I'm trying to get Flash pic Slimbrowser bookmarks. And how do you get bookmarks to work. I have imported some from the Explorer, and they are not displayed. like they aren't there, but when I import them he told me it was full.

See bookmarks to import in Google Chrome

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    Someone was able to get the TOP of direct exec to show the other than 0% cpu %
    for all the processes... I've tried it on anf 3.2.6 now 4.0.3 and it still says 0%. Envoy in trouble months ago... Runnig im opensource hyperic on a system of ubnutu 6.06 linux
    Architecture: x86_64
    2.6.15 - 53-amd64-Server


    Here is the bug report that I mentioned when I said that it should be fixed in 4.1.  Now he says he's planned for 4.2.  I swear it says 4.1 when I modified looked at him.  :-(  If all goes well a fix will make it in 4.2. Maybe a 4.1.x if we are lucky. :-)


  • How do you get the top left corner, orange to appear button

    Some how I lost the orange button with Mozilla Firefox printed inside of the it in the upper left corner. I think I have tried everything I know how to get it back without success. Need help.

    Firefox orange button with a limited set of menu items that has been used in Firefox 4.0 up through versions of Firefox 28.0 disappeared. The Menu bar that is used by default in Firefox prior to version 4.0 has still all the Menu items.

    When the Menu bar is hidden, you can press the Alt key to temporarily show it and then select the various menus of the keyboard - F - E - V s - B - T - H

    The menu bar is displayed by default on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, and Win8 have the hidden Menu bar. With all 4 Windows Menu bar can be displayed/hidden from any State of the OS, you want by right clicking at the top of the window and selecting or unselecting Menu bar, as was possible with previous versions.

  • How to get the top users page?


    How to build the top users page with which users are more recently logged_in to the application? Similar to the picture here



    Thank you.

    Venky_prs wrote:

    How to build the top users page with which users are more recently logged_in to the application? Similar to the picture here

    Create a report of region using a query like:

      , max(access_date) most_recent
        apex_workspace_access_log l
        authentication_result = 'AUTH_SUCCESS'
    and application_id = :app_id
    group by

    Use of the ' 16 hours ago" number / Date Format MOST_RECENT column.

  • Help create browse sequences that work and remove sync TOC


    I use the latest version of the TCS with RH 9.0. I'm trying to create a release of WebHelp Pro

    for a book produced initially in Framemaker. I followed Rick skinny on skins

    Guide to customize the appearance, but real problems to make my sequence to browse

    to work. I used the tools > Browse, and then create automatically using Frame TOC, sequence editor

    Select the table of contents of the drop-down list and 4 chosen as being the depth I want to browse.

    The table of contents that appears in the browse sequences is strange and does not represent the table of contents of the frame that

    appears in the html code, I left that ' such what. " Once I've produced the navigation sequence output works

    the equivalent of the top level only. What am I am I doing wrong and what I should

    be change to make it fully functional?

    I also want to remove the table of contents of the synchronization of the toolbar, and it seems possible to

    remove the image but not the entire field. I know that this can be done, because of Peter Grainge

    HR site didn't. I will reach between stone and Rick somehow this website for

    my business...

    Thank you very much in advance for any ideas and help.

    Best wishes


    Murder off the coast of the research is done through the presentation of the SSL Navigation pane - this is where you select which items you want to show (and in what order).

  • Opening browser indicates that master and all versions: how to go back to the list only one version?

    Opening 3.6: in some way something changed: in the browser, I see now several versions of each image (master & version), how to get back to showing only latest version? (Note: I don't want close chimneys, just not to show them)

    You have recently allowed the preference of the opening > advanced: create new versions adjustments?

    The opening will create a new version whenever you adjust your image.  With this preference is disabled, all changes will be stacked on the current version without creating new versions.

    You can stack the new versions automatically if you use "opening > General > stacking new versions automatically.

    But there is no option to avoid the multiple versions of a photo in the browser, as far as I know, so the battery version is open.  You can stack several version and keep the closed stack or refrain from creating new versions for each change.

  • How can I get the top lines of the page, I have my toolbar back? The first line starting with 'file' on the right and the second line which contains the refersh button as well as the search bar disappeared. How to make a comeback?

    The first two lines of my toolbar disappeared. I find myself with most visited but the lines above, containing the button refresh, bookmarks, and search bar and above the one containing the links to the files, etc are passed, how do em back?

    == I was juggling the different bars and must have clicked smth, that I should not have.

    ALT V

    Don't forget to do this in a new empty tab.

  • Firefox does not print in complete web pages. It prints at best half left of the page. This has happened only recently. It is not my printer I get full page, printing from Internet explore and other applications. Help!

