How do you get your music original availible to the public

How do you get your original music available to artists


Many artists display their titles on SoundCloud, where you have the possibility to make downloadable or streaming only.

For retail sales, the most popular output for independent artists is Bandcamp.

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  • How do you get your product key for Windows vista

    original title: How can you get your product key for window vista__

    A look at the case of computer packaging for a sticker with 25 digits, divided into 5 groups of 5 digits.

    If she isn't here, read this:

    If your Vista operating system is still active and running, use one of the programs above to find your product key.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How do you get your E-mail synchronized with hotmail windows is it possible?

    How do you get your E-mail synchronized with hotmail windows is it possible?

    You cannot configure Windows Mail to use an e-mail account on the Web (HTTP) on a computer that is running Windows Vista

    Read the above.

    You can use Windows Live Mail.

    Use Windows Live Mail instead of Windows Mail

    Windows Live Mail is an e-mail program that you install on your computer. Windows Live Mail stores messages on your computer. This means that you can access, read, and compose e-mail messages even if you are not connected to the Internet.

    Windows Live Mail works with popular Web-based e-mail services such as Hotmail, AOL mail, Google mail, and Yahoo! mail. Windows Live Mail is designed to configure automatically many popular e-mail services.

    There is a download link in this link.

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    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner



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  • How did you get your first Flex developer job?

    Hi guys...

    I know it maybe isn't relevant for this forum, but I'm dying to know how you guys get your first flex developer job. I'm actually more interested by your RESUME. What skills have you guys put on your CV? Thanks for the reply...: D

    Started as a pure "Java/J2EE" dev  Flex have rebelled and added to my skills (as JSP has Sin on par with "AJAX frameworks"), has started a new project using Flex.

    In other words, take ownership of Java (or other) project and the strength of the Liber... um, have your project team use Flex.   Hey Hey

    But it's the long path, of course.  To start in Flex (in addition to obviously looking for her by name) you probably focus on user interface design skills/experience and front end technologies competing (but shabby and old) and then to put pressure so that the Flex SDK kit on all new project coming along (assuming that it is a good choice).  I suspect that you would have more difficulty if you go in an organization that has already a few RIA technology of last generation in use, such as Silverlight or GWT (BOP), but those still saying 'JSP' or 'AJAX' and all other legacy HTML type related technologies are targets.

  • How do you get your photos from iPhoto into Photoshop?  I'm just duumb

    How can I move my photos from iPhoto to Photoshop?  I feel really stupid right now.

    Hi Gramo5,

    Please follow the steps below.

    1. In the Finder, go to your package of iPhoto file. By default, it is located in /Users/[username]/ pictures and it is called iPhoto library.

    2. Control-click the iPhoto library file and choose show package content.

      A Finder window will open that displays the contents of the package file. The Masters folder contains all the pictures that are in iPhoto.

    3. Control-click on the folder named Masters and choose duplicate.

    4. Do drag the folder named "copy of masters' window of the library Finder iPhoto on your desktop and then you can import pictures into Photoshop from the desktop.
      Please post on the Adobe Forums.

  • How can I get my music that is in the cloud on my 3rd gen iPod?

    When I up date/rating my iTunes that it put all my music in the cloud that I thought was a great idea since my laptop hard drive was full and I desperately need the space. That was before I got my old 20 GB 3rd gen iPod which has used to have my entire library of music on it. I plugged into my laptop and tried to synchronize to recover some of my music newly purchased from him and it didn't Sync for some reason any and when I finally had to synchronize has gone from about 2500 a few songs to 700? So after messing around with it for a good while and many try several times to sync, I came to realize that it would be only to synchronize the songs that are downloaded on my laptop, if they are in the cloud, they won't not synchronize. So my question is how to do all my music loaded on my iPod without having to physically download everything back on my laptop?

    Have you seen this article?

    Recover your iTunes from your iPod or an iOS device

  • How do you get a prompt value required for the user who runs the report?


