How do I upload photos from my phone to the computer?


I plug my cable connected from my cell to the port of my laptop but I don't no reacts on the connection...   I'm not extremely too sabe, but willing to try any suggestions... I keep each time learn... rgds and thanks...

Import of mobile phone / sd card or camera.

Right-click the Start button, and then click computer.

Insert your device to unlock the device, if a password is currently lock (power on)

Once windows displays the device and loads, it is driver, could be E.-F... Removable disk.

Right click on the device, (autoplay close if it is open) or you can use AutoPlay but select Open and view with Windows Explorer. under General options.

Click open Explorer or expand, Open is likely to be an option.

Click the folder dcim devices until you see pictures / videos and click on it. (cell phone only)

Scroll through the list and select the files you want (if you can't see the images, in the top right there is a symbol to change the page view in a generic list of icons or thumbnails)

Press and hold ctrl and click left them one at a time, or select all ctrl + A

Right-click and select copy,

Open my pictures and either make a new folder or right-click on an existing folder and select Paste or ctrl + V

Go in the center of the action at the bottom right and click the symbol of the triangle and make right click the safe to remove the device icon and select eject or remove. or right-click the same drive letter and select eject.

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