How do you return to the main Thunderbird Linux window when it opens in a local folder?

I see no possibility to return to the main window of Thunderbird 31.1.1 under Fedora 20. It always opens in the same local folder (the only tab displayed in the menu bar "File edit view...") as I was reading before "closing session." yesterday. I tried to restart the computer. Help would be appreciated.


I think that you do not see the account folders pane.

In, View menu | Layout and check the Folders pane.

If you do not have a menu, hold the < alt > key and then press l (lowercase L).

The folders pane shows your accounts and their records and IMHO, is essential to navigate around in Thunderbird.

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    Open it Manager add-on modules in its own tab closes the tab, and you're back.

    Please provide details on what prevents you to return to your email. A screenshot would probably help as well.



    You can open a new tab to return the subject: newtab page with thumbnails of visited web pages.

    If you have set the homepage to this: newtab page then you can click on the home button on the side of the right end of the Navigation bar.

    You do not get a return enabled button to return the subject: newtab page if other pages are open from this page.

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    There is no way to prevent the Committee of cautions, only the possibility to hide after she appeared via the view menu: hide warnings.

    Pages will not invent the fonts or font styles if they are not installed. MS Word will invent false appearances bold and italics, and when the actual fonts are not installed on OS X, you will get this warning sign.

    Microsoft Office fonts (Calibri, Cambria, etc.) are allowed by Microsoft through Office 2016 for Mac or Office for Mac 2011 facilities. They are not freely downloadable on the web, as some would say. If someone downloads and uses a Windows font only or download a free Internet police - and use it in a Word document that is not provided by Microsoft or Apple, then you will get an another warning sign. It is a real PITA without police discipline and foresight on the exchange of paper.

  • How can you increase/change the font size using window.print

    We use no BI/XML Publisher.
    I have a button with a redirect URL to print.

    How can I give the user the possibility to print with a different font or larger or possibly put the same for everyone?

    Thank you


    Hi John,.

    You can add styles that are only used when printing (or print preview). In the frame header HTML on your page (or in the header section of the page template if you want on all pages), add something like:

    <style type="text/css" media="print">
    * {font-size:24px!important;}

    This will set all the text to 24 px. Obviously, adjust according to your needs.


  • How do you completely disable the Adaptive brightness on Windows 8?

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    Yes, I turned the Adaptive brightness (battery and AC options). Yes, I tried each power plan. Yes, I created my own power management, through the Lenovo "power manager" and "Control panel" window. Yes, I optimized the display, I updated the driver for the monitor. I did everything. Even spent an hour chatting with Microsoft technical support (who says essentially nothing is false and restart my laptop). I swear to you that this thing is to go out the window if I have to deal with the darn labile brightness.

    Please help me. Please, please, please and thank you.


    So I don't know anything about your computer... and I don't know if you still have problems.  I had the same problem, my computer would be dim whenever I'd go for a darker picture.  I was getting so frustrated with no solution anywhere.

    Finally, I found the answer for me was to to in the media parameters and an Intel Graphics. Turned on, there is a setting for a battery.  Which has been set to display Power Saving Technology.  I just décliqués who and now my computer decreases more.
    It's amazing all the places on the Windows that controls a power and a brightness adjustment.  I found this after days and days of research.
  • How to you turn off the finger entry in Windows 8?

    As I understand it, disabling entry finger in earlier versions of Windows 8 was as simple as it was in Windows 7. But with the release of Windows 8 last week, this is no longer the case, and this solution no longer exists. Has been moved to a location more obscure or deleted entirely? To be clear, I (and many others) I try to disable the finger input while maintaining the features of stylus.

    If all goes well, it is just as impossible as it may seem, a fix will be on the road in the week. The lack of this feature has converted nearly my tablet to nothing more than a neat toy. I'm strapping cardboard in my hand so that it is based on the screen is no not my slider flip out while I'm working in Flash!

    1. Yes, exactly. In Windows 7, the option is at the sight in the pen and touch settings. In Windows 8, that option is gone.

