How do the secret string to the number value


I want to convert the string to a number value

ex: -.

Select col from t1 where p1 = '232';

the query above returns as a value below


I have to pass the value in another query where condition as below

Select * from t2 where in p2 (123,343,534,433);

P2 is here the number data type,
and I want to take each coma has a distinct value

Thanks in advance...

Another way

SQL> select *
  2  from  emp
  3  where INSTR(','||'7900,7902'||',' , ','||empno||',' ) > 0
  4  /

     EMPNO ENAME      JOB              MGR HIREDATE         SAL       COMM     DEPTNO
---------- ---------- --------- ---------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
      7900 JAMES      CLERK           7698 03-DEC-81        950                    30
      7902 FORD       ANALYST         7566 03-DEC-81       3000                    20


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    Best to include the owner too if you use all_tab_columns

    Select count (*)

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    Control properties editor:

    Change the representation in the floating point data Type tab type, DBL will do.

    Then go to the Page of display Format and increment 'Numbers' to something greater than 1

    That toggles the column of values on the tab change the items to % .6f, or 6 digits of precision. Uncheck sequential following, values and you're there.

    If you think that's too restrictive, go back the display Format, then select if rating and you can type anything (but, the editor has a hissing fit, so you must load chains and property [] with a property node values programmatically)

    I've been struggling to get OR improve this editor of properties of the years!

  • How to convert a string to a number Variable and store the decimal


    Here's my problem!

    I get information from a source that I can't control.  He sends me the number in to form chains.

    Ex: 12,200.49

    I tried usingval() but only get '12' because it stops when she sees a comma or a period.

    I also tried using Replace() to remove the comma and period, but then my increase, because the last two digits are now a part of the number and either behind a decimal point.

    Some examples of code

    < cfset price = "12,200.49" >

    < cfoutput >
    #val (Price) #.
    < cfset price = ' #Replace (Price, ",", "","ALL") # ">

    < BR / >
    #val (Price) #.
    < cfset price = "#Replace(Price,".","","ALL") #" >
    < BR / >
    #val (Price) #.

    < cfset price = #NumberFormat (Price, "_. _") # >
    < BR / >
    FINISHED WITH #Price #.

    < / cfoutput >

    The output of the code above is as follows:

    FINISHED WITH 1220049.00

    So, you can see that 12,200.49 is now 1,220,049.00 because the two numbers when added.

    What I would like to end by is a string '12,200.49' which is now a number like this $12 200,49

    Help, please!


    Try this

    #DollarFormat (price) #.

  • How get the number of items in the ListView inside QML?

    QML/JavaScript newbe question here please.

    Suppose I have .qml

    import bb.cascades 1.0
    NavigationPane {
        id: navigationPane
        Page {
            Container {
                  ListView {
                        id: listviewPlayers

    and I want to do something if ListView does contain all of the elements

        onCreationCompleted: {
            // this slot is called when declarative scene is created
            if (listviewPlayers.AllItems.count() == 0){
                // do something;

    but when I run the present I get complain AllItems is not defined in this line:

     if (listviewPlayers.AllItems.count() == 0){

    What I doing wron? I can do the same thing in C++ without any problem.

    Thank you.

    Oh, this thing AllItems seems to be a 'Sentinel' or a magic value used in special cases, unrelated to this.

    I think that ListView manages all this, but defers everything to do with the pieces of data to the model, you don't have to go to the model for the data. ListView knows how VisualNodes (the components list item) he created at the time of the display on the screen, but also have to tell you the total number of elements in the model would simply duplicate work. (The reasoning behind this interpretant.)

  • How get the number of records in a DataGrid?

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    1 - the total number of records returned in an ArrayCollection collection

    2 - the total number of rows in a DataGrid

    Explanation: I have an application that gets data using CF and returns that data to a DataGrid control.  I need to get the total number of records returned.  I then filter or query the data and complete a second DataGrid with a subset of records.  Then, I need to get the number of records in the second DataGrid.

    Can anyone provide a good example of how do these two things?

    Thank you


    Dg.dataProvider.length is the number of records in the ArrayCollection collection

    Dg.rowCount is the number of visible lines.

    Alex Harui

    Flex SDK Developer

    Adobe Systems Inc..


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    Hi Welcome to the Forum and rubber boots

    Just ring your service provider and ask them to increase the number of rings up.

    It will be useful,


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    containing information on the text page... and then find the number of pages in the assembled document.  This seems awkward... Please share

    If there is a simple way to determine the number of pages in a PDF document that is assembled.


    It's like I do, using DDX.

  • How to convert a string to a number?

    How to convert a numeric string to a number of TestStand?

    Use Val().

    Example Val (Locals.myString)

  • How can I know the number of columns and lines on excel file

    How reading the number of columns and rows on an excel file after you open the file in excel with ActiveX.

    Using the example of excel200dem, I read that the file data is excellent.

    However, in this example, I just give the number of lines and columns.

    I want to know the number of lines and columns not giving those in C code automatically.

    Who knows this things? -?

    Help me please.


    (1) this forum provides a search option, you must use in doing so, you will find this post

    (2) don't solve you your earlier questions? If so, you must mark responses that have helped you find a solution.

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    {tag_postlist, 5}

    That's how. :-)

  • count the number of lines without using the count function

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    Thank you

    Assuming that your statistics table are updated:

    select num_rows
    from   all_tables
    where  table_name = 'YOUR_TABLE_NAME_IN_UPPERCASE';  

  • How to set the default value of the component selectOneChoice in the table to the ADF

    Hi all

    I use jdev version.

    I used an adf table in which an attribute is selectOnceChoice.

    To create the table and selectOneChoice I used the data control java bean.

    and drag and drop a table and after that I have drag and drop one of the attributes as selectonechoice and linked with the return of the method list as < key, value > pair.

    I want the default value to select only one option in each attribute rows.

    I checked with simillar issue on post next, but not yet resolved.


    My jspx code is

    <af:column id="c11"
                                             headerText="Invoice To" >
                                        <af:outputText value="#{row.invoiceTo}" id="ot19"/>
    <af:selectOneChoice value="#{bindings.invoiceTo.inputValue}"
                                      <f:selectItems value="#{bindings.invoiceTo.items}"

    where invoiceTo is the table attribute and the invoiceTo attribute is dragged and dropped as a SOC function list Source data mapped data value with the List attribute

    and the display attribute

    Data value = invoiceTo List = lovMasterKey attribute

    Display attribute = lovMasterValue

    that list is maintained at < lovMasterKey, lovMasterValue >

    According to the value of invoiceTo line, it should show as default value is selectOneChoice, but its showing no not as a default value.

    Please, help me how set the default value of selectOneChoice in the table according to each value line invoiceTo.

    Thank you all for the help on this issue.

    Problem has been resolved.

    Reason for this was used

    It is solved using code used for the list built for selectoneChoice more

      List lovMasterList = new ArrayList();
    SelectItem siItem = new SelectItem();                      

    Now, I used the code where the line below. InvoiceTo is the key and row.invoiceToItems are the list of articles for selectOneChoice.


    Thank you very much...

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    Mr President.

    How to set the default value of the attribute with a sequence number? Is it possible to add a string to like abc0001?


    For the date, you can use groovy expression adf.currentDate to set the current date. reference

    You already have ways to use the sequence.

    How do you add a new value in the form. You're creating a new line of your page (user interface) and by engaging with validation operation? Unless you commit you will not be able to see anything in the table.

    Thank you

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