How can I update the BIOS on my Sony Vaio laptop using disc or usb? Note: I can't windows at all.

Hi, I want to know how can I update the current bios on my sony laptop using the disc or usb.

I can't access the windows on the laptop at all, because I'm getting STOP: 0 x 00000 "a5 error that says: your bios is not fully compatible with acpi.»
This error prevents me to access any live disc or recovery disks.
I would like to learn more about records tho method.
Thank you.

Take it to a repair shop, you have damaged the card mother/connections

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    Hello world.

    Bit of a newbie here, so apologies for that.

    How to upgrade the BIOS on my NB100? There is no use to do so I'm a bit confused.

    Thank you



    The update of the BIOS can be down with the BIOS update you can download from the official page of Toshiba. This package contains an updated software too and automatically update the BIOS.

    Can I ask why you want to update the BIOS?
    I'll just inform you that it of not necessary if everything is ok with your laptop, because this update is a bit risky and you might destroy the ROM module everything t he update just for fun.

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    Looking for a display updated sony driver.   Its always a good idea to do so during the updating of the OSs.

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    Thank you
    AB - Oz

    On the BIOS Toshiba download page you can download the version of WIN. This means once downloaded BIOS, you must run it under Windows running as all other applications.
    By the way: is there a reason to update the BIOS? Have you noticed any problems with your machine?

  • ProBook G3 450: I've updated the bios on my g3 Probook 450 and now potrs usb do not work

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    Hi Richrob,

    Usually after the BIOS updates I recommend restoring the default BIOS because some parameters may change or managed power States must be refreshed. If you start at the F10 menu there will be a restoration of the default BIOS on the home page.

    If the USB bus does not return to the top after restoring default values, try to reinstall the USB driver. You can find the latest version for Windows 7 here.

  • Re: Installed update the BIOS for my Pro Satellite L300D and now screen does not work


    I installed the update of the BIOS 3 days ago, I had a few programs that are open at the time and also an external USB mouse in time. The hard drive crashed and then blacked out, but the power was still on the turbine runs at full skin. I tried to turn off the computer by the power button, but it wouldn't, so I let it run out of battery. Since then, the computer seems to turn on but the screen has been blackened since then, I can't see what the State of the hard drive is in.

    Any ideas?


    Oh dude, it looks like that your ROM module is damged due to a defective BIOS update :(

    A BIOS update should normally * do not get with the implementation of substantive programmes (also antivirus). I think that's the reason why the n t successfully update.

    However, you can do nothing. You will need help from a technician for laptop that can try to reflash the ROM module On the Toshiba page, you can search an ASP: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • After updating the BIOS, speakers produce no sound and iTunes and WMP did not recognize media files.

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    Hey vélorution,

    I see that you are having a problem with not getting no sound after upgrading the Bios.
  • When I switch to v5.7 to 6.0 installation did not ask me if I wanted to update the catalog so I always use that Lightroom 5.  Is elsewhere or is it ok.  If it is bad how do I update the catalog for v6.0?  I use a Mac

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    Hi simran1976,

    Use the link below to download and install the video drivers:

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  • Update the BIOS R610 of linux

    Hi again fellows!

    After Googling a lot, and now me again. I need to update my BIOS and linux debian Server R610, of course, without having to restart the systems.

    All the information I found on linux is confuse, some guys use lmbios to run the images, others use the iDRAC7 Interface but I hafe iDRAC6 and I can't access the web interface, I can only access OMSA 7 Web GUI.

    How you guys update the BIOS from linux? I already downloaded the image.

    Thanks in advance

    Hello xgonzalo

    You can update the BIOS to OpenManage Essentials:

    The easiest day is simply to use a DUP and updated through the iDRAC. Why you can't access the web interface of the iDRAC?

    The BIOS will not update until the system restarts, then why is it so important that you perform the update without reboot? If you can not web server iDRAC function then it would probably best to boot from a Linux live CD that you run the RHEL or CentOS sync .bin file. Other methods to perform updates will be community supported on Debian.

    This is the community support site:

    Thank you

  • Is Toshiba supports a utility to update the BIOS like DCCU?

    Hi all

    Another laptop to the manufacturer use a utility called the Configuration utility (DCCU) Client that can be used to update the BIOS for several models of laptops in the series.

    I searched on the web and these forums, but I can't find a similar tool for Toshiba laptops.

    Can someone point me in the right direction please?

    Thank you

    Published by: admin


    You should not compare the procedure of updating the BIOS from different manufacturers with the process of updating the BIOS Toshiba laptop.
    Laptop Toshiba computers come with special versions of BIOS (Toshiba & Phoenix) and on the update of the procedure is also different!

    If you want to update the BIOS of Toshiba laptop, you will need to first check if a new BIOS is available and you should check the statement and the update process.
    If I m not mistaken not updated the BIOS most on the most recent series portable Tosh must be done of Windows operating system.

