How can we change the administrator

I bought my computer from a place like Rent-a-center.
I can't delete some things and cannot add some thing... well, I can't open the Aarons usser on my computer to change it or remove it,

I called then and they said I should be able to change the property... Well I can't I don't know how.


My advice is: when you buy a second hand computer, you must reinstall the operating system

not sure if it has been used in scams or por * or is infected with malicious software that could compromise online banking

How to reinstall Vista

Contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

they do it for a nominal cost of $

also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

you would normally press F8, F9, F10 or F11 or Alt + F10 or 0 to start to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

Ask them of the exact key sequence

or borrow a vista microsoft dvd; not a HP, Acer recovery disk etc

Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

they contain all versions of vista

This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals

If you have lost the product key sticker on the computer case, use these programs to recover:

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  • How can I change the administrator account for the user account?

    Our son has taken control of this computer! How can I to the administrator for the standard user account? Help, please!

    Go into the control panel.  Choose the user accounts and family safety.  Then, go to the user account, manage accounts and change the account type.  Here's where you can change your son of the administrator user account.  Hope you can get it fact.

  • How can I change the administrator password?

    I use a Windows 7 computer. I open cmd.exe to laugh and try, I've been on the standard user account, I changed the administrator password and I do not know. I don't have a reset boot disk.

    With a Dell with Windows 7, you press F8 at startup, not Ctrl + F11

    CTRL + f11 was for XP and Dell.

    "How to restore your Windows 7 computer to factory settings.

    To restore your Windows 7 computer to factory settings

    1. Back up important files and data. If you do not back up your files, you will lose them.
    2. Turn off your computer.
    3. Disconnect everything but the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This includes your:
      • Scanner
      • printer
      • modem or network cables
      • mobile phone and Tablet
      • Another external hard drive or USB flash drive
    4. If your laptop is docked, remove it from the docking station.
    5. When the Dell logo appears, press F8 several times to open the Advanced Boot Options.
      Note: If does not open the menu Options Options Advanced, boot wait for the Windows login prompt. Then, restart the computer and try again.

    6. Use the arrow keys to select repair your computer, and then press on entry.
    7. In the System Recovery Options menu, select a keyboard layout and click Next.

    8. To access the recovery options, log in as administrator and click OK to open the Dell Factory Image Restore .

    9. Depending on your configuration, you may need to select Dell Factory tools, then Dell Factory Image Restore.
    10. Click next to open the menu to confirm the deletion of data.

    11. Select the Yes, reformat hard drive and restore the system software of box condition factory and click Next.
      Note: The restore process begins and may take five or more minutes. A message appears when the operating system and the applications installed in the factory have been restored to the State of the plant.

    12. Once the complete restore operation, click Finish to restart the computer.

    13. Restore all data or programs that you want to back up files.
    14. See you soon.
  • How can I change the administrator account in Windows 8.1

    When I was installing a new laptop from my husband for him, I have connected to my Microsoft account.  His account has now all of my Windows and appearance settings.  I've set up a new account for him, but when it connects with her, he can't access his files because Windows thinks apparently they are my files.  How he can sign as long as itself and access all the files already on the computer?  It's boring where him having my settings and also means, it cannot access the pages as his LinkedIn account, as it is signed as me.

    Hi Jane,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Community Forum.

    Rest assured that we would do our best to help you.

    I understand you need spend your user account account Microsoft Local account with the selected settings.

    Please follow the steps below to do so.

    1. Log on the Microsoft account.
    2. Press Windows Key + C.
    3. Click settings.
    4. Click change PC settings.
    5. Click accounts
    6. Click on your account.
    7. Click on Disconnect.
    8. Type the password to Microsoft.
    9. Click Next and click switch.

    By following the steps provided above user account switches to a Local account with all the settings and user files.

    Hope this solves the problem. If the problem persists, you can write to us and we will be happy to help you further.

  • How can I change the password without original password? received from a friend's computer and they don't remember password and I can't upgrade adobe, java etc...