    Firefox has started printibg only the left side of a web page. I've tried the settings without success, in fact he did even smaller print area. I have set all parameters in the print menu, but can not solve this problem. How can I return to printing of entire web pages?

    Try of the reset described here:

  • How can I get Firefox to create bookmarks.html whenever I have add a bookmark?

    I do it daily backup all user files that have been changed. I would like to register my favorites in this backup. I can't save my cache and other user settings.

    You can make Firefox 3 create a backup automatic HTML (bookmarks.html) when you exit Firefox, if you set the pref browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML true on the subject: config page.

    The backup is created by default in the profile folder bookmarks.html, but you can set the file name and the path through the pref browser.bookmarks.file on the topic: config page.

    This pref does not exist by default, and you may need to create a new pref browser.bookmarks.autoExportHTML string and set the value to the full path of the file backup bookmarks.

    Note: an HTML backup preserves tags and annotations, to lose them if you need to import the backup HTML.


  • Get the GPS Position in a specific interval

    Hi BB-Devs,

    I m developing a BB10 application where I use the GPS location Services.

    I need to update my current position in a specific interval.

    First of all:

    In the corrugation Simulator, everything works fine. My position will be refreshed every x seconds.

    Yesterday, I deployed my application with debugging token to my Z10.

    It seems the app works.     BUT:

    When I change my position, the new position will not be updated as in the Simulator :-(

    In my console log, I see that my function is called every x seconds.

    Here is a code snippet of the function that is called in the intervall:

    function setAktPosition() {
        //First test to see that the browser supports the Geolocation API
           if (navigator.geolocation !== null)
              var options;
              navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(setAktPositionSuccess, setAktPositionError, options);
           else {
              alert("HTML5 geolocation is not supported.");
    function setAktPositionError(error)
       alert("An unexpected error occurred [" + error.code + "]: " + error.message);
    function setAktPositionSuccess(position)
       //Extract information about the users current position:
       var time = position.timestamp;
       var coordinates = position.coords;
       //Retrieve geographic information about the GPS fix:
       ap.valueLat = coordinates.latitude;
       ap.valueLon = coordinates.longitude;
       ap.valueAlt = coordinates.altitude;
       ap.valueSpeed = coordinates.speed;
       //var acc = coordinates.accuracy;
       //var altAcc = coordinates.altitudeAccuracy;
       //var head = coordinates.heading;

    That's how I got to call this function in a specific interval:

    aktiv = window.setInterval("setAktPosition()", intervallInSec);

    However - the works of the intervall-function-call - but my application still get the top position - no update of position when changing my situation :-(

    Corsica, I did this in my config.xml file:


    My application has requested when starting fist approvals of the location. I also checked this in the settings of the device of my Z10.

    Are there problems with the GPS location services in the webworks for BB10?

    Or is it not possible to achieve?

    I will be happy if anyone has any advice for me :-)

    Thank you very much!


    Try changing the options to activate enableHighAccuracy

  • Can I get the disks to a recovery for the pre-installed software?

    I just bought an a40 satellite on ebay that works very well, except for a problem with the power saver including support software have so far not been able to solve. Make sorting prob will have to wipe the puter and start again, but I did not all discs system with the purchase. Can I get copies of these Toshiba so that I don't lose the etc. preinstalled MS Office. ? The other thing is that there is a licensed copy of XP PRo top but shd originally came with xp family, so what do I do about it... ??? have the license ms on computer sticker... am bit confused and computers are not exactly my strong point, someone help without so far assume I know something...?


    The fact is that if you buy a new Toshiba notebook you also get the Windows operating system, drivers, tools and 3rd party applications.
    All programs of this 3rd part of the image of Toshiba and you cannot install only selected application, but only the entire image of Toshiba.
    Usually if a user loses the Toshiba restore cd so it can order it from the Toshiba service partner. But I'm not sure about the second hand units.

  • Using the API Teststand to get the dependencies of files to a workspace

    Hi all

    I have a very difficult time with the Teststand API to do what I want. I need to automate the deployment of the space in our system of Labview, I need to get the path of all the dependencies used in a workspace to create a label in Perforce (SCC) to version control before deployment.

    As for now, I managed to: open the workspace > get the RootWorkspaceObject > NumContainedObjects then GetContainedObject (in this case, the project files) > NumContainedObject then GetContainedObject (in this case, the files within the project) > NumContainedObject then GetContainedObject (in this case, the files in the folders).

    The problem is this: I can get the project DisplayName and path of the project by the property node file reference. However, the folder object as I get the name and no path, and with the objects of the elements, I get only the name and what looks like a relative path. I want this absolute path, on the second line, for each element in the picture below... that is, the Properties menu of one of the elements.