    If an update BIOS utility like DCCU is unavailable for Toshiba laptops!

    Best regards

  • No sound after updating the BIOS, no error mssg.

    my sound was working fine yesterday, had a mssg. This morning updated the BIOS and now it has nothing, using windows 7 mobile home on HP Pavilion g6, what happened

    Check the message asking you if someone is online to help the

  • How can I update the BIOS without windows on V3 - 372

    I bought an ACER V3-372-57CW and refuses the computer at startup (the Green ACER splash screen at boot EFI appear same) when my Tablet WACOM Intuos 4 (if not fully functional) is inserted any USB port. Customer service Acer not recognize wanted to nor register the question so my last hope is that a BIOS update will solve the problem.

    I'm used to the manufacturers supplying utilities executable flash BACK running under FreeDOS etc but for the Acer V3 - 372, I can only find an executable for Windows 10. Of course, uninstalling the entire system just for the update of the BIOS is not a viable option.

    Is it possible to get either one executable for the update of the BIOS BACK or something that could be used from within Linux (with EFI)?

    Thank you


    At the present time, I have installed on my Windows computer.  If someone were to tell me that I needed to install another operating system to update the BIOS, I don't think it was a big deal.  I would like to...

    1. create a system with the Windows image backup

    2 clean the clean disk with 'diskpart '.

    3. install any OS they told me that I had to install.

    4. update of the BIOS

    5. after updating the BIOS, I would just wipe the drive with diskpart and restore my Windows system image.

    6. it would take me less than 45 minutes to accomplish steps 1 through 5.  Probably about 30 minutes to be honest.

    Use my logic.  Except that I'm not a Linux expert and don't know how to do what I tell you with Linux.  Just google it.  I see that some people use clonezilla, but I don't know there is a command to do the same.

    Check with the Ubuntu forum and tell them what you need to do and I'm sure it's possible.

    Important note: own Diskpart is priceless, if you n-front-rear of switching between the old modes and UEFI... or deleting partitions... or clean installation of an OS.  However, make sure that you don't accidentally wipe the bad drive (drive).  Be careful.  There is step-overs.

    Tip: you can get Vanilla iso free Windows from the links below... If you forgot to create a USB factory default your Acer Windows OEM recovery disk.


    And create a media installation with rufus.


    Tip2: the link below has some tips and tricks for cleaning 8.1 of Windows Installer or Windows 10.

    Tip3: always back up your personal files before you try everything before.

  • Satellite Pro 6000 - how can I update the BIOS?

    Hi all

    I have the problem that my laptop does not start 9 of 10 times with the message: * block 1 BIOS is damaged, call your service man.

    I want to update BIOS but for the Satellite Pro 6000 I can only find an update the BIOS from Windows. But my laptop does not start! Rarely the machine starts, but when I try to update the BIOS, I get the message that I already have the latest version of the BIOS

    My questions:
    * Is there a BIOS update file that is a BIOS floppy? (for example the Satellite Pro 6100 has 2 BIOS files, 1 Windows and 1 making a floppy disk)
    * Is it possible to update the BIOS with the same version of Windows?

    Or perhaps there is another solution for this problem? Has no need to update my BIOS?

    Thank you.



    I agree with Luke.
    The rom Bios module seems to be damage.
    Either it must be replaced or flashed again.

    But you won't be able to do that! The update of the Bios on the Toshiba page focuses on winning and you will not be able to update if the windows are not running.

    You last chance is an ASP that could check the BIOS ROM.
    As I said, most high, maybe new reflash module Rom help but cela can be answered simply by an ASP technician who checked this.

  • How can I update the BIOS without using a CD?


    I recently decided to update my RAM from 2 GB to 4 GB. After installation, I started my computer to find that it would not recognize the new memory. After doing some troubleshooting, I decided to try to update the BIOS, like the 2010 version. I have downloaded the update to the BIOS boot CD implementation of lenovo, burned a disk and restarts, I found that the boot order has no CD contained thereon. Here's the catch: I do not have the supervisor password. It is a mobile phone in hand, and I tried to find the password nothing is done. It's the current boot order: USB key, hard drive.

    My question is, can I create a BIOS update disk using a USB key, or update the BIOS of another way?

    I understand that it is impossible to recover the supervisor password without having served (that I prefer to not do, even if I have to return my Crucial RAM)

    My system features:

    ThinkPad L512

    BIOS version: 1.04

    BIOS date: 2010-3-26

    Controller of Embeded Version: 1.01

    Windows 7 32 bit

    Thanks for your help.

    Welcome to the forum!

    Two things here:

    (a) If you run the system update, it should offer the latest BIOS for your machine as well. I never did on a protected device, so it may or may not work, but perhaps worth it.

    (b) I doubt the ability of the system to recognize the new RAM has something to do with the BIOS. Much older than your ThinkPads will take place 4-8 GB of RAM with an old BIOS, older than your machine initially.

    Good luck.

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