How do I do a weird impression & same page with a deskjet 3052

Is that what I can do to add the functionality to print odd or even pages on my deskjet 3052 a?  This would allow the 2-sided printing.


Hi Roylrobey,

Follow the steps below to change the settings for printing for the odd or even pages.

1. open the printer preferences

2. click on the paper/quality tab

3. click on the Advanced button

4. change the Pages to print the option under the characteristics of the printer

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    Help, please


    vijayvijay77 wrote:


    And I use

    a kind of cfif to navigate inside the code. I'm doing something wrong here.

    You say that you guessed it at work.  But you have a dangerous code here (if you have not changed).

    The line will generate variables URLS when ColdFusion processes the page.cfm file once requested by the browser.  For example url.set and url.flag.

    Tags are NOT specifying the scope of variables, so they will default to the scope of "variables".  Who are the local variables of the demand for treatment.  For example variables.set and variables.flag.

    URL.set and VARIABLES.set ARE NOT the same variables.  And this confusion can cause some VERY difficult to diagnose the problems of code.

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    Note - it is not usual to have a different orientation for the headers and footers.

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    I have Unbounded in the workflow that contains the login.jspx and payTaskFlow page which is defined workflow.

    After login.jspx should go to payTaskFlow. PayTaskFlow I mainPay.jspx this page will be called flows of external application.

    It is: after the execution of external application flow how are we going to a page with in payTaskFlow. Using a configuration file that I can specify the URL of the page and the page is coming without any problem in that the page does not come with workflows. I mean it's isolated I can't navigate form this page to other pages with workflows.

    Yes, the external application how do refers to the page with streams of tasks not directly using URL.

    Problem solved.

    My goal was to access a bounded task flows using URL. This can be done by typing the URL in a spatial way to mention the flow of tasks and its xml file id. It's average is discussed in this thread:

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    for example: -.

    Data: -.

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    Feildc = SMC

    result = abc-efg-chd

    I intend to write this logic in controller...

    If one of you having same logic please give me... Thanks a lot guys!

    Edited by: user11929230 (Pavan) October 14, 2009 08:46


    I take a simple example, I hope it's clear your doubts.

    In Jdev create 3 new MessageTextInput with VO no attribute.

    Let's say it would be item1 and item2, item3

    And if I click on save button I want to concatenate the value of item1 and item2 in item3. As A and B in item3 in so AB

    Now in the ProcessFormRequest controller I'll write.

    If (pageContext.getParameter ('save')! = null)
    String a = pageContext.getParameter ("item1"); Item1 here is the Id of the item that you created in JDEV
    String b = pageContext.getParameter ("item2");

    Txt OAMessageTextInputBean = (OAMessageTextInputBean) webBean.findChildRecursive ("item3");

    Thank you

  • [ADF, JDev 12.1.3] How to display multiple records on the same page... not in a table but they appear a form for each record


    I need to create a page that displays the records of a VO, but I would not use a table.

    Instead, I would like to display a form for each record to be displayed.

    Forms must appear one above the other and each form should have 2 buttons: one to remove the file/form itself and one to add a new file/form.

    When you press the button Add a new empty form should be dynamically added to the page (so that the user can fill) and created related record.

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    Hi Federico

    I was saying that your page layout can be achieved using af: table

    See this image:

    This provision is af:table (I think same as yours), just add a column in the table and put all the fields in this column then correct layout allows to design as a provision on the form or group layouts

    I'm not saying it's the best approach, but you can try this

    Thank you

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    Hi ground,

    You can do this by using a composition of Lightbox widget.

    Kind regards


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    Use swfobject to embed the HTML file and select your transparent wmode property.

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    Thank you.

    Each instance of form must its own transaction to insert a record set? If so, I think you can try to define two instances send Email and save each of them to a Transaction to insert different.

    See you soon,.


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