How do I burn a file .img to a DVD and have it be an executable file?

How do I burn a file .img to a DVD and have it be an executable file?

It seems that used to be possible using disk utility, but not more for some reason any.

Hi Frank

Not sure, what do you mean by executable video file, assume you mean play on a DVD player.

You create an image file to DVD in iMovie, FCPX etc... This allows the correct coding and the structure files for DVD, s / BDs.

Once you have the .img file, you can (control) click on the file and choose ' burn Image 'File name' disk drive...» »

Be aware that you need a R/W drive mounted/Secretary for the contextual elements appear. If you have a Blu - ray image, you need a BD player. Your file must be less than 4.7 GB for single DVDs faces or ~8.2GB for the DVD DLs. to 100GBs for quad layer BDs.

There are other 3rd party there as well.

Hope this helps, Greg

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