How do you get older emails that have not been deleted?

How do you get older emails that have not been deleted?


You have not really us given enough to go. According to the application or device, you may be able to change the settings to display a larger number of messages, or those received over a long period of time.


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  • I have Windows XP and my files keep disappearing from the trash that have not been deleted


    The account that you used to access this forum
    should allow you to access the article.

  • error message received when downloading CC PS I needed to upgrade my display driver.  I've now updated - how can I get the improvements that have been disabled on initial installation?  I use Windows 7-64 bit.

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    Thank you...

    If you have all the features you need and there is no problem.  let alone ps.

  • I want to run an update on my iPod Touch, but I get a warning "it buying things... that have not been transferred to your iTunes library." How can I determine what those are?

    I want to run an update on my iPod Touch, but I get a warning "it buying things... that have not been transferred to your iTunes library." How can I determine what those are? Does he want me back up my Touch before update?

    Just sync or backup and they will go to the iTunes library.

  • How do you get a message that has been marked "do not show this message again" to reappear?

    How do you get a message that has been marked "do not show this message again" to reappear?

    Preferences > General > reset all warnings.

  • How do you get Dreamweaver after that I paid a subscription monthly but received no license key for

    How do you get Dreamweaver after that I paid a subscription monthly but received no license key to renew a trial version expired?

    Sign in using your adobe id, and download dreamweaver.  your adobe id (that you used to subscribe to cc) is your license key.

  • Do I lose all the iMessages that have not been delivered to my iphone if I withdraw (from iMessage) my phone number? My current iphone is broken and I am planing to get a new one, with in a few months.

    Do I lose all the iMessages that have not been delivered to my iphone if I withdraw (from iMessage) my phone number? My current iphone is broken and I am planing to get a new one in a few months.

    You may lose everything.  iMessage, like most e-mail services, don't keep permanently undeliverable messages.  They only keep in the short period send queue (I don't know exactly how much time but some Apple tech sites indicate no more than 10 days to two weeks) until they are purged.  That's pretty standard as otherwise, large volume, messaging services would be sitting on tera-bytes of messages not delivered each month.

    You actually have to change my phone number?  If not, let alone sign and only in iMessage when you have the new phone with this set of numbers upward to the service.

  • How to identify the virtual copies (in my records) that have already been deleted a collection


    I keep looking for an answer to this anywhere on the web and 3 books, but can't find the answer...

    How to identify the virtual copies (in my records) that have already been deleted a collection?

    Here's the workflow, and where I'm stuck.

    1. I chose a picture and put it in a collection.

    2. I did a whole bunch of virtual photos in the collection copies that I tried different modifications.

    3. after and during a lot of changes, I have a lot of virtual copies removed from my collection because I decided against the changes after doing some comparisons.

    4. when I went the folders to select my next picture to work away and so to add to the collection, I discovered that each of my virtual copies was in the original folder, even if I had deleted from my collection.

    5. I really don't want these virtual copies deleted to be in my home folder.  They were virtual copies of trial and error and I wanted them to really just be thrown out.

    6. how to identify these virtual copies removed-from-the-collection in my folder?  File names all look the same, and besides, I want to be absolutely certain that I have selected the right ones.  Some of the changes were very minor and would be difficult to see without laboriously go through them one by one.

    Thank you very much!!


    No easy answer on fixing the mess other than an individual inspection of the virtual copy can't watching the Images/Edit history to determine which ones that you no longer need.

    But to help prevent the problem in the future: when you are working from a collection, you must use ALT + return back to remove a copy of Photo or virtual catalog. With just the key DELETE or BACKSPACE only deletes the photo from the collection.

  • Old photos have not been deleted, even if it's been more than 2 months and keep crashing the photo library in icloud.

    Earlier this year, I used the library to icloud to back up my photos. Everything worked well. After awhile, I deleted the photos and off synchronization from photo library. Today, I decided that I wanted to use again, so I turned it on. It seems to work fine but when I connect to my PC I have the chance to see the old photos have not been removed. They seem to be corrupt (there is an exclamation mark instead of a thumbnail) and I can not open them, instead the library hangs. It has been more than 2 months, I suppose that even if I forgot to delete some photos, they should be gone now. Is there a way to fix this?

    a few things

    1 - iCloud Photo is not a backup - it's a synchronization service - see FAQ-apples iCloud Photo library FAQ - Apple Support

    More precisely

    Do I need a backup?

    ICloud library stores all of your photos and original videos in iCloud, but we still recommend that track you return of copies of your library. You can upload your photos and videos to iCloud on your computer and store them in a separate library, transfer them to another computer with transfer of images or Photosor store them on a separate disk.

    2 - ICPL can be accessed through Safari - connect to can click on the picture and see what's there - look in the recently deleted album and see what's there

    3. we need to know the details - you have other devices using the same iCloud account?


  • How can I unsubscribe an email that is not an option to unsubscribe on it

    I get e-mails that I'm not. Because many do not have an option to unsubscribe on them how can I remove them

    Firefox is a web browser, not a messaging application and has no control over the emails. I highly doubt that it is possible that you are after, or there is no spam. You need to get in touch with people like Hotmail, Yahoo etc etc.

    In fact, spam, if that's what it is, is much more dangerous with an apparent "unsubscribe" option.

