How do you keep an incoming call for the slide to unlock?

I love this phone and now my only problem (just me probably..) is an incoming call has this slide that you have to move, and I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of her... I asked before the lock on the front screen and got the unlock app that works very well if anyone knows if there is one for an incoming call? It's a pain... Thank you!


I'm sorry I misled you.  Search with the keyword "thouvenel" market and you should find it.  (He spells his name with two d's)

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    Once you insert this code into the page of Muse by object > insert HTML, the calendar will be displayed on the page.

    Thank you


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    After that the cursor was displayed on an active scene are you doing research?

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    The ESTK interface seems to have some of these features; for example, editing-> Preferences-> keyboard shortcuts, however, I am unable to find out where and how the user can add a new macro, and assign a keyboard shortcut.

    In this example, everything I wanted to do was to decide quickly on a line or a block of comments from a script. Currently (CS6), the only options seem to be limited to Shift + Ctrl + K using this method will insert only / / ~ at the beginning of a line already has text on it and will not work on a new blank line.

    How can we (CS6) ESTK user adds a new macro and assign it a keyboard shortcut?

    I thank very you much for any answer.


    > How the (CS6) ESTK user adds a new macro and assign it a keyboard shortcut?

    You can't, unfortunately.


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    We have users insist on granting of their login and password to another user if that person can connect. Even when they have their own login!

    So what happens is the the two #1 can be saved in on the job server all log in user #2 in the server, with the same login, closing at #1. While I can only educate them to use their own connections, so the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make them drink. :(

    What I have and I'm not finding, is a way to have the system notify User #2 that login is already in use, try again later.  I would like to accomplish this through Group Policy.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Jack W.


    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums:

  • How can I convert an incoming call read only an attachment so I can change it?

    How can I convert an incoming call reads only attachment so that I can change it? Save in Word does not it, and find research peut t.

    So, the problem seems to be that attachments are stored as files read-only by Thunderbird and an application it can open without editing privileges, so you cannot change the. Read-only mode was chosen because these files are kept in a temporary location. For example, if you modify and save the back, they are deleted when Thunderbird is closed, so losing your changes. The idea is to force to save you to a different location. You should be able to do it, then open it from that location with full editing capabilities.

    For a permanent change in this behavior, go in the [tools >] Options > advanced > general tab and click on Config Editor there. After you confirm the warning, copy - paste browser.helperApps.deleteTempFileOnExit into the search bar and switch false to true by double clicking on it. Now, saved attachments are created with read/write permissions, but is more removed when Thunderbird is closed (i.e., stored in % AppData%\Local\Temp).

  • How do I keep my wifes calls appear on my phone and mine appear on hers, we share the same acct icloud and itunes? It just started this on one or two updates ago

    How do I keep my wifes calls appear on my phone and mine appear on hers, we share the same acct icloud and itunes? It just started this on one or two updates ago

    Welcome to the Apple community.

    I'm afraid that is what happens when you share an Apple ID.

    Ideally you should each have your own ID and use family share for share purchases, but at least you would be better to have your own ID's for everything except iTunes.

    I suspect that your problem is that you share an ID for FaceTime, you must either stop this or make sure that you have only and that your caller ID is only your phone number.

  • How do you keep users from creating directories deeper than 260 characters of the root of the drive?

    In Windows, it seems impossible to create/join the files with a path longer than 260 characters.

    Well, not completely: you can create these files if you create a shortcut or point a reader shared inside the path, but that's exactly how this problem gets so bad: a user creates a share X: pointing to \\myserver\longdirname\evenlongerdirname\verylongdirname\etc\verylongfilename

    then it creates a file in X:\evenlongerdirnamethanYouHaveEverSeen\SuperLongDirNameJustLongEnoughToBe260FromTheRoot

    Note: the names of directories must be long, you can also create a shorter longer string of names of directories (a\b\c\d\e\f\g...)

    now, someone trying to open this file of \\myserver fail miserable. In fact, windows behaves a bit ridiculous and sometimes silently ignores files. I've seen this happen when people copy a folder of installation deep inside a fileshare: the installation program is a DVD or CD and a subscription contains 1000 directories, some are more than 260 tank when opened from the root. Then you get really weird behaviour: files ignored!

    As 260 characters was probably very well when the disks were<10GB but="" if="" you="" have="" 1="" tb="" drive,="" it's="" not="" too="" hard="" to="" end="" up="" with="" directories="" that="" are="" way="" deeper="" than="" 260="" characters.="" so="" i="" predict="" that="" there="" will="" be="" a="" time="" soon="" where="" ntfs="" needs="" to="" be="" adapted="" to="" be="" able="" to="" use="" large="" disks="" decently.="" this="" is="" also="" made="" worse="" because="" people="" create="" files="" with="" really="" bad="" names="" (e.g.="" a="" outlook="" msg="" files="" will="" be="" called="" the="" same="" as="" its="" subject="" line,="" fun="">

    Don't tell people don't do that, I see it in my everyday environment, and it breaks a lot of programs (and then the bad programmer is blamed for drawback of Windows: "you can't even open a file named a.txt")

    Question: How do you keep the users to create a file that is > 260 characters if we take into account the root of the drive, rather than a part under?

    Hi PM3.141592
    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public.

    Please ask your question in the Forums Pro Windows XP IT.

