How do I enlarge the text box

I have the latest version of Skype and trying to extend the text box where I write. Now, it seems so small. I know that before you could develop the window moving upwards or downwards according to the needs.

Someone knows how to do this? Is it still possible?


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    PS: Sorry... WinXP, CS3

    Nope. Copy and paste is the only way.

  • How would I get the text box


    I want to use a text box, how can I get it? in the edit field or field of basic edition are all just displays as a line, but I need like a box

    Try this,

            BasicEditField txtuser = new BasicEditField("", "", 28, BasicEditField.FILTER_EMAIL)
                private int iRectX = getFont().getAdvance(getLabel());
                private int iRectWidth = Display.getWidth() - iRectX - 2;
                public int getPreferredWidth()
                    return Display.getWidth();
                public int getPreferredHeight()
                    return 30;
                public void layout(int width, int height)
                    super.layout(width, getPreferredHeight());
                    setExtent(width, getPreferredHeight());
                public void paint(Graphics g)
                    g.drawRect(iRectX, 0, 248, 20);

    IT looks like what you want.


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  • How to copy/paste the text box anchor to its anchor text and remove all checkpoints empty?

    Hi all

    I have a document of a few pages, but a story. The right column is the area of main text and on many places, anchored text boxes are placed which appears on the left column, as shown below.

    I want the text of each text box anchor to cut of his place and sticking to its point of insertion/anchor and remove all of the empty boxes of anchored.

    I'm trying since this morning but I was able to get the anchor object reference. Any help on how to start with will be useful.

    Marie rosine


    OK, let's say you have a main text (not rooted) box and three text boxes that are anchored to the text it contains. One is anchored with text, the second is not anchored and the third argument is empty (I won't get into the anchor vs custom anchor line given that you mention in your message).

    Scroll us through the items on the page:

    function main(){
      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
      var myPages = myDoc.pages.everyItem().getElements();
      for (var i = 0; i < myPages.length; i++){
        var myPage = myPages[i];
        //Checks that the page is valid, and that it is not a master page. If either is true, skips to the next page.
        if (myPage.isValid == false) continue;
        if (myPage.parent instanceof MasterSpread) continue;
        var myItems = myPage.allPageItems;
        for (var j = 0; j < myItems.length; j++){
          //Current item.
          var myItem = myItems[j];
          //If myItem doesn't have a Character parent, it is not anchored.
          //The first and third text frames would fail this test.
          if (!(myItem.parent instanceof Character)) continue;
          //We only care about text frames.
          if (!(myItem instanceof TextFrame)) continue;
          //I think the only way this would happen would be if you had an image or
          //something else unexpected within the frame. I check for it so no content
          //is inadvertently lost.
          else if (myItem.texts.length > 1) continue;
          //If we're still in this iteration of the loop, all qualifications are met.
          //Flatten the text frame.
          //I don't use layers that often so, to me, flatten makes sense. You may want
          //to use a different term if there's a chance for confusion.
    function flattenItem(funcItem)
         //Hold onto the anchor character.
        var myParent = funcItem.parent;
         //Duplicate the text from within the frame so that it appears right after the anchor.
         //There may be other methods, but this works for me. I try to avoid copy/paste
         //so as not to deal with any clipboard mishaps. I added a check in case of empties.
         if (funcItem.texts.length > 0){funcItem.texts[0].duplicate(LocationOptions.AFTER, myParent.insertionPoints[0]);}
         //Replace the anchor character itself with a space (or whatever) which also
         //deletes the text frame it was anchoring.
        myParent.contents = " ";

    I guess the takeaway is perhaps you aren't looking at the main text block and then check if anything it is anchored. You are watching each text block and find out if it is anchored. That's my approach, anyway.

  • How can I make the text box caption to display a text variable that is longer than the length?

    Hi all, I would like to do this: make a text caption to display a variable that contains a paragraph of text that the user has typed as soon as possible.

    I created the maximum length of the variable only 1000 and I am able to partially displayed variable in the text caption - only at the end of the first line of caption text.

    ICan someone tell me how to configure the text caption so that it can encapsulate texts? I can't find it in the properties panel.

    Thank you very much.

    No need to shout, even if I'm not native English, I understood your question very well, and this can be done with the enhanced TextArea widget as I mentioned. Here is a screenshot:


    • Create a user variable, I scored it
    • Insert twice the widget with variable TextArea (Jim Leichliter, CaptivatePro), on the screen, these are the two rectangles on the bottom red and blue
    • Configure the first Widget to be associated with v_text and show this variable by inserting a default $$ v_text$ $
    • Configure the second Widget to display this variable by inserting returns a default $$ v_text$ $
    • You will need a button to refresh, so that the text appears in the second widget. Here I used the button, and then assigned to the action "Jump to slide" with the same number of slide so that the playback head rewound to the beginning of the slide
    • The text in the second widget shows; as you can see, it can be formatted as you wish.

    If you want to display the text in another slide, no need to make the action update, it automatically displays when you get to this slide.

    It is not a text caption that is displayed, but the widget. Is this a problem?


  • I just started firefox as my new browser... How do I enlarge the text on my emails (gmail)

    I'm very new to all this 'stuff'... and don't understand the vocabulary... I just want to enlarge the print when I receive my emails... it's so so small... Due may change Internet explore for firefox last week?


    Please try pressing Ctrl + 0 (zero) on the keyboard. This resets the zoom of page at the default level. If the default level is small, you can try Ctrl and + to increase the zoom.

