How do I restore the backup from iPad Mini if the button "restore backup...". "is grayed out?


Yesterday, I tried to downgrade my iPad Mini 2 (128 GB) of 9.3 to 9.2 of iOS in DFU mode. Before that, I backed up my iPad in iTunes. After decommissioning, apparently all of my 3rd party apps have been wiped out, and that left me with a huge 'other' part of the use of the iPad. So I decided to reset the iPad and erase everything. I noticed that after the reset, the iOS returned to 9.2.1.

When I plugged the iPad to my computer later, and tried to restore the backup, I got the message "the backup cannot be restored for iPad because the software is too old". In addition, in the iTunes iPad summary page, the button "restore backup... "is grayed out.

I guess it's because I backed up my iPad to iOS 9.3, and now it's 9.2.1. But y at - it another way to restore backup of iTunes? Or do I have to update to 9.3 first? iOS 9.3 is currently unavailable (last week it was, however).

Thank you!


You cannot restore a more recent iOS backup on a device that has an older iOS. You have saved when running iOS 9.3 and your device is now in 9.2.1. You must update the device until backup, you can ise. Unfortunately, as you know, the update is no longer available. Apple shoot because there were significant problems.

Read more here.

For those having issues with the iOS 9.3 update please read...

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