    Once I get these paths, I would do the same thing with a sequence to get the associated EIS. If I can get those that I think that I can get to get their secondary dependencies in Labview and will be able to build a label necessarily for all dependencies.

    P.S we use LV8.6


    OK, first of all thx Francisco, I tried this invoke node (GetAbsolutePath), but it looks like for some reason I have it did not in the right place the first time...

    So now:

    1. we can get the paths of all files included in the workspace.

    2. we can get files albums since a sequence file dependencies, (with a slight modification, sous-séquences too).

    3. we can get the top subs dependencies (in this case Vi) files.

    It is only a proof of concept, given that all the references are not closed properly. I updated '' to account for the solution of the above 3 assumptions. This example look only for the Modules of VI no other code.

    It assumes that your workspace is always at the root level of the 'projects' files and that the first search path is 'space of current work - subfolders selected' and second line of research is "* reeuse root directory * with selected sub.

    In my case, the workspace has 1 project with 7 files, the sequence is in folder 5. Specific VI are in the subdirectory of the root workspace folder and reuse of Vi in another way (second search directory).

    I hope that this example can help others.


    See you soon

  • Get the 10 questions back to the top using a query

    Version 11g, Apex 4.1


    I have a table with the following structure
     error_code       date       error_type
     e1                 10-jun-2012     P
     e1                 10-jun-2012     P
     e2                 10-jun-2012     C
     e3                 09-jun-2012     P
     e4                 09-jun-2012      D
    e20               01-jan-2011       c
    I have to get the top 10 mistakes as well as charges.

    I know how to get the counts, I don't know how he limited to the top 10 of the entire list

    Thank you

    Published by: sun1977 on June 12, 2012 06:13

    Try something like that.

    select error_code, cnt
      from (
    select error_code, cnt, rank() over(order by cnt) rk
      from (
    select error_code, count(*) cnt
     where rk <= 10

    Untested code

  • Question how to freeze the top of the table line

    I try to freeze the top of a table row, so when you scroll the top line is fixed.

    I tried to use a CSS Style sheet and the link to the table. I can get the top row to freeze but the columns align not when you scroll the page.

    Thanks if anyone can help. It is my coding...

    < id of the table = "name of width ="1135"border ="2"align ="center"cellspacing ="2">"

    < thead style = "" >

    < b >

    < th = width "306" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < h3 > < style strong = "color: rgba (248,240,241,1)" > < facilities > data < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "62" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < AA h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "76" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < SSAA h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < width th = "111" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < strong data > < / strong > < /th >

    < width th = "111" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < width th = "63" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < width th = "44" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < width th = "43" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < EC h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "60" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < h3 > < strong data > < / strong > < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "37" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "60" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / h3 > < /th >

    < th = width "107" bgcolor = "#B7383A" style = "color: rgba (247,238,238,1)" > < data h3 > < / strong > < / h3 > < /th >

    < /tr >

    < / thead >

    link to stylesheet to table

    @charset "utf-8";

    / * CSS document * /.

    / * Table Styles * /.

    table #name


    border: 3px solid black


    Th {}


    border-collapse: collapse {;}

    border-spacing: 1;


    Table #name th, table #vigor td {text-align: center}

    table thead {} #vigor

    line-height: 12px;

    text-transform: uppercase;

    position: fixed;

    padding: 0px


    table thead th {} #name

    padding: 0px


    If you could please help, I would appreciate...

    There is a trick to this:

    Fixed the Table header -

    Nancy O.

  • How to embed the top-N capacity?

    Good, guys.  This is a mind-bender for you.  We will use a modified version of the EMP to the Oracle table.  Suppose we add a 'number' column named CONO.  In the table EMP revised, every company has many departments, and each Department has several wages.  The goal is to print the total wages by company.  The trick is to only to sum N top salaries of each Department.  Can anyone of you wizards crack this nut?

    Thank you


    PS: if possible, please try to use the "don't like".

    Hi, Kim.

    Justin query needs a GROUP BY clause. otherwise, he did what you asked:

    SELECT cono

    The SUM (sal) AS total_sal


    SELECT cono, sal

    , RANK () OVER (PARTITION BY cono, deptno)

    Sal of ORDER BY DESC

    ) AS rnk



    WHERE rnk<= 1  ="" --="" or="" any="" positive="">

    GROUP BY cono


    Output of your sample data:


    ---------- ----------

    1 10850

    6950 2

    Get the Top 1 may be a special case; You can do more things with the MAX function efficeint.  Justin solution (such as modified in this message) works for any value of N-1 or higher.

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