    I have a quarter quick in my report.
    I want user must pass a value for him?
    How to go?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi RC,.

    I don't think you can do a mandatory prompt. To do this, you can create a work around.

    1. in the command prompt, add possible value; "Please make a selection to first". You can define a SQL query for the value of Ant show you. View all possible values, and via a 'UNION' Add "Please make a selection to first". Default font. Now, your request will be displayed with nothing.

    2. create a "No. Results" - view in your application.

    In this way, it is not mandatory, but it forces a user to select a value.

    I hope this helps.

    Daan Bakboord

  • How can you get 5.5 Captivate to support the transparency of the imported images?


    Above: Above is a published video.  The edges on the PNG make their appearance in stairs, a side effect, which I assume is the result of a transparent background around the circle.  Why not Captivate handle or better supports transparency?  Should I use a different file type?  Does anyone know how to fix this?


    Above: This is the image imported before being imported.


    Above: Here is how the PNG looks in the preview of Captivate film.


    What is the quality of the slide that you use? Since you need transparency, the default Low 8-bit should be changed to High or optimized. This can be done on a slide-by-slide basis or you can substitute the present slide quality settings on the edition and have all the slides selected at that point to high heat.


  • How can you get your files to show again after the Trojan horse?

    My files on my external hard drive does not show, although the properties show that they are still there. I tried to post, and I made sure my hidden files show in windows control panel. But cannot see them. Did the same thing on my memory stick. Files on onboard hard drive all indicate. Any help please

    Hi LizelleAvenant,

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    ·         What is the brand and model of the external hard drive?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Performs a search using the Microsoft safety scanner in the external hard drive.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2: Try to connect the external hard drive on another computer and check if the problem persists.

    Method 3: Run the disk check to check for possible errors.

    How to perform disk error checking in Windows XP

    Note: If bad sectors are found in the hard drive, then it could try to fix this particular sector. If you have any data on that, it can get lost.

  • How do you get your emails online removes automatically after download of Outlook Express?

    My emails on my online account allows you to automatically delete a downloaded to Outlook Express, but they are no more and I have to log on to my email account to remove.  How can I delete automatically?  They used to do, but then I had a problem with the download of Outlook Express and microsoft people of my computer remote control to fix this problem, but since then the emails are no longer remove online.

    Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced - uncheck: leave a copy of messages on the server.
  • How do you get your pictures once the phone has been reset

    I have problems with my iphone 6. It sends the text, e-mail messages which is gibberish and people at random. Also when I try to send a message the keys get stuck. I took it to the Apple store and they just reset, now I lost all my photos and contacts. AND the phone still has the same question. It's like I have a new phone (nothing about), but it's broken. What can I do?

    This iphone has been 1 year in last October.

    Restore the last backup of the phone before recovering.

  • How do you get your free battery?

    I recently bought my lappy toshy and received a reminder that I could claim a free spare battery when I registered online. Anyone of you enligtend souls know if go to request this offer the battery in the girl leaves much to be desired!

    see you soon

    Maybe this thread can help you;𚐌

    To * * & you'll see.
    There is a form to fill out, print & post.

  • How do you get your address the Prime Minister once downloaded youtube

    I am new to the Adobe platform, so I would like to know the answer to this question to the top, above. Thank you

    Before you download (assuming elements), you need to make an account (username and password) first YT

    Then you allow elements of control, you have an account.

    I personally would not do that. Export to mp4 and send you on YouTube.

  • How did you get your Equalogic SAN installation?

    We are preparing to implement our Equalogic PS6000 SAN series.  I was wondering of any users out there what happens if tips you may have?  Have you used NIC bonding to increase the n/b in the SAN?  Traps with its use with vSphere?

    Cabling topology and the tricks are on Equallogic documentation.

    There are some tuning switches: control of controll, RSTP, storm, stream...

    Do not use the cause of reunification (e.g. with Etherchannel) NIC equallogic could not work optimally.

    Use several interfaces for iSCSI vmkernel (with vSphere is now possible) with different NIC binding.



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