    How can I change the administrator password without having the original password? received from a friend's computer and they don't remember the password. Unable to upgrade adobe flash player or anything without password.


    If this is not applicable, you must reinstall the operating system.

    This is information from Microsoft for when you forgot your XP password.

    "How to connect to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password or if your password expires"


    "What to do if you forget your Windows password"

    "If you forget the administrator password, and you do not have a password reset disk or another administrator account, you will not be able to reset the password. If there is no other user account on the computer, you will not be able to log on Windows and you need to reinstall Windows. »

    Microsoft prohibits any help given in these Forums for you help bypass or "crack" passwords lost or forgotten.

    Here's information from Microsoft, explaining that the policy:

    See you soon.

  • I signed on XP Pro SP3 as an administrator but you cannot change the timing of Windows Update to 03:00. All options are not enabled. How can I change the time, updates are made? __

    I signed on XP Pro SP3 as an administrator but you cannot change the timing of Windows Update to 03:00.  All options are not enabled.  How can I change the time that updates are made?

    Hi imoffshore,


    Welcome to Microsoft Answers Forums.

    We would like to get some more information from you to help solve your problem. You better, please answer the following questions.

    ·         When was the last time it worked?

    ·         Remember to make changes to the computer recently?

    ·         You have security software installed on the computer?

    ·         You get the error message?

    When you open the tab automatic updates in the control panel or My Computer property sheet, all options of configuration of the automatic updates may be grayed out. This happens due to one of the following reasons:

    1. You are not logged as administrator (or equivalent)
    2. Strategy of automatic updates is enabled
    3. Automatic updates (and Windows Update) access is blocked by group policy

    The options available for automatic updates.

    You must make some changes in the windows registry.

    Important: this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    How to back up and restore the registry in Windows

    • Click Start, run and type REGEDIT to . EXE
    • Go to this location:


    • In the right pane, delete the two values AUOptions and NoAutoUpdate
    • Go to this location:


    • In the right pane, delete the DisableWindowsUpdateAccess value

    Using the Group Policy Editor - for Windows XP Professional

    • Click Start, run and type gpedit.msc
    • Navigate to the following location:

    => Configuration of the computer
    ==> Administrative templates
    ===> Windows components
    ===> Windows Update

    • In the right pane, double-click Configure automatic updates and set it to not configured
    • Next, go to this location:

    => User configuration
    ==> Administrative templates
    ===> Windows components
    ===> Windows Update

    • In the right pane, set to remove access to all Windows Update features on not configured

    Change how Windows installs or notifies you of updates

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How can I change the account administrator to a standard account?

    Original title: How can you change your administrator to standard user after you have already chosen administrator?

    need to know that I don't know how to change it, it won't let me

    I have to format it?

    Why would you want to downgrade your admin account? That would be like throwing the master key for your safety! You must do exactly the opposite: make sure you have two accounts admin fully tested all the time, even you have at least two keys to your home. Anything else is running a great risk - see here.

  • How can I change the background to the photos in the windows image viewer.

    original title: How can I change the background to the photos in the windows image viewer.  I hate it in context and would like to have a black background that surrounds photos.

    I had before an Adobe photoedit who saw the pictures surrounded by a black background.  I accidentally deleted the adobe photoedit.  So now, I find my pictures with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.  However, I hate the white background that surrounds photos.  How can I change the context surrounding the photos of BLACK color?


    I suggest that you try to do system restore or reinstall Photoedit and check to see if it helps:

    How to restore Windows XP to a previous state

    Note: to perform the system restore, you must be running Windows as an administrator.

  • How can I change the size of the image on my TV screen?

    original title: screen size

    How can I change the size of the image on my screen? I connected my laptop to my TV via a HDMI cable. I don't see the bottom top or side photo ei portionso: can not see the bar of tasks or x box. I lowered the resolution of the screen to something 720. but did not change the size of the screen

    Hi kimhealy

    You have set display up-to-date drivers installed?

