How do I move the folder cache media?

For the user with SSDS 'C', the cache file quickly fill the player; Therefore, it would be advantageous to move the storage of the cache on a data drive.  Yet, I have to find a way to handle this task.


Please check Edit Menu/preferences/Scratch disks and the media in particular Cache category. In preferences, you can point the media Cache (consistent Audio Files) to disk save the location of your choice. Note: in the preferences, you will see the current folder location of Cache files from media as well as the amount of free space on the hard disk at this location.

While you're in preferences, check out the other categories, location and the free space on the hard disk at this location. See especially the video previews. At his hard drive, you can find the preview files which are generated automatically whenever you make timeline content... for SD card, dv.avi and for HD, MPEG2.mpg (same format that the preview of video source or again... they can accumulate a lot).

There's also edit Menu/preferences/Media and the Media Cache database. Better use the Clean button it is for maintenance purposes. This concerns the media Cache files folder to the location Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common in the common folder is the media Cache files folder that contains video files in line (CMPD)

This media Cache files folder again seems return/regenerate to its default location, no matter how hard you try to redirect.

Questions or need any clarification on any of the above, do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you.


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    Step 2: Run a virus scan to check if there are infections on the computer:

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    Changes are lost if you can't point LR to a good copy of your images.

    If you made a backup of your external hard drive, you can copy this backup on your new drive; Then, as long as the folder structure is the same the old disk, you point just LR on the top level of the new disk files in folders, and LR Panel will reconnect everything for you.

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