How do I change the site settings so I can work on the local computer, not remote site

I have to work on a Web site that was initially set up for 'work on remote site (not recommended)'.

I did a redesign of the site on mylocal computer because I could not go live until I approved it.

How can I combine the old and new sites? I had to use an external ftp program to upload the new files and replace the index page. It all works very well online, but I wish I could put small changes directly from Dreamweaver. So far I can one of my new files put on the remote site through Dreamweaver.

If you have the site files on your local computer, simply create a new definition of site in the normal way. Then delete the old site definition.

A Dreamweaver site definition simply controls how to communicate with the remote server. Deleting a site definition deletes the definition. It has no effect on local files.

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