How do to concatenate the strings having single quote and ampersand

Hi all

I have a task to concatenate two columns under SID - SNAME.

Input parameter is: sid. We can pass multiple parameters: sid


Insert into TABLE1 (SID, SNAME) values (1, 'SURF UP');

Insert into TABLE1 (SID, SNAME) values (2, 'GNLV STYLE & KEY');

Insert into TABLE1 (SID, SNAME) values (3, 'ESSENTIALS NORTH & SOUTH');

Insert into TABLE1 (SID, SNAME) values (4, "Of Ora");

Select * from TABLE1;


Expected results

1. with the setting entry: sid in (1,2)

Output: 1 - SURF to the TOP, 2 - GNLV STYLE & KEY

2. with the setting entry: sid in (1,2,3,4)

Output: 1 - SURF to the TOP, 2 - GNLV STYLE & KEY, 3 - ESSENTIALS NORTH & SOUTH, 4 - ora

I tried to use the below query,

Select (select RTRIM (xmlagg (xmlelement (c, sid |')))) -' || SNAME | (",")) .extract ('/ / text()'), ',')

AS concatenated FROM table1 where «,» | : para. ',' like '%', | SID | %') as double concat;

What I get for output is as below:

1 SURF & apos; S upwards, 2 - GNLV STYLE & amp; TREND

I'm not handling apstrophe and ampersand correctly.

Can you please help me.

Thank you

What I get for output is as below:

1 - SURF to the TOP, 2 - GNLV STYLE & TREND

I'm not handling apstrophe and ampersand correctly.

Yes. This is what happens when you use a method that is not understood.

The answer to your question is dependent on the version and already well covered in the FAQ.

See 'Channel aggregation' in Re: 4. How can I convert rows to columns?

If you are on 11.2 and beyond, use LISTAGG function.

Regarding your present attempt, since you are extracting text() nodes on an aggregate of XMLType, the result is still a valid XMLType and therefore shows the XML characters reserved in their forms with escape sequence.

If you want to stick with the XML approach, from 11.1, is the right way to handle this situation:

SQL> select rtrim(
  2           xmlcast(
  3             xmlagg(
  4               xmlelement(e, sid ||' - '||sname||',')
  5             )
  6             as varchar2(4000)
  7           )
  8         , ','
  9         ) as concatenated
10  from table1
11  where ',' || '1,2,3' || ',' like '%,'|| sid || ',%' ;


In earlier versions, use either:

select rtrim(
               xmlelement(e, sid ||' - '||sname||',')
           , '//text()'
         , 1
       , ','
       ) as concatenated
from table1
where ',' || :para || ',' like '%,'|| sid || ',%' ;


select rtrim(
               xmlelement(e, sid ||' - '||sname||',')
           , '//text()'
       , ','
       ) as concatenated
from table1
where ',' || :para || ',' like '%,'|| sid || ',%' ;

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