How do you get a contact number or an e-mail address MSN Hotmail in Microsoft in Australia?

Original title: Hotmail for the security update.

How can you get an address or a contact number for MSN Hotmail account under Microsoft in Australia?

Problem: I posted a spam problem on my Hotmail account.
MSN; Sent a new code to reset my account.
Problem: Contactable email address wasn't updated and codes have been sent to a non-existent e-mail address.
Cannot activate this account for my msn which has years of details inside. MSN-Hotmail interest says it's
Microsoft America property. And cannot sat.
Anthony EGAN

Hi Eleonora_maria,

I recommend you ask your question in the support forum for Windows Live Hotmail for assistance.

Windows Live Hotmail Top issues and Support information

Hope the helps of information.

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