How can you increase dedicated video memory

I have a hp computer office 314-110 and there only 32 of dedicated video memory and I need to buy more than 50 to run some games I have how to add dedicated video mem and what is shared memory?



Suffice it to say: you can not. If you want to play games, you need a better machine current machine upgrade ypur GOLD.

Kind regards.

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  • How can I increase the video memory dedicated Satellite C660?


    I'm on a Toshiba Satellite C660 and I was wondering if it was possible to increase the minimum 64 MB dedicated video memory. I've got 1696 MB total available graphics memory and 8gbs of RAM.
    I have had a look in the BIOS settings but couldn't find something useful.

    Thanks in advance guys.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. There is not an option where you can change it manually. It works automatically.

    With more RAM, more memory will be used for graphical operations.

  • HP 17-e049wm: How can I increase the video memory shared to the integrated graphics card?

    I recently bought a HP 17-e049wm. This laptop has the AMD Radeon HD8650G integrated graphics with up to 4206 MB total memory. I understand that this graphics 'card' using embedded memory as video memory. How can I increase or decrease the amount of memory allocated for graphics? I don't seem to be able to make changes from the BIOS. Is this something that adjusts automatically?


    Yes the PC controls the amount of system memory that is shared and there is no way for the user to control this feature.

  • How to increase dedicated video memory

    Mr President, I have Laptop Inspiron 15 3520 with intel core i5 3210 m CPU @ Ghz (4CPUs) 2.50 and 8 GB ram with dedicated 32 MB video memory and system memory shared 1632 MB. I can't yet be able to play games like euro truck simulator 2 at least at low without loving. I can not even able to install GTA 4 because of dedicated video memory is 32 MB was is 256 can u say any process to increase dedicated video memory.

    The only way to do this is by purchasing a laptop computer with a video chip dedicated or hybrid - there is no way to increase the video memory on your system.

  • How can we increase the free memory space for application requiring more memory on OS 64 - bit Windows 7 Professional?

    How can you increase storage space free for a request that need more than 2 GB of memory on a 64 - bit Windows 7 professional OS?

    I guess it's a 32-bit application; a 64-bit application would have a 8 TB virtual address space.

    A 32-bit application can be given to a 4 GB virtual address space if it is marked with the IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE flag. This is usually accomplished in conjunction with the indicator of this option . (v = vs. 85) .aspx (v = vs. 85) .aspx

  • How can I increase the virtual memory of my pc?

    How can I increase the virtual memory of my PC. ?

    Hi pedrogamez,

    See the following article:

    I hope this helps!

  • Satellite L50-B940 - how to increase dedicated video memory?


    My labtop is TOSHIBA L50-B940 with 8 GB RAM and AMD radeom with windows 8.1 graphics card, 64-bit

    the problem is that the dedicated video memory is 0MB and I could not increase it

    I asked my friends a guy TI and nobody could help me and I tried to increase it from the BIOS as my friend but my bios setting is limited, so I ask you to help me solve this problem, I can't play for example: unit of creed Assassin before solving this problem

    and please teach me how to solve this problem step by step

    Thank you

    Hi Sami

    As far as I know it works automatically and there is no option where you can set it manually.
    This option does not exist in the BIOS.

    You know it's always a problem with portable machines. Video more power means more heat and due to a specific design and cooling system which can be very risky for the portable machine etc. is all this a little... different.

  • HP ENVY 15-u010dx x 360: how to increase dedicated video memory of HP Envy?


    I tried to increase my video memory in the BiOS but I can't seem to figure out how do it or if it is still possible. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated, it is currently set at 128 MB and it's pretty useless for most games now adays. I read somewhere that games will run better if increase you it.

    When I do scans on my computer that the compatibility of games, video dedicated is always the only issue.

    Product name: HP ENVY 15 x 360 PC

    Product number: G6T84UA #ABA

    Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics 4400

    10 64-bit Windows Home


    Suffice it to say: you can not. System will automatically allocate/assign system available to the graphics up to max RAM supported. In addition, this machine is not a games machine. If you want to play games on your laptop, please cancel approximately $2,000.

    Kind regards.

  • Re: Can I increase the video memory on a Qosmio X 300 - 15 d?

    Is it possible to increase my video memory from 512 MB to 1024 MB?