  • How do detect you if a person spying on your computer. How do you keep it

    I have 2 pc. You can detect if 2 pc spy remotely on pc1. If so how do you keep it

    Hi Traci,

    I can't provide technical and tactical spy, hacking methods, or how to use malware to infect a computer with programs or also in a forum dedicated to protection against such things - I don't know if it would be a violatiion of the forum (more likely) COC, but it would be a violation of my ethical principles.  There are countless methods.  I will go this far just to give you an idea (and this is more or less a "sanctioned" method used by employers and parents to monitor the activity of employees or children and not the most sophisticated hacking methods)- and I'm not recommending or suggesting this program (I almost never recommend paid software when I can usually find free options that work almost as well and I don't know anything about and) just a quick did search to find one to use as an example), but just use it as an example of what can be installed, see: which is even more powerful with a direct administrative access to your computer.

    If someone has administrative access to your computer, then it is extraordinarily difficult for anyone to detect it or prevent espionage (if done correctly).  I don't know yet I could do (detect-not necessarily in place - according to the way it was done - well well, I might be able to do it if I knew it was going on and worked on the problem until I found the culprit, but that could take days or more and some very sophisticated and software procedures may be special) , and I'm very concerned about security.  With direct access, it is just too easy to do it in a way that will be almost impossible to detect.  Depending on your operating system and how much effort you want to put into it, there are steps to take to minimize the problem.  If you are allowed to block the person who has access, it becomes even better.  If the question concerns only protect against certain types of espionage (as opposed to any type), then it becomes easier again - but even in this case, there are some guarantees if they have the same level of access (or access) and direct access to your computer.

    In some cases, using spyware on yourself (that you install to spy on your own computer) can detect other spyware activity or activities (I used successfully this particular thing before) - but there is no guarantee (as it can potentially be bypassed if anyone knows there or by using techniques that do not trigger to detect activity) - but it has sometimes proved effective (note it does not - it CAN help to) detect if things and knowing that and possibly how it is done you can take improved or maybe even effective preventive measures until the inability to spy is detected and then they would just adapt to overcome or escape from your preventive measures).

    The honest answer is that, to get the protection you want, you need to block to have this level of access to your computer (after a format and a clean install in order to eliminate what they've already done).  Once they are blocked, then the methods to use normally appear more ordinary procedures, if you knew what to look for.

    If you allow me, why you allow him to have access to your computer?  If you are trying to overcome parental control, then I will not help you and you should reconsider what you're trying to do (and even if it works, they will know that you have done and can eventually impose restrictions that greatly limit your activities and who are far worse than the spy was in the first place - that is how I would react as a parent).  If you try to overcome the employer monitoring, efforts to work around could have consequences job that you do not want to happen.  If it isn't, then why are you allowing this access and what are the rules for your ability to restrict this access somehow?   Also, is there a specific business type that you are specifically concerned about or is this activity?

    As Robert has said, it is better, if this is done in a separate thread, but if you want me to participate, at least after the link to this new thread here as an answer I cannot not otherwise it exists and it will almost certainly miss myself (although others can certainly help you as well).

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    PS Instead of creating another post for your other question, see the following for an explanation of the features of keylogger: (NOTE: it's hardware, not software since you said "peripheral").  Keylogging can be done using software as well.  For more information about keylogging devices and make sure that not all of these sites are safe (as with any general research), see the general Bing following research:

  • How do you keep a message from Inbox disappear on your laptop after you read that on the desk?

    Original title: messages received

    How do you keep a message miscare disappear at the top of a tower, after you read the desktop

    You must leave a copy of messages on the server on both machines so that both can access the messages.  Generally, a machine will delete messages after they are downloaded.  You can prevent this, but we need to know what e-mail program, you use to be able to tell you were the parameters is.  In OE and WinMail in Vista, you define which under Tools | Accounts | Mail | Properties | Advanced, but it will be in a different place for different programs.


  • My brushes loaded disappear whenever I change the brushes, how do you keep this?

    I am a new user of PSE9 and I have some knowledge base on how to use the free trial program. Now that I actually purchased the program I want to download new brushes. I downloaded the brushes that I want, but whenever I have load into my palette, brushes are there for a single use.

    What I mean is that I can use the brushes I want until I have change a brush of different. I still have them on my computer, but it bothers me that I have to reload my brushes each time I want to use.

    How can I keep my brushes here, like the catergories of default brush Photoshop already provides for you?

    You put them: (copy the brush files)

    Adobe Photoshop C:\Program 9\Presets\Brushes elements

    You must restart the items runs for brushes to appear.


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    A look at the case of computer packaging for a sticker with 25 digits, divided into 5 groups of 5 digits.

    If she isn't here, read this:

    If your Vista operating system is still active and running, use one of the programs above to find your product key.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How do you keep icons on the desktop to move?

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    How do you keep icons on the desktop to move?


    Right-click on an empty area of the desktop

    Select display

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    It should align them to the left

  • Using Muse how do you keep the title of the first page on the Web site to appear before the name of the company?

    Using Muse how do you keep the title of the first page on the web to appear before the name of the company in Google?


    If you want your company name appear first, make sure that you rename your page like - last | The title of the page.

  • How do you keep the organizer of a mixture of the order of the photos when loading off the memory card?

    @How do you keep the organizer of a mixture of the order of the photos when loading off the memory card?

    It sounds like you are using Photoshop Elements, and Photoshop Elements forum would be better answered that.

    Photoshop Elements


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