How do you take "screenshots" of my system?

I'm asked by a potential employer to take a 'screenshot' of my 'system '. How to make a screenshot of that?

Press "Print screen" on your keyboard, then open Paint and paste the image (press ctrl + v on your keyboard). Then save the image.

Another method is the capture tool (Type who, in the start menu search) which can take excerpts from your screen.

TIP: Pressing ALT + print screen takes a screenshot of the current program rather than your screen.

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    When you select Prt Scr, the screenshot goes to the clip board.

    To see it, select a photo editing software like Paint (select the start ORB, all programs, accessories, paint)

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    Windows 7 also has a great program called the tool captures under all programs.

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    I think you just need the Apple ID and password you used when you set up the device.

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    Megha Rawat

  • How can you change the guest operating system on a host after 4.0 set to level.

    On ESXi 3.5 U4 all FreeBSD guests were built with "Other Linux (32 bit)".  How can I change them to FreeBSD (32 bit) now that I've upgraded to 4.0?  I stop the host and I tried to change it but it does not give me the option to FreeBSD.

    The virtual machine must be turned off before upgrade you your virtual hardware. If you click on a turned off the virtual computer, you will have an option that says upgrade virtual hardware


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at:

    repository scripts vGhetto

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