How do I automatically download my music on my iPod touch?

I want to download my music on my iPod touch. I can read music, but if I'm not connected to the internet, I can't listen to my music. I know that I can download a song at the time, but I have so many songs it will take a lot of time. Any suggestion or advice?

If you bought from the iTunes store and it's still in the store, and you have not reached the country, then use the tab purchased in the iTunes Store app to download music from iPod in the app. Or you can synchronize music from iPod to your computer's iTunes library from music to the app.

For future purchases (e.g. music buy on your computers iTunes) to automatically download the iPod when it's online tour settings > iTunes and App Store > music 'on '.

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    How can I prevent itunes AutoFill music on my ipod touch unwanted 5 without having to delete songs or hide the songs (the ones I bought from the iTunes Store) my library on itunes (Windows)? I think that the songs that continue to if autofilled on my ipod are the ones I bought in the store. I didn't hide them in my library, I want to hear them more later to see if I want to add later, but I got fed up and did exactly that.  I will not hide from my library is because I want to be able to see without having to connect to my apple account in the itunes store, to see what songs I bought but have 'hidden' from my library or deleted the download of the.

    I have no music sync checked, however, whenever I plug my ipod into my computer, music always synchronizes on my ipod.  I don't have the option to automatically download the songs I purchased on iTunes store checked.  I usually manually delete each of the songs, but I'm tired of having to do so.

    I just tried to erase my ipod first of music, including those I wanted to keep, but I came across the problem where they would not disappear, even after reset everything on my ipod touch. I had to manually delete all (before doing so, I did what I do always when running in auto-fill issue - delete music in data storage settings manage, which works normally, but this time he did not).

    I'm really starting to hate Itunes because of this auto-fill problem.

    I'm on Windows and iTunes 11, for what it's worth, but I think it should work even if you have a slightly different version.

    Before you plug in your iPod, go to the menu small case in the upper left corner of iTunes (or if you have the menu bar visible, click on change). Select Preferences, go to devices in the pop-up window, and check the box that says "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads of automatic synchronization. Click on low of the pop-up window.

    This should solve the problem. Worked for me anyway (I am like you and prefer to manually manage all my stuff).

  • Automatically download new music?

    I buy music through the Xbox music app on my phone when I'm out and about.  Immediately it downloads to my phone which is very good.  When I return to my PC of Windows 8 and start the music application, he finds new music and he adds, but it does not download not unless I do a right-click on each new song individually, click other, and then click Download - Gets a bit tedious, especially when I buy an album.

    Is it possible to ensure that the new music is downloaded automatically?

    There are indeed.  The music app go to settings and you will see a toggle switch "automatically download purchased music.

  • How can I connect to the internet on my iPod Touch if I have the broadband accessible and portable wifi active?

    How can I connect to the internet on my ipod touch if I have the broadband accessible and portable wifi active?

    Original title: ipod touch internet

    Hi keshu92,

    Thanks for posting your query in the Microsoft Community. I suggest to refer to the manual of the iPod or contact Apple support for more help and information.

    Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

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  • How to stop automatic download after each time that you buy a property?

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    Welcome to Apple Support communities

    If I'm not wrong, you want to disable automatic downloads (the feature that automatically downloads all content you purchase all your devices), right? If this is the case, there are different ways to disable depending on the device that you are using:

    • For iOS: go to settings-> iTunes and App Store (or App Store), then disable everything under "automatic downloads.
    • For PC and Mac: open iTunes, go to Preferences (in the iTunes menu on a Mac) or edit on a PC-> Store menu and disable everything under "automatic downloads.
  • Can't find my music on my iPod Touch 6th gen.

    I just bought a 6th generation iPod Touch. I can't find my playlists, albums, artists, or songs.

    You sync your music to iPod?

    You use the Apple's music subscription service?

    When looking for your music on the iPod?

    How you want your music on your iPod?

    Music synced from iTunes or through the Apple music should appear in the music app.

  • How to create a group of songs on my iPod touch?

    The version of my iPod is 1.0.4 PC, model MD477LL

    I would also like to delete some songs. How can I do this?

    Refer to the chapter of the manual music

    9.1 iOS iPod Touch User Guide

  • Unable to transfer music for Apple iPod touch (4th generation)

    My operating system is Windows XP.  I have Windows Media Player... and I Tunes on this laptop.  I'm to believe that these two software are incompatible... I can't transfer my music from Media Player on my IPod it does not sync and I downloaded everything imaginable.   Of course, no problem with ITunes.  I had not had a problem before with my old ipod...  That would you suggest I do... In addition to pulling my hair!...

    This question is a bit more complicated than you think.  It depends, at least in part, on the format is your music (mp3, aac, wma, etc.).

    Of course, Apple does not offer formal support for the use of iPods with WMP, but it can be done.  Take a look at the last post (by John Lockwood) in this thread:

    If it (and the free app related) do not resolve your issue, do some additional research in the Apple support forums, or ask your own question here.

  • How can I reload material saved icloud 5th generation iPod touch?

    Just got my 10 years, 5th generation 64 GB iPod of son replaced at the apple store tonite and update software, now how can I reload material saved the iCloud towards it?

    Read here:

    iCloud restoration

  • How can I remove the phone company of my ipod touch

    I put the phone companion on my ipod touch by mistake now iTunes doesn't recognize my ipod?

    What is "phone companion?

    A link would be nice

  • How do you know the model number for my iPod Touch?

    I need to find the model number for my iPod Touch - this is not about documentation or on the device itself.

    I need to find it to buy a protector screen for her.

    The screen protects tend to be sold by the name of generation, no model in my experience.

    Protections that correspond to the 5th generation will adapt the 6th gen (and iPhone 5 screen covers are so because they are the same dimensions)

    The 4th generation iPod is smaller than the 5th or 6th gen.

    Having said that, the settings, General, about will give you your model number

    It can also be printed on the back of your device, but the print is teeny tiney and almost the same color as your case (I need loop a jeweler to see mine)

  • Need to know how to remove the memory of others of the iPod Touch

    My iPod is blocked up with about 14,17 GB extra storage space in other section. I removed most of the applications, but the space is always used with 14,17 GB of space

    This indicates corrupted files.

    A recovery should solve.  First try to restore the backup. If that fails, then try like new.

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    Numbers do not have this feature. Only Excel has the feature.

  • How can I get my songs Apple music on my iPod Nano? I pay $15 a month for the service and cannot listen to songs on my iPod Nano 7th generation.

    I pay $15 a month for the service of music and cannot hear the songs on my iPod Nano 7th generation. Someone must have found a way around this now? I might as well sell my iPod, because I'm not paying for the song in iTunes as well.

    You can not.  Downloads music from Apple are written songs, does not belong to him. Apple music requires an Internet connection, so that the status of your subscription can be verified (as required by the content producers).  The only iPod that can use music Apple's iPod touch, because there Internet by Wi - Fi.

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