  • How can I stop Windows Vista Search Results including files that have already been deleted?

    I use Windows Vista Home Premium Version 6.0.  When I use the windows search feature (navigate from the 'new' start icon) search results include files that have been deleted.  This is quite annoying because it dilutes the value of the search result.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?  I have seen similar posts but no real solutions... any help would be much appreciated!  THX

    Rebuild the search Index to remove these "deleted": results

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Looking for a way to kill the "Zombie" emails that can not be deleted

    For the second time in three months, I received an email from spam that cannot be deleted. It was emptied in the spam with SpamSieve, but once there, it cannot be deleted. The e-mail account is a POP acct and mail is downloaded from the server, so in theory should not reappear here.

    The email address is bogus, no one that I know of. The e-mail message contains no content, but it says there is an attachment via the paperclip icon. Open it, however, and there is nothing there (even though I knew it was zombie mail when it happened, as it's the second time it happens, the first missing itself after about a month, so he seems to have a predefined expiration date; what he does in the meantime, I don't know).

    I tried trashing it anyway, I know how. The answer is always that said piece of mail can not be deleted because there is no such thing as commitment. I've renamed even manually a .emix file in Mail to match. No SOAP.

    And now have gone to the library to the user, trashed the plist and which seem to be linked to this folder. The file seems to disappear, so I quit Mail. The next time I open the fake email returned by mail. And as the screenshot shows, one became two, although there is a list.

    I have rebuilt the mailboxes. The only thing I did is try to kill the thing through the Terminal (if such a thing is even possible).

    Given similar reports seem to turn up here (cannot move or delete messages of mail electronics defective.) for example, I must conclude that there is a kind of dreadfully boring invasive file which is done through the firewall and anti-spam filters, and for the life of me at this point, if I could find the sender , I bloody shoot the * myself.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    Try right click on the junk mail folder, then choose delete junk e-mail messages.

    You said you tried to rebuild the mailbox. Have you tried to reindex messages?

    Exit the Mail. Navigate to your user library this path:


    Move all the files starting with envelope Index or ExternalUpdates in the trash, but don't drain.

    Open Mail and let reindex all messages.

    If you tried and it doesn't work, go to this:

    ~/Library/containers/com. Apple.mail

    Exit the Mail. Move the folder integer to the trash. Open Mail and test. You have to re-create your user settings.

  • Impossible to delete files that have already been deleted?

    There are about a dozen files on my computer that I can't get rid of.  They are all 0 bytes long.  I think I tried to remove them and their data has been deleted, but the filenames themselves could not be removed because they contain illegal characters.

    Here is the set of characters used for file names.

    a to z

    A to Z

    0 to 9





    Here's the message I don't understand why I try to delete them, open them, rename them, edit them, move them or do something with them.

    This item was not found.

    It is no longer in C:\Users\ShadeSwan\Downloads. Check the location of the item and try again.

    Name (text) file type: file size: 0 bytes updated the: 01/01/2014 12:01 AM

    Then try to Cancel

    I tried to recreate the files by doing a new text file and save under the same name of the files with no data. It seems to work at first (one of the two files will disappear), but when I remove the file or rename it or change it in any way originally undeletable reappears.  I can't delete, open them, rename them, edit them or move them by starting a different OS on Virtualbox and access the folder they are in.

    I'm about to leave Windows for Linux.  I never had no problem doing something as simple as deleting a freaking Linux file.

    1. Go to start, search cmd, right click and click "Run as Administrator".
    2. Type "chkdsk /f" and press enter
    3. Answer 'Y' to the question and press to enter.
    4. Restart when you have to run the error checking.
    Note: you can also check the hard drive for bad sectors, but this may take several hours. You can use chkdsk/r.
  • How do you get your emails online removes automatically after download of Outlook Express?

    My emails on my online account allows you to automatically delete a downloaded to Outlook Express, but they are no more and I have to log on to my email account to remove.  How can I delete automatically?  They used to do, but then I had a problem with the download of Outlook Express and microsoft people of my computer remote control to fix this problem, but since then the emails are no longer remove online.

    Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced - uncheck: leave a copy of messages on the server.
  • How do you get older games to run on windows 8, which are made for xp

    I tombraider games from 1998 to 2010 and none of them play also have Indiana Jones makes any game I tried failed, it will load, but within seconds, he locks upwards and the only way to get my computer going again stops

    Try the click with the right button on either the shortcut for the game or the actual .exe.  Select properties, then go to the Compatibility tab.  Then go to the section "Compatibility Mode" and check the box that says "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select the option of Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Hit then just apply and exit the window and try to run the game.  If it does not so inform the community.

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  • Pavilion 15: Help with BIOS?

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    To remove the problems of spaghetti, I need to delete rows. Previously, I used local variables, but the values written to local variables could not be found in time. So I started using nodes of property value instead. Are safe as substitutes to the l

  • Update on an incorrect date

    I have installed new copy of windows 7 the previous day, but the date has been set on March 22, 2010 on my pc, rather than actual March 21 2010.Can therefor slice past updates?

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    I try to delete a file and get the message'File is used by another person or program ". The file has been around for several weeks.  I rebooted several times.I always get the message. Is it possible to get rid of this file?