    Method 1:

    Step 1 :
    To resolve the problem, you can check if uninstalling and reinstalling then the display driver allows.
    Also check if you have any exclamation point or cross the marks on the sides of display devices listed in Device Manager.

    a. click Startand then click Control Panel.

    b. click system and Maintenance, click Systemand then click on Device Manager.
    Note If Control Panel is in Classic view, double-click System, and then click Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click allow.

    c. in the Manager device, expand display driver, display devices, right-click and then click on Properties and on the driver tab, click Uninstall.

    d. When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click OK.

    e. restart the computer.

    After the computer restarts, the drivers will be installed automatically.

    Step 2:

    If the problem persists I suggest you to check if you install the latest updated driver on the manufacturer's Web site to help you.

    You can also check out the link below and check if you get an updated video driver. You can install updates in optional updatesvideo card driver. ' t-work correctly

    Method 2:
    If you are on windows media center, you can also refer to the link below and check.

    See also below the link-help


    I hope this helps.

  • How can I change the address of a hard drive of the add-on?

    How can I change the address of a hard drive of the add-on?

    If by address you mean the drive letter and you mean a removable drive, open disk management (right click on computer and select manage or open for administrative tools computer management).  Right-click on the drive and select change drive letter and paths.

  • How can I reset the administrator user accounts?

    My Windows 7 PC is now standard user. How I can change standard user to administrator. The system won't let me change.  How can I reset the administrator user accounts?  Or, how you're going to help me change the setting?

    If you have AN administrator account on your computer then the answer of Joel help at all.

    You cannot change a user account Standard on an admin on another account Admin account (AFAIK)

    Try this:

    Boot from your Windows repair disk (you DID make a?) and use system restore to set Windows to a point before it happened.

  • How can I change the license to another host?


    I am replacing a host, but cannot change the license to the new host.

    The ability to change the license on the vCenter (administration, licenses, manage vsphere licenses) appears dimmed (unavailable).

    All the licenses that I own are associated with former guests. I can't add new hosts because all licenses associated with the former hosts. I removed the host the vCenter, but the license is always affected.

    How can I change the license of a former host (which no longer use) by the new host?

    Thank you!

    As mentioned earlier, it should actually take a few minutes, so with the two days, you've already waited, there seems to be something wrong. Please take a look at KB VMware: vCenter Server 6.0 incorrectly states the amount of licenses in use by the ESXi host to see if this helps you to identify/solve the problem. In the case where you don't consider opening a case of pension with VMware.


  • How can I change the owner of the activity?


    How can I change the owner for an activity through a web service?
    I can put owner = {name of desired owner string} and use the update?
    Can I give an empty value for the owner?

    Links to other discussions on this topic will also be welcome.

    Thank you.

    Published by: Yossi Lempert at 02:09 28/12/2009

    Hi Yossi,

    Changing the owner to an empty value did not work properly for some reason any.

    This error message do you receive? I would not recommend this approach even if it happened to save the update, as you noted, it is safer to perform explicit reassignment as below to make sure the correct visibility on the issue.

    Change of ownership of a specific owner id has worked, including the administrator and the web service ID, and it seems like a safer way to do it.

    1 CXFPE
    1 D1COH

    Thank you

  • How can I change the text in the Messages to the vertical?

    How can I change the text in the Messages to the vertical?

    If you mean change the orientation, simply turn the phone. If this does not work, close Messages and then run again.

    To close the Messages, press the Home button twice quickly. You will see small glimpses of your applications recently used. Drag to the left to find the application you want to close. Swipe up on the preview of the application to close.

    If it does not, the strength to restart the phone. No data is affected by this. To force the reboot your device, press and hold the two buttons of sleep/wake and home for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

  • I changed my email address of my ID Apple online, but my iphone still ask again me for my old email password, which no longer exists, how can I change the email to my new on my iPhone

    I changed my email address of my ID Apple online, but my iphone still ask again me for my old email password, which no longer exists, how can I change the email to my new on my iPhone

    Go to settings | Mail, Contacts, calendars and change e-mail account information.


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