How do I book DHCP on a WN203?

I just started setting up my new WN203 to replace the part of a former ConnectionHub of Bell wireless. I got past the initial and assigned substance to a range of DHCP addresses to the new cluster of WN203, but I do not see how to associate a specific address to a particular wireless device.

In case it isn't clear, let me give the example. When an address is assigned to a camera wireless AP, let's say his, I need to always get in the future so I can map this external address. In the ConnectionHub it's simple, there are two things to do. Assign the 220 to the MAC address and then put a new entry in a table of transfer from the port to say what external address matches. I think that the AP has reserve capacity, that I have not found, but port forwarding must take place at the router level.

I didn't know how it worked, so I tried a number of things and this is what worked for me.

I let the WN203 be a ConnectionHub upstream DHCP client and it has been assigned an IP address in the pool, which subsequently, I coded as a DHCP reservation. I turned on the WN203 of the DHCP service.

When I used the WN203 network, my devices were assigned the same IP addresses by the ConnectionHub that he had used when its wireless feature worked. I was then able to use the same DHCP reservations as before which turned to simplify the whole process.

Tags: Netgear

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