How can you rebatching photo metadata.

How can you rebatching photo metadata. It was super easy in Aperture or iPhoto.

There must be a way, but I'm not.

Select the Photos and info - enter the metadate in the info window - all selected photos are updated


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  • How can you transfer photos from creative cloud to Lightroom?

    How can you transfer photos from the creative cloud to a new computer that is configured with Lightroom?


    Please see import existing images | Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC tutorials

    I hope this helps!

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  • I have a Mac. How can you transfer photos modified photo to 14 items bin?

    How can you transfer pictures modified to your photo tray? I have a Mac.

    In the tray, double-click the thumbnail. In the main Editor window, click the X to exit and close the image.

    Either use the file > open for other images or

    Select the photos in the Organizer, and then click the Editor button near the bottom

  • How can you transfer photos from iPhone 6, as well as for the SD card?

    How can I transfer photos directly from my iPhone 6 Plus an SD card without using my iMac

    I don't think there is a way for Apple to export to an SD card.

    Connection kits only import.




  • How can you transfer photos from external memory card to internal memory frame kodak easyshare ex811?

    Need to transfer photos from an external memory card to memory internal under photo Kodak EX811?  Surely it can be done?

    Need to transfer photos from an external memory card to memory internal under photo Kodak EX811?  Surely it can be done?

    See page 15 of the following guide.

    Frame EX1011 digital camera Kodak EasyShare - for EX811 wireless,

    The manual States the following:

    On your computer, open desktop or Windows
    Solution Explorer.

    The image appears as a removable drives
    drive for each connected in the framework, photo source in
    the present arrested: internal memory, memory, USB cards

    So... All you have to do to copy photos inside
    the memory is to drag and drop on the correct drive letter.

    I was wondering why the memory card is not sufficient?

  • How can you host photos or images using applications Adobe CC?


    I'm trying to figure if it is possible to host my own photos or images on the web using Adobe CC sort, in the same way that many do with Photobucket. They download a photo or image to Photobucket where they can then get a link to the image, which can be inserted into the source code elsewhere on the web.

    What I want to do ultimately is create a gif animated for my online storefront, but I'll need to download the final product to someone's photo/image hosting site in order to complete the task.

    I have a subscription to the creative cloud and wonder if this is a characteristic of this subscription, but I can't seem to find this specific answer in the forums.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful input.

    There should be a useful pop-up windows when you get there, but it's a bit simple. You just upload your files on your CC account and then share by using the option "send link":

  • Mixture of Photoshop mobile app. How can you save an edited photo in the same file as the original?

    Mixture of Photoshop mobile app. How can you save an edited photo in the same file as the original?

    Hey there Mopi2!

    Currently, there is no way to save your new image instead of the original image. For now, you need to manually delete the original. It is however a great request! Please share with the team by typing "give us feedback" in the app menu (tap on the app icon in the upper left corner of the screen while inside the app).

    Let me know if that helps!


  • How can you correct designated offline photos in PS 12 for Mac?

    How can you correct designated offline photos in PS 12 for Mac?

    Thanks 99jon, who took care of part of my problem.  I was not consistent when I imported the media if she makes it difficult to identify where some of the original files are.

  • How can I download photos in an album shared to a pc?

    How can I download photos and videos from a shared PC album?

    You will need to save these items to your camera first. You cannot import photos or videos on a computer from anywhere except the film.

  • How can I remove photos on my iPad without deleting icloud?

    How can I remove photos on my iPad without deleting icloud?

    If you have settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud library turned on then all of the photos you delete the iPad will be removed to iCloud and any other device connected to this library to iCloud. You can reduce storage required on the iPad by turning on optimize storage on this same screen parameters. Apple currently does not any photos only cloud storage option.

  • Simple question... How do to add pictures on the body of my MAILS found 1000 results for how can I add photos to my Thunderbird emails

    How can simple question - I add photos to my mail body. But instead of the answer - found 1000 results for how can I add photos to my Thunderbird emails. There are answers that don't apply at all to the question anyway. Why must it be so difficult to get a simple answer to a simple question?

    Thunderbird is a bit like Microsoft, all the reasons as I dumped MS Live Mail.

