How can I use internal clock case OR USB - 6259 BNC for the acquisition of digital data in my own big software?

I want to integrate the ANSI C sample program ReadDigPort - ExtClk.c in my own big package.

I want to use the internal clock of the BNC NI USB-6259 (.. 80 kHz 120 kHz).

In the document:
High speed M: Series Multifunction DAQ for USB - 16-bit, up to 1.25 MECH built-in BNC connectivity. / s,.
is written:
Or sample DI source clock: Any PFI, RTSI, HAVE sample or convert clock, AO, Ctr n out internal and many other signals sample clock
The digital subsystem doesn't have its own dedicated internal synchronization engine. Therefore, a sample clock must be provided another subsystem on the device or from an external source.

How can I use internal clock case OR USB - 6259 BNC for the acquisition of digital data in my own big software?
With what other subsystem on the device can generate a source of the clock? How?

It is possible to set a clock on an internal counter (for example ' Dev1/ctr0"):
Creates channels to generate digital impulses that define the freq and dutyCycle and adds the channel of the task that you specify with taskHandle.
DAQmxCreateCOPulseChanFreq (taskHandle, "Dev1/ctr0" units, clockName, idleState,
initialDelay, freq, the duty cycle); works

But it is not possible to drive this internal clock to a terminal (for example "/ PFI0/Dev1"):
DAQmxErrChk (DAQmxCreateCOPulseChanFreq (taskHandle, "/ PFI0/Dev1", clockName, units, idleState, '))
initialDelay, freq, the duty cycle); does not work: error DAQmx: measurements: type I/O of the physical channel does not match the type of I/O required for the virtual channel you create. Name of the physical channel: PFI0. Name of the virtual channel: clock

The sample clock source can be derived from an external terminal (for example "/ PFI0/Dev1"):
Sets the source of the sample clock, the sample clock rate and the number of samples to acquire or generate.
DAQmxCfgSampClkTiming (taskHandle, "/ PFI0/Dev1", maximumExpectedSamplingRate, DAQmx_Val_Rising, ")
DAQmx_Val_ContSamps, bufferSize); works. Acquire or generate samples until you stop the task

But it is not possible to derive the internal counter of the clock (for example ' Dev1/ctr0"):
DAQmxCfgSampClkTiming (taskHandle, "Dev1/ctr0", maximumExpectedSamplingRate, DAQmx_Val_Rising,
DAQmx_Val_ContSamps, bufferSize); does not work. Error: Acquire or generate samples until you stop the task: make sure that the name of the terminal is valid for the specified device. See Measurement & Automation explore valid names of terminals. Property: Property of DAQmx_SampClk_Src: DAQmx_SampClk_ActiveEdgeSource device: Terminal Source Dev1: Dev1/ctr0


Hi datafriend,

using what it says is correct:

Or sample DI source clock: Any PFI, RTSI, HAVE sample or convert clock, AO, Ctr n out internal and many other signals sample clock
The digital subsystem doesn't have its own dedicated internal synchronization engine. Therefore, a sample clock must be provided another subsystem on the device or from an external source.

This means that if you do not use an external signal as clock you can use the sample clock to HAVE it on board or at the output of the internal counter.

There are also 2 ANSI C examples in this regard:

So in both cases you have to use a fictitious task you need only for the generation of the internal clock (HAVE or CTR)

Tags: NI Hardware

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