How do you define the expiration date of a secure area?

I'm trying to set up a form where a user can register to access an area safe for 1 year. How set the expiration date of the secure area so that they expire one year after what they sign up for it?

I tried to use a hidden field named "ZoneExpiry" (I tried "Posted" so) in the form and set its value attribute manually in the HTML code (with the format may 13, 13), and the expiry date always ends up being 31-Dec-9999.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

After the presentation of a support ticket, we understood the question. Ordinarily, the solutions above work to change the expiration date of the wire... unless you check the box 'Belonging to sell' for the parameters of the safe zone. Once this box is checked, it sticks to the frequency of billing implementation.

Given the nature of how we put things in place, we just who turned off and used the trick of treatment on the forms for billing credit cards and set the date of expiry of the secure area manually for users.

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    Kind regards.

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    Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answers.

    Go to start-> type mmc.exe and press on enter-> click Yes if UAC prompt-> in the window, go to file-> click Add/Remove snap...--> in Add or remove snap-ins dialog box, look for the local users and groups-> select and click Add-> in the dialog box, select the computer you want to control and click finish-> click Ok. Now, in the left pane, expand the local users and groups and you will find users and groups such as two records. Select users and you can find a list of the users in the right pane. Select the user you want to configure, and double click it. The dialog box has an option "password never expires", which will be activated by default. Clear the check box and click apply and then click Ok.

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    Response if the issue is not resolved.

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    You should be able to press the arrow button on the control panel until you arrive at a menu called Preferences. Once you select that, you should see an option to Date/time and should be able to update both here.

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    I'm sorry that I had the previous version.  In any case simply use addClass() and it will work. However, you need to add jquery in the script Panel.

    Here is the current version

    the symbols that you use to create


    Instead of


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    Here is a link to a video I madewhich should help. I did it in Win7, but Vista is almost identical.

    Specific method of Vista

    Right click on desktop--> personalize--> display--> Windows Color settings
    and the appearance--> are open for more color classic appearance properties
    options of--> advanced > Item (drop)--> spacing icon (horizontal)
    and the icon spacing (vertical)

    Kind regards


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    Under a normal Eclipse C++ environment, I believe that this is in settings/generation C/C++, but this area is totally different in Momentics.

    Hello, I do not know if you are using a file .pro do or do do, but you can add it to either using one the

    D {PREPROCESSORNAME} option. For example - DUSEOPENSSL.

    For example with a .pro file you would add


    clean and regenerate then

    See you soon


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    Thank you

    > HOWEVER, when I run a select statement some of the headings are truncated for some reason any and also the topics are repeated every 5 rows.


    What is the exact content of your login.sql script?

    What do you exactly see you run say a SELECT * FROM HR. EMPLOYEES where rownum< 5="" --="" or="" fetch="" first="" 5="" rows="">

    The behavior has changed because we get much closer to 100% SQL * better compatibility to run scripts.

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    This problem appeared only with the latest version of Acrobat Reader DC (15.017.20050).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you



    We have released an update today that solves the problem to "default properties" and parameters are now sticky. Please open Acrobat or Reader DC and visit help > check for updates to ensure that you are on the latest patch.

    Details on the release:

    Please let us know how it goes.

    Thank you


  • How can you define the image that FB takes when your share your Web page?

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    Facebook auto detects the image while sharing the web page. It uses the url of the page, and then sends the thumbnail image.

    However, you can add your custom code to indicate which image to select for facebook, but it would be a customization on the page of your site.

    Some useful links:

    Ostad t.

    Thank you


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