How connect wireless Speedlite 430EX III - RT for EOS 7 d Mark II using wireless radio signal?

I just upgraded from a fighter to a 7 d and am sure he has the ability to use wireless for my Speedlite 430ES III - RT radio signal.  Unfortunately, I've exhausted myself trying to get them to connect.  If anyone has had the same issues, or have a solution to my problem or even have a link to a good video for the Speedlite & 7 D, I have?

I watched a lot of YouTube videos and seem to have all the settings correct-channel, master/slave, A, B, Group C parameters, the unit is set for the wireless.

Help please and thank you.

The 7 d II can control only wireless Speedlite 430EX III - RT optically via its pop-up flash but not via radio signal.  So you can either get an another Speedlite 430EX III - RT or a dedicated controller ST - E3, mounted on the hot shoe of the camera.

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