    [[email protected]], thank you.


    As far as I know the video memory is dedicated. What you can change is shared system memory for more available total graphics memory.
    Best way to proceed is to use max RAM and install the 64-bit operating system.

  • HP Pavilion g7-2248sg: my laptop can increase dedicated video memory

    Hi guys

    I just want to know find best video memory, I just want to play overwatch but need 712 when I see network that I can increase my memory and I relly want to do so I just add ram 2g computer laptop

    This is the model

    HP Pavilion g7-2248sg


    Yes, please check information for @Karthik and add more RAM if you could.

    Kind regards.

  • Satellite P200 - 17 c: how to change the dedicated video memory of Radeon HD 2400

    I just bought a Satellite P200 - 17 c. The ati mobility radeon HD 2400 grafic card was supposedly 895 MB.
    However since I found the card has 128 MB of video memory dedicated.

    Can I pass it and if so with what?

    I would like to add a few details.

    On my L30 with ATI graphics and a Vista I m capable of changing some graphical settings of the graphics card ATI catalyst.
    You can choose between quality and performance.

    Play games, I noticed that it of better spend some controls performance. Then some games works well

  • How can I adjust the video memory to allow my daughter to use Fisher price crafts & Studio?

    When I try to install the software for the craft Studio & digital Fisher price I get an error message that I don't have enough video memory and aborts the installation. It is said that it requires 64 MB minimum

    You can not 'solve' video memory.  Either you have it or you don't have.

    However, unless you have a very old or very basic computer, it seems doubtful that it is an exact error message.  I suggest you contact the Support of F - P.

    Note the following points:

    IMPORTANT! Computers built before 2003 may have trouble running this software. Please see the following MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS for compatibility with your computer system at home.
    This product works with Vista, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
    Processor: 750 MHz
    Memory: 256 MB RAM
    Hard drive space: 200 MB of available space
    Graphics resolution: 1024 x 768
    Video RAM: 64 MB
    USB 1.1 port
    Recommended: color printer and internet connection for software updates

    Just out of curiosity:

    1. Click Start > run > msinfo32 > OK
    2. In the system information window, click Edit > select all, and then click Edit > copy, then put your mouse in the box to answer here and right click and choose Paste.
    3. Return to the system information window, click on the + sign next to "Components", then click on "display".  Yet once, click Edit > select all, and then click Edit > copy, then put your mouse in the box to answer here and right click and choose Paste.
  • How can I increase my virtual memory on my computer

    I don't seem to be getting no answer to my question on virtual memory. also I HAV an error on all of my pages that seems to affect the quality of the work I've done that sometimes cuts

    Hi rosabellecarey,
    -What is the error message that appears on the pages? Specify the same.
    -Why do you want to increase the virtual memory?
    To increase the size of the virtual memory, see the following article:
    Additional reference on:
  • How can I change the video memory on a Fujitsu laptop?

    Hello! I am a Fujitsu AH531 laptop user, and I'm trying to change the video memory settings in use. I have access to the BIOS, which is a Phoenix Tiano, and advanced settings to change my memory Intel HD Graphics 3000 64 MB to 128 MB could not be found. Any advice?

    Intel HD3000 graphics memory is allocated dynamically. I understand that there is no real dedicated VRAM. The mfg of the portable allocates a base amount of system RAM in common with the graphical part of the processor. In your case it's 64MB, but for some, it's as little as 32 MB and other 128MB, but the end result is much the same as more system RAM is allocated according to the needs.
    If there is a way to change the RAM RB you better ask on the forums of Fujitsu.

    Apparently, some people use 'batch' files to help with game performance, this is something that you may want to search each game uses a different file.

    More information-
    Specs Intel HD3000 and landmarks-


  • How can you increase/change the font size using window.print

    We use no BI/XML Publisher.
    I have a button with a redirect URL to print.

    How can I give the user the possibility to print with a different font or larger or possibly put the same for everyone?

    Thank you


    Hi John,.

    You can add styles that are only used when printing (or print preview). In the frame header HTML on your page (or in the header section of the page template if you want on all pages), add something like:

    <style type="text/css" media="print">
    * {font-size:24px!important;}

    This will set all the text to 24 px. Obviously, adjust according to your needs.


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