How do you install PageMaker 7.0.2 in Windows 7

PageMaker 7.0.2 will not install on Windows 7 Home ultimate.  Microsoft Compatibility pages suggestion is to install a free upgrade from the seller, but it is not possible to install an update unless you can first install the main program. By clicking on the button 'INSTALL' has no effect whatsoever.


It depends on your situation. If you have an available copy of Windows XP, you can do what Andre suggested above for free otherwise you must either upgrade or buy a copy of Windows XP that will be hard to find.

Regarding the upgrade of Windows 7, assuming you have Windows 7 Home Premium, the least expensive would be to get the upgrade that to the professionals using the anytime upgrade:

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  • How do you install the third-party icons in Windows 7

    I want to make my computer looks like, it belongs to me. I'm an artist and I want that all the aspects of this computer to reflect this. I downloaded some icons of the internet to be used as spare parts for folders and icons for the office, but the system won't let me use it. The message I get when I try to use them to replace the other icons, it's that they are not icon files. When I change the .ico extension it still won't let me use it. It is even possible to use these icons to replace the annoying in Windows 7? If so, how can I do it? Where should I save these icons and how? Anyone know? I'm sick of watching all these annoying icons in this computer.

    Do need to be installed somewhere in the system, so I can use them? -No, they have just needs to be somewhere on the system, not installed.

    I don't think that these files are icons.  If they were you wouldn't have to change their extension to .ico.

    There is normally a lot of icon managers & icon editors available in freeware version so pick up one of them & use to convert your images [as I guess they are] in icons.

  • How do you install memory in Pavilion 17z-F200 (part L2H13AV)

    How do you install memory in Pavilion 17z-F200 (part L2H13AV)?

    HP seems to have no guide available for this model maintenance. What is happening with this?

    I took one the Pavilion 17z-F100 (sent by mistake). There not all removable panels on the underside. And the User Guide for 17z-F200 indicates that it will be the same (assuming that ever happens).

    I'll probably have to remove the outer shell together to install the memory (or replace the hard drive, when the time comes). But, any laptop I worked on in the past had its own special place for screws hidden or something special to that of disassembly. So having an interview guide is a necessity to prevent the pests from plastic, clips, guides, mounts etc..

    Solved by Hüffer here:

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    Installation on multiple computers can be done independently of the subscription.  You only need the lic3ense when it comes to activation, you have two active facilities (signed in).  Just install the desktop application and use it to install the applications, and then connect to activate.

    Creative cloud to desktop

    Sign out, sign in | Creative office cloud app

    Help of activation & deactivation ctivate-how-to's

    Install, update, or uninstall applications

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    After downloading how do you install the 13 elements?

    You need to download two files for windows. The second is an exe file that you then double-click to start the installation process

  • How do you install a live facebook feed my muse site?

    How do you install a live facebook feed my muse websiteby integration developer facebook newsfeed code?

    I just tried on my end and it works. You use any ID App for stocks to show? or it's just with the url of your site, you generate the code?

    If its with App ID, please make sure that the profile must be public and even with the page of the site.

    Thank you


  • How do you use the Exp fundtion on the windows calculator

    How do you use the Exp function in the windows for the following calculator

    Exponential of the negative power of 0.5


    I don't have.
    I couldn't find an e = 2.71828183 key on the windows calculator.
    I used Google's built-in calculator function.

    The windows calculator, you will need to enter:
    2.71828183 [x ^ y] (-0.5) =.

  • How do you install the print driver FAX for m1536dnf in OS x Lion?

    Hi Forum,

    I have a Laserjet M1536dnf all-in - one network. When I install the driver under OSX Snow Leopard and Ubuntu, I have two shows of printers in the preferences panel. Regular printer and printer-fax MACHINE, so I can print to fax directly.

    But when I install the driver in OS x Lion, it shows only one printer, so I can't print to FAX directly. I checked the apple software update, there is no more than an update as well.

    Someone knows how can I install the FAX printer driver in OS x Lion?

    Thank you



    Offer the product at a time print, scan and ability by retrieving the driver of the Apple software update.

    If you have installed the full features software, remove it by running the uninstall HP program located under Applications > CEJA-Packard and be sure to remove the existing print queue.

    Then Champagne for any update of HP software available.

    If the recovery of the printer HP Software Update fails for any reason, install the bundle HP Printer Drivers 2.8 below.

    Then the fax printer must be detected as well:

    Kind regards


  • How do you install fonts in Windows Vista?

    Installation of fonts help... Please and THANKS of ADVANCE!

