How change/reset the passwords of admin of the auditor and Manager

I have request Express the listener in a stand-alone installation on Oracle 11 g R2, how do I reset the passwords of Admin and feeder access the listenerAdmin.
Listener already configured.

Currently when I try to access apex/listenerAdmin I get requests for leave (by default / user/passwords username provided does not work).

Thank you


"The xxxxx in XDB server requires username and password." (if I fill password user XDB) query appears:
"The server at the APEX xxxxx requires username and password"

It sounds like you still have active and configured listener APEX XDB HTTP Server to use the same TCP port. Unfortunately, the listener and Server HTTP XDB APEX use port 8080 by default. Configure a service to use a different port or disable XDB HTTP server completely, if you don't need otherwise, to resolve the conflict of port.
To leave the APEX listener to use a different port, simply start with the apex.port parameter, for example

java -jar -Dapex.port=8081 apex.war

To change the port of XDBs, you need your user name sys (for example connection with sqlplus under sys as sysdba) and run the corresponding API command, for example

sqlplus / as sysdba
exec dbms_xdb.sethttpport(0);

where 0 is the value to disable the service completely. Use another port if you rather want to use it and don't want to not use APEX listens on a different port than 8080.


Published by: Udo on 15.02.2012 15:38

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