    First, a lot of help for Thunderbird refers to the menus that may not be visible. It would be useful to you and us if you have your menus and toolbars visible.

    Then, open a window of writing. Activate the menu and operate.

    Now that you see an option "Insert"?

    If this isn't the case, you can assign composing in plain text, which does not support embedded images.

    Tools | Account settings| {Select account} | Composition & addressing and ensure "Compose messages in HTML format" are checked. If it is not already checked, go back to writing a message. No better now?

    Once you have the mode of composition HTML goes, you can use Insert | Image or various permutations of copy - paste and drag - move to the body of your message.

    A manual of sorts:

  • How can you change a text in an image?

    How can you change a text in an image?

    Hi Jasper,.

    It depends on how the text has been staged, and what has been done with the image after that.

    A quick test - what happens when you zoom in on, or enlarge the image?

    If the text retains its edges when amplified, then it can probably be edited separately from the image. If the text begins to show pixelation on the edges (like the picture), then there is no text to change, what looks like adding text is actually part of the image and can only be changed in the same way that you can change anywhere in the image.

    Here is an example:

    The photo is a photo (jpeg format), inserted in a Pages document created with the essay template. White text in the upper left corner of the photo is placed in a text box. To put the photo on this page (and the text on and around it) has been converted to a PNG file. When it is enlarged on this screen, the text finally a pixelated image...

    .. .the easily noticed in the thin relates diagonal 'o'.

    In Pages, however, the text and the picture are separated, and the text is a vector image - mathematically trained and scalable.

    The text here is contained in a text box and the text box was grouped with the photo. To change the text (in Pages), I need to:

    • Click on the text.
      Handles will appear in the corners of the selection.
      That click you select either the entire image OR just simply the text box.
      • IF the handles are blue x characters, the selection is locked
        Go organize (menu) > Unlock
        Sectionals unlocked handles are small white squares.
    • IF the selection includes the entire image
      • Go to the menu, rearrange and choose ungroup
        If the choice to separate is not available, the text may be part of the image and uneditable as text.
        Try to click twice (separated from the clicks, not double click).
        If the insertion point (|) is now in the text, the text is editable as text.
        Change the text.
    • IF the selection looks like a text box and does not the whole image
      • Click on the text to place the insertion point (]) in the text
        Change the text.

    Image showing the insertion point in the text in a text box on the image:

    Kind regards


  • How can I add photos or images to my favorites on Finder?

    How can I add 'photos' or 'photos' to my favorites on Finder?

    If you want to add the pictures folder to the sidebar of the Finder, the easiest way is to open a Finder window, go to the Finder-> Preferences-> sidebar menu and mark 'Photos '.

  • How can I sequence photos in an album of Pad?  Pictures are sequenced by file name (for example, 10 C, 20 C, CN) within their folder (album) in Photoshop Elements on my PC to 10 Windows, but the sequence is disrupted on the iPad via iTunes import/synchron

    How can I, sequence, photos, in, one, pavement, album?, the, photos, are, sequenced, file, nam e, (e.g., AC, 10, AC, 20,...) (CNN), within, their, folder, (album), in, Photoshop, elements, on, my, Windows, PC 10, but sequencing, is, disturbed, to, import, /, synchronization, to, t it, Pad, via air, how, may, sequencing, PC, be maintained, soon, transfer, to, nth, Pad?  My PC operating system is Windows 10 and my iPad is version 9.2.1.  Photoshop Elements is version 10.

    There is no way to manually sequence on an iOS device.  You can import them to your computer and the sequence by using a photo application that has this feature.

    iOS: import personal pictures and videos of iOS devices to your computer

  • How can I stop Photos to start when I plug my iPod nano?

    How can I stop Photos to start when I plug my iPod nano?  I use mac os x El Capitan 10.11.3 & iTunes

    It takes your iPod nano 5th generation.  If so, this happens because he has a camera.  After Photos opens when you connect iPod, near the top of the window, is there a checkbox to Open the Photos for this device (or words to that effect)?  If you see this checkbox, uncheck.  Photos should be open when the iPod is connected.

Maybe you are looking for

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