    2. Yes, I'm looking to disable the entry of finger while being able to use the stylus for input. Most of the options I found don't entirely disables the touchscreen.
    3. it's a Samsung 7 series Slate PC, model XE700T1A-A01US number.
    Thanks for your help in advance! I was actually able to find a solution to work with some additional research, which took place in a thread here. Well, what causes a few major flaws as the impossibility to use the entrance at all on the screens as the login screen (for some reason, no stylus support here). Then of course, a much more elegant and more direct route to the option would be simply amazing for artists like me looking for this feature.
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    Close the window or tab to download (if you are using some addon) or only to change the tab:


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    You can not 'keep' a State, that's what I said in my first answer: "you can create an image with that look of '3' State, make it invisible and show it with the same action when a button is triggered. You will need to insert extra that third picture, first hide it out and make it visible to the advanced action, which I explained. I called this additional 'Done_one' image in the example. The three States you're talking about are in a totally different way to Captivate: for down, more and up-state. You can just tell Captivate to keep a low State, it will be down when the button is pressed. Where my explanation of an additional image.

    No need for all the variables. Looks like you have a lot to learn about variables and advanced actions. I don't see another easy way to achieve what you want. It is not so difficult, tons of examples on my blog.

  • How to return to the main stage from inside a symbol


    I'm going absolutely crazy trying to get back to the main stage from inside a symbol.

    To open the symbol on a click of the main stage...

    var mySymbolObject = sym.createChildSymbol ("practiceScene", "Stage");

    It works, I get the symbol

    To return to the main stage from within the symbol on a click...

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play () [0]; or sym.getComposition () .getStage () .play ('home');

    This does NOT work, I can't get the symbol.

    Help, please!


    Obliously your symbols are hiding the main timeline. If you put this in your steps, click on events, it will remove the symbols and go to home label.

    I put a square home and hide it when not on the House. Thus, it shows only there.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('home');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

    So basically, you will need to remove the symbols and recreate them when you need.

    But I could be wrong.

    Here is your file with this correction: I once on home and the other at the opening.

    sym.getComposition () .getStage () .stop ('open');

    sym.deleteSymbol ();

  • How do you return the status of the printer by default online - 2 positions are in prtqueue

    After a printer error (i.e. the low ink level) and I fixed the problem, windows still shows the printer offline. Even if there is prt work queued. The old days MVS one could vary a device online or offlne. How do you like in the world of microphones. It is frustrating.

    Hi, Brokeddog,

    Save your documents

    Click Start > type services.msc

    Scroll down and click on print spooler

    Select stop

    Wait for Windows to stop the spooler

    Services nearby

    Start > Control Panel

    Click the Printers folder

    Right-click on the printer icon

    Select open

    Click on file

    Select Cancel all Documents

    Start > right click on computer

    Select manage

    Click on continue in the UAC window

    Click on Device Manager

    Click on the > next to Ieeee... full printer

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the > next to imaging devices

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the > next to printers

    Right-click on the driver and select uninstall

    Click on the > next to Bus Unversal controllers

    Right-click on the printer and select uninstall

    Close the Device Manager

    Restart the computer

    Windows will reinstall the drivers

    Access the site of the manufacturer of the printer and look for updates

    When Windows reloads, go to services.msc and start the print spooler

    Try printing again

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    How can I return to the basis of Firefox instead of the beta?

    Backup of your profile and you will not lose your add-ons and bookmarks.

  • How do you take off the case of installation of memory for U205-S5002?

    I was wondering how do you take off the case for this particular model for a while. I have not met these at my work as a technician, I mainly deal with HPs and valleys, but Toshiba is far the best laptop so I bought it I'm not sure how becoming apart if I install new memory chips live.

    Help would be greatly appreciated. A link to a couple diagrams would be perfect, but the directions would be also greatly accepted.

    Thank you

    Hello Greg

    To remove the RAM module on the Satellite U200/U205 is not so problematic. First I would like to remember you that you should be very careful because if you have no experience, you can damage something. Most of the plastic parts on the laptops is very sensitive and can be easily damaged. Please be gently.

    Very nice explanation how to expand the memory, you can find in the document of the user s manual on page 156. If you do not have it please download it from > support & downloads > support home > downloads.

    If you need further assistance please write again.

    Bye and good luck!

  • Return to the main VI with a HOME MENU button example


    I am in the process of realization of a GUI. Under my in-VI, I want to put a HOME button to return to the main menu if user wishes.

    I went on while loops, saying as long as the button is not true, I continue. Then I tested with an event structure but it does nothing no folds.

    Do you have the explanations, information or examples?

    Thanks in advance,


    Thank you for posting on the forum OR.

    Here is an example that could you help accessory.

    You will find attached 3 screws

    United Nations as the home page and so the vi open and a launch

    The other two are under 2 VI containing the 'Home' button pour main to return to the menu.

    All use the structure event.

    Kind regards

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