    Hi, I'm going crazy for 2 hours now trying to install a font of Disney on this new laptop computer. I've done a million times on my plu top desktop which has XP and I think IE7 or 8, it is IE 8, I think, but it's VISTA.  If anyone can help please PLEASE PLEASE me I would appreciate it a lot.  I am not a beginner and I usually can understand most of the things for me but just will not give me answers, much less that he always says how busy, they are "real clients", which apparently, I'm not?  Nice. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you :-)   Stephanie


    (1) you receive error codes when installing fonts?
    (2) have you made changes on the computer recently?
    I hope this helps!
  • How do you install back my lightroom cc after reformat computer?

    I have a Creative Photography plan Cloud I bought in January 2015. However, I had some problems with my PC and I had to reformat my computer. I wanted to re - download my lightroom CC, but it is not visible in the desktop creative cloud tool. The projection of lightroom is lightroom 5 I bought some time ago. How can I install my lightroom CC? I use windows 8.


    You can use the following links:

  • How do you install DW CS6 in PC drive other than C:?

    How can I install DW CS6 in PC drive other than C:? I have 'only' 6 GB of space left in C: and got an error message when I tried to put the Adobe installer in another drive.

    Still, some components will be installed to the root of the system. There is no way around that. The main program can of course be installed elsewhere. Anyway, if you have the warnings already and 6 GB left, it's hopeless. Windows itself finally not will allow you to do anything more because it is simply running out of air to breathe... Long answer short: buy a bigger drive and reinstall your system. Same Lareger SSDS are no more super expensive.


  • How do you install Acrobat 7 on 64-bit computer, so it gets installed as 32-bit?

    Now, I understand the printer driver Acrobat 7 will not install on a 32-bit computer.  I have a new 64 bit Windows 7 computer, but many programs install 32-bit mode and I installed the 32-bit version of Windows at the start.  However, the print module will not install I've read is because the architecture of the computer is 64-bit.  How can I choose to install Acrobat in 32-bit mode so I can use the pdf printer driver?

    You can not. And this has nothing to do with the 32 vs 64 bit. The driver model is simply completely different on Windows 7. You must upgrade to Acrobat X and use alternative like GhostScript.


  • Languages, how do you install Spanish (LIP)

    How do we install Spanish (LIP)

    How do we install Spanish (LIP)

    There is no Spanish LIP, but there is a Spanish LP (linguistics).

    Language packs are available only with Windows Vista Edition full and firm.

    Vista - how to install additional language files:

    Available language packs and lips for Windows Vista:

  • How do you install CC on another computer?

    I had my CC on a computer that had to perform a reformat.  How I install it again?

    Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud app:




    Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud apps

  • How do you install Browser v10.0 Appliance in VMware Player?


    I need advice/help please,

    I try to install the Browser Appliance v10.0 in VMware Player without success despite trying countless hours over the past five days, this software is certainly not newbie friendly :)


    I can't find the button 'Browse dialog for the configuration of the virtual machine' which is part of the instructions below

    I tried many different ways to try to install it in VMware Player during the last five days, but nothing seems to work, I installed Ubuntu in VMware Player and then tried to find a way to install the device browser in Ubuntu, but nothing works.

    Here are the instructions I received with Browser Appliance v10.0 I downloaded on my pc that are outdated maybe?...

    Browser device, v10.0 - README file

    VMware virtualization
    * Operating system by Scientific Linux (version 6.0)
    * Mozilla browser (Mozilla Firefox 10.0)


    This virtual machine provides a secure and isolated environment
    to browse the Web.

    It can be performed using either VMware Player available for free
    or other vPlatform products fourth-generation VMware.

    He was inspired by the browser 1.0.0 device provided by
    VMware Inc. to


    This virtual computer includes VMware tools
    (vmware-tools - 8.3.12 - 559003) with Scientific Linux 6.0,.
    kernel 2.6.32 - 220.4.1.el6, updates Linux scientific through
    6 February 2012 and Mozilla Firefox 10.0.

    Power users may wish to consider and adjust several settings in
    the browser configuration file - Appliance.vmx using a text
    Editor in Chief. For security reasons, HGFS has been disabled by default.


    You can download the browser appliance from the VMware Web site
    at .
    On the same site, you can also download VMware Player, a
    free app of VMware that you can use to run the browser
    Device. For browser installation, just unzip the
    Download the file to your local hard drive.

    To run the browser appliance:
    Launch of VMware Player
    * In the dialog box, browse to the Virtual Machine Configuration
    File, navigate to the directory where you installed the
    Device browser, select File Browser - Appliance.vmx.
    and click Open.
    The browser unit automatically and the
    Supplied with the unit of browser, operating system centOS
    starts. This may take several minutes. Then the Mozilla
    Browser Firefox starts automatically. Enter a URL in the
    location on the ground in the upper part of the browser, then click surGo.,.

    you have the directory that contains the browser - Appliance.vmx and browser - Appliance.vmdk?

    Edit the vmx file and change this line
    virtualHW.version = "4".
    virtualHW.version = "6".
    8 or 9 if it does not work

    a double-click on this file should do the trick

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