    You can also try to set a minimum font size in Firefox: Tools (Alt + T) > Options > content > Advanced (under fonts and colors), next to the Minimum font size:, try to set it to 16 or 18. Fonts settings

    Using Zoom

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    I'm trying to prepare a manuscript for self-publishing (what have I got myself?) and hit another wall.  After setting the margin of the 200 page manuscript (all 200 pages imported from MS Word doc as a text image area), I decided that I needed the smaller margins.  After that, I noticed that the words/text box has not been changed accordingly: the words overlap the new margins.  As a notice of InDesign/stupid, I can't understand a how do I get the text box to fit new, smaller margins of pages at the same time (and I believe there is a better way to manually edit each page individually).

    Advisor?  Any help appreciated.

    Cancellation: If you know a manuscript InDesign (subject doesn't matter) which is in the public domain, I'd like to have the link/location.  I could learn a lot from an example of 'real '.  Thanks in advance.

    If the document is not sufficiently complex already make a new document 1 page with correct and verified margins "master text frame. Taking command or control and passage click on the margin to release your text block. Empty all your text in the image. It will automatically add pages as needed and adjustments as it will be a snap. To work with InDesign, the way sounds are that you will pay with impatience.

    This article can help tml

  • How to change the text in the paint once I clicked outside of the text box?

    How to change the text in the paint once I clicked outside of the text box?

    How to change the text in the paint once I clicked outside of the text box?

    I guess you could go to... Change / Cancel... then again...

    FWIW... the free Picasa software has tools to add text to photos.


    How to add text to your Photos using
    Google Picasa 3 John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Using paint and how to change the text box.

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    The painting is a very simple program and does not support the re - select a text box to change the content.

    "mikecvista" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    How can I select a text box that you want to modify in the paint - Windows 7 Home Premium? Once I leave the text box I can't select again a second time to change the text or grab it to move... I must be missing something very simple?  Is there a manual program somewhere?  Yes, the zoom is 100% and I am the administrator.  Thanks for any help!

  • How to make a 'active' phone number in the text box?

    I'm testing in 10.1 and 10.2, using the following QML simulators.  What I'm trying to understand is that 'rules' the text box used to set the active text, including phone numbers.  All I'm trying to do is to put a phone number in the text box that my users the opportunity to click on it to the phone.  But I can't make it work, or more exactly, may not get the phone number to become active.  .

    As you can see that I tried a variety of number formats, some specific UK because I was afraid that he may use country specific recognition, but nothing I try works.

    On the other hand the address which I also put in the TextArea is 'hot' and started the map.

    FYI, the client is running in Canada on Q10s using 10.1.  The numbers are also completely fictitious, if they work, then that is a stroke of luck.

                    TextArea {
                        inputMode: TextAreaInputMode.Text
                        editable: false
                        content.flags: TextContentFlag.ActiveText
                        text: "#123 1234, #123-1234  ph: 780-784-1231. ph: (403)218-1248. ph: 403-242-1231. ph: (01637)123456. 81 Street NE, # 101 ,, Calgary. "

    I saw this:

    I was expecting that I didn't set the attributes for the text using C box.

    And I don't have permissions phone - eslewhere in the application that I detect when the user is on the phone.

    Any ideas on how I could get a phone number in a TextArea to be active, would be appreciated.

    Well, for what it's worth here's what I get with your data :

  • How can I make the text in all the boxes down following objects when the text box is changed from 1 to 2 lines?

    Hi people Muse.

    I'm faced with a problem of text box:

    At the bottom of my page, I have the title "ACTING ERMUTIGEN ZUM". Without any manual adjustment, I was happy to see that the text box pushes down the following objects as soon as the title Exchange of 1 to 2 lines. Point out clearly: I didn t add any point to stop or change any additional settings to achieve this, it just happened automatically and that's exactly what I want to happen.

    To my confusion, I can´t find a way to apply this behavior for the second title 'COURAGE OBSERVES UND LOSEN. It s on the same page. When I drag the breakpoint controller in the design-time view from the left to the breakpoint 900 pxor do it in the browser after export of the site, the title changes from 1 to 2 lines, as assumed, , but then the next Don t objects react and stay in the same place they stay when the title takes only 1 line.

    You will find the site on businesscatalyst:


    I´d appreciates your support very well. I m sure it s not a big problem, but after an hour of re - try and control and do not receive a millimeter in advance, I thought, he could be one of these 'Don t worry - here comes the solution'- Muse hero there, read this. What you...? ;-)

    Thank you in advance.



    1st Title: everything works fine...

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-15 um 17.24.43.png

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-15 um 17.25.25.png


    2nd title: the 1200 px BP do everything ready...

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-15 um 17.26.13.png

    .. .but as I drag the marker of BP to the left just as I did with the title 1, the 2nd title doesn´t lower content:

    Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-15 um 17.26.30.png

    If you set the text block "ZUM ACTING... "sensitive width via the resizing control, rather than"Stretch to the width of the browser", which will provide the behavior you're looking for.

    We will study the design compared to the difference of the browser view. It seems that how items are grouped in resizing behavior is different in the case of elements with parameters width Resize mixed, in the mode of creation of the Muse and the browser.

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    I created a PDF file in InDesign and the text boxes has a white line around one of the text boxes?

    There is no color indicated on the sketch? How can I fix it

    Double post.


  • How to use the selection tool to resize a text box? Before I was able to click on the text box with the selection too in order to resize, but now I click on it and it only gives me 'path' or 'anchor' options.

    How to use the selection tool to resize a text box? Before I was able to click on the text box with the selection too in order to resize, but now I click on it and it only gives me 'path' or 'anchor' options.


    What about window > show the rectangle enclosing (Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + B to toggle)?

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