How do I remove photos from my iPad but leave them in iCloud

I bought a new iPad with less storage than my current. I have a lot of pictures that are currently on my iPad and also stored in iCloud. Can I remove photos from my iPad, but leave them in iCloud?

Can I remove photos from my iPad, but leave them in iCloud?

Do you mean by "supported up to iCloud" you use iCloud photo library?  In this case, meeting of the iPad will remove the iCloud way photo. iCloud library updates the changes to the devices. If you remove apt on a single device, the deletion will be synchronized to iCloud and from there to all devices.

To save storage on your new iPad turn on "Optimize storage" in the settings to iCloud.  Then the original high-resolution photos will be replaced with smaller versions on your iPad, and if you need a photo for editing or sharing full version must be downloaded from iCloud.

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  • How can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Can I remove photos from my iPad without deleting them from my iPhone?

    Depends on how you put Photos in place, and where is that you remove them.

    You have iCloud as library lit? If you do, then the answer is no.

    If you do not have library on iCloud and if you try to delete your photo stream, then no..

    If you try to remove the film, then Yes, you can do it.

    See you soon,.


  • How do I remove photos from my iPhone and keep them in the cloud?  I use the "Photos" application

    I put clear space by iPhone 5.  How to remove photos from my iphone but keep them in iCloud.  I use the Photos app.

    As much as I know, that you can not. You can keep the pictures in low resolution on the phone, but they may not be removed at 100%.

    I started using an application that stores in the cloud. There are several in the App Store.

  • How can I remove photos from the iPhone but save on iCloud/desktop mac?

    I have an iPhone 6 and I'm constantly short of room because of my photos.  When I go to delete a picture from my pictures it says "this photo will be deleted from iCloud photo library on all your devices" and I have NO IDEA how to disable this dang thing.  So when I delete a photo that it clears too my computer then I constantly tries to free up space on my phone in other respects.

    I wish I could take a picture, saved it on my computer and iCloud and then remove it from my phone without losing.  Any ideas?  Thank you!

    You can go to settings > Photos & camera on your phone and do the following:

    1. turn off iCloud photo library

    2 turn on my photo stream

    Then on your Mac, you can open pictures and under preferences, perform the following steps:

    1. on the general tab, make sure that "Copy items to the photo library" is checked

    2. by virtue of iCloud, make sure 'My Photo Stream' is checked (you can also have shared Photo also controlled flow)

    This should cause all photos of photo stream to be shared between devices as well as to import into your photo library.

    See you soon,.


  • How do I delete photos from my phone but keep them in my Mac?


    I have my phone set up to use iCloud for photo only stream. When in range, I can see the latest pictures in my Mac photo stream. I want to be able to save some of these images immediately in my iPhoto and delete them from my phone. How to achieve this?

    That's what I tried:

    1. create an album and do drag the photos chosen there.

    2 go to remove them.

    Result: Images are not created album.

    My solution: get BAC "recently deleted".

    Result: Photos reappears in the album and are erased from the photo stream

    Last step: drag the album in iPhoto events

    My approach seems to be too many steps for something that should be simple, and something tells me that even this approach could not accomplish what I intend to do. Please notify. I will appreciate your comments.

    Something isn't here...

    1. Please all first confirm if the application that you are using on iPhone and Mac's iPhoto or Photos.

    2. Please confirm if iCloud library is enabled.

    If the applications are Photos and iCPL is enabled, that would explain the behavior you're seeing.

  • How do you delete photos from an iPhone but keep them on a mac

    I want to delete some photos from my iPhone 6 but keep them on my MacBook - how can I do this?

    Hey Jill,.

    This should be possible as long as you do not use icloud photo library.

    With iCloud, photo library, your devices are giving you access to your library, which is stored directly in iCloud. Therefore, when you delete a photo of iCloud photo library on any device, it removes from everywhere.

    When you turn off the iCloud photo library, each device is its own independent photo library. You must manually import pictures from your phone to your MacBook, then you could remove your phone at will.

    If you wish to continue using iCloud photo library, but also want to save space on your phone, consider turning on Optimize iPhone storage in the section Photos to your phone settings iCloud!

