How downgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows XP Home Edition?

How downgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows XP Home Edition?  I understand that what is happening back, but my printer & a lot of programs that I can not afford to replace now is not compatible with Win7.  I tried to insert the WinXP disc, but he says the facility is "blocked due to compatibility issues".



To install windows XP on windows 7, you need to start your computer while the cd is in the drive. This will allow the system prompts you to "Press any key to boot from the CD-ROM.." and then follow the instructions accordingly.

I hope this helps.

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  • Satellite U400-10 has: Downgrade from Windows XP Home edition

    I got my laptop U400-10 for XP. Few things left pending:

    1. How can I get the LED on the top of the screen (and Satellite/power LED) to decrease intensity again by pressing the LED light on the top of the screen? Worked under vista. Cannot run Windows XP Home edition. Probably a Toshiba driver... but the Witch one?

    2. I get a Device Manager question mark in front of audio storage devices and mass HD. I checked the internet and it seems related to the HDMI port. But how to fix it? I can't identify the right Toshiba drivers on the page/download driver Toshiba.

    3. How can I get Bluetooth (with the standard windows drivers)? Bluetooth Monitor driver Toshiba form doesn't seem to work.

    Thanks for the replies.



    (1.) I think you could turn on and off the LED of Illumination in the BIOS.
    But maybe it s not supported under Win XP.

    (2) some features are not supported by XP. This unit is probably the module of Robson former Turbo Memory. This material will be supported only by Windows Vista so there is no driver Windows XP.

    (3) possibly you have ONLY installed the BT monitor. It is a diagnostic utility, and if you want to use BT you need a driver of BT.
    The BT driver can be downloaded from the page of the portal of BT or driver Toshiba

    See you soon

  • Satellite A200-1AD - downgrade from Windows XP Home edition

    I've read all the other different threads around the upgrade/downgrade to XP, but I have a few questions.

    1. What do I need to change the BIOS before I start to replace Vista by XP or can I wait until I loaded the base XP and then make the BIOS change?

    2. If I try and update the BIOS for XP and it crunches the laptop is covered by the warranty?

    If the 2 answer is Yes, then I'll save a step by step process that I do to change the operating system from Vista to XP. Any help much appreciated.

    Hello Ken

    All I know is some BIOS designed for Windows XP Home edition for computer series laptop Satellite A200. I installed Windows XP Home edition on my A200 but some FN keys do not work properly. Other stuff works well and WXP turns quite quickly.

    I recommend installing WXP without updated BIOS to see if there is a serious problem. If this is not the case, leave such BIOS what.

  • Satellite Pro S300-11Y - downgrade from Windows XP Home edition does not work


    I have a SAT PRO S300-11 since January 2009. It came with CD to downgrade to Windows XP, and I did several times over the years without any problem. But now I do and what finish to downgrade, when done last reset, windows starts to have problems and doesn t work.

    But if I do not the last reset on arrival of the downgrade the machine works perfectly, but when I do reboot then when windows starts it works. I try 5 times and still the same. I come back to windows original vista (I did CD to do) and it happens the same problem.

    Any help greatly appreciated,
    Thank you and sorry for my bad English.,.


    My English is not so perfect, but to be honest, I don't understand you.
    Do you mean by reset? Do you mean, finally, restart?

    By default the BIOS settings and try to reinstall Windows XP Home edition recovery image.

  • Downgrade from Windows Vista Home Edition to Windows XP Pro Dutch on Satellite P200-15N

    Not knowing where I really should put this... I put it in this part of the forum too :)



    I bought a new laptop with Vista Home and two Partitions... I would like to install on the second partition "Windows XP pro" (with official key & SP2 included)! But when I run the XP Cd I get an error that the HD is not recognized... So I searched on the forum here, to see if there is a possibility of passby he...

    So what I did:
    (1) I download the "Intel storage drivers" of-> FullName = Windows * + XP + Professional & lang = eng & strOSs = 44 & submit = Go %21

    (2) I used the Floppy machine, to create a floppy disk with the necessary drivers (also from the above site)

    (3) I downloaded a copy of freeware "Nlite".

    (4) I also downloaded the additional drivers on the "Toshiba" site itself (Lan, storage,...)

    (5) I did a "Xp Pro P200-15N" card and put all the drivers... Including the Exe I downloaded from the link above named "iata76_cd.exe"...

    (6) I have made a new Win XP bootable CD with "Nlite" & added all the drivers that I downloaded and followed the procedure given by "Nlite". He made a new bootable CD (with all the drivers and .exe and .inf, etc...)

    (7) then I boot my laptop with the CD, but it always gives an error on sata drives... (that it can not be found...)

    So my question is... What I'm doing wrong and what should the other drivers I download to make it work? I have an external USB floppy drive... If additional drivers must be added... So I hope that there is someone can help to Ho...

    I install XP for professional reasons. Things Vista Home can