customize
  • View > toolbars > customize

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