How can passage of 10 elements 12 elements and the new computer, I connect old albums?

Our old computer has stopped working, and I had to move our photos from the old computer to the new. The old computer had 10 items, and the new has 12 elements. I have the old directory structure and intact catalog from a backup and want elements of 12 points to the old stuff in such a way that it does not lose the structure of the album that my wife had done. And I need to be on the secondary disk (where it was in the old computer as well) from the disc main hard is an SSD and is too small for all of our photos.

Is it possible to do? As to enter the name of the folder of the upper part of the old hierarchy somewhere in 12 items? I'm afraid that if I simply import the top-level folder that the old structure of catalogue and album will just be ignored, and we will end up with a big pile of images unstructured (like about 13 000 pictures * smile *).

Will import images obvious way (when you open a new installed of the elements, he asks to import pictures) don't know the structure of the album, or it'll just work within the hierarchy that was left by items 10?

The high level structure is D:\Adobe item 10 Pictures, and under that is D:\Adobe item 10 images\Mes catalog and d. \Adobe Element 10 Pictures\...\My Pictures.

Any help with this would be really appreciated.

Thank you.


Well, finally found my own answer. Ran across a display including this line:

You can test that the copy of catalog is ok by double click (or Mac equivalent) on the file: catalog.pse10db. That should open the organizer with the copy of catalog.

that gave me the idea to find this file catalog.pse10db. Found, double clicked on it, and the Organizer came with all of our photo albums, etc. and decided, apparently, that's what we want to * smile *.

So all's well that ends well.

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