  • can I remove photos from the device, but keep them in the icloud

    I want to know if I can store photos, etc. on the iCloud and remove them from my phone that I moved to a phone with less storage?

    When you delete them from the device, they will be deleted to iCloud. To increase the available space, go to settings/iCloud/Photos and select optimize iPhone/iPad Storage.That will reduce the space required by 90% when it is fully effective.

  • How to remove photos from my ipad doubles?

    How can I delete photos from my ipad duplicate?

    Free app on the app store

    Fixer of photographs in duplicate on the App Store - iTunes - Apple

    Another option with a low cost

  • How can I remove photos on my iPad without deleting icloud?

    How can I remove photos on my iPad without deleting icloud?

    If you have settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud library turned on then all of the photos you delete the iPad will be removed to iCloud and any other device connected to this library to iCloud. You can reduce storage required on the iPad by turning on optimize storage on this same screen parameters. Apple currently does not any photos only cloud storage option.

  • How to transfer my photos from my ipad and iPhone to my computer?

    * Original title: photos

    How to transfer my photos from my ipad and iPhone o my computer? Help, please


    You can find here how:

    but you must install the software apple itunes on your PC first called.

  • How to remove photos from my iPad

    How can I remove a number of photos from my iPad? Synchronization does not give me total control and is very enigmatic.

    Choose command selection in Photos, tap the photo you want to delete, and then delete them.

  • Remove photos from the iPad to free up space.

    When I try to delete a photo from my iPad I get this message: "this photo will be deleted from iCloud photo library on all of your devices." I just want to remove it from my iPad. I want to keep it on my desktop computer.

    iCloud library is intended to keep the same libraries on all your devices. If you add a picture to the library or remove from the library, change syncs to all devices.

    If you don't want to - but want to have more photos on your desktop on your iPad, do not use iCloud photo library on the iPad. Synchronize the albums selected on your iPad with cloud Sync Photo.  See this link: keep your photos safely stored and updated on all your devices - Apple Support (scroll down to "Synchronize photos manually with iTunes").

    Alternatively, you can use the option "Optimize storage" for iCloud photo library on your iPad.  So you will still see all the photos on the iPad, but it only stores more small thumbnails for browsing and download photos from iCloud, if you want to see them enlarged.

  • When I delete the Photostream images, they also disappear from the iMac.  How can I remove photos from the photo gallery and keep them in the section Photos of Photos on my Mac?

    I am trying to remove photos from the photo gallery without having them also disappear from my Mac.  How?

    You must copy those you want to your Mac first.

    Remove photos from my photo - Apple Support stream

    The following photos will not be deleted when you delete photos from my photo stream:

    • Photos that you copied to the tab pictures or film on your iOS device
    • Pictures that you have imported into your iPhoto or Aperture library
    • Photos that you've copied in a folder on your PC and are not part of my photo stream
  • How can I remove photos from my iphone

    I tried to remove photos from my iPhone and I can't, could someone remove

    If the photos are in the albums of film or Photostream, they can be deleted on the iPhone. Switch to the view of the album which shows all the small thumbnails, press Select, select photos to delete, and then press the trash can or the Word remove. This move the photos of the film for the recently deleted album where they will reside for 30 days to allow you to recover the photos if you wish. If you want to delete the photos immediately, remove them again from the recently deleted album.

    If the photos you want to delete are synchronized from a computer using iTunes albums you can remove them by an another sync. Connect your iPhone to the computer that you synced, select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Photos tab, deselect the unwanted albums and click Sync. The deselected albums will be deleted from your iPhone, but they will remain on your computer.

  • How to remove photos from my iPhone 6 s, without deleting icloud photo library on all my devices with ios 9.2.1?

    I just updated my iPhone 6s ios 9.2.1 and whenever I try to remove photos from the iPhone library, it is said that they will remove the iCloud photo library on all devices. I don't want to do, I want to save the photos on my computer, but free up space on my phone. Help!

    If you have iCloud library enabled in the iPhone then any photo that you delete from your phone is also removed to iCloud and all devices connected to this library to iCloud. It is not a setting or an option where you can change this while continuing to use iCloud photo library. You can reduce the space required on the phone by activating the settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage. You can suggest that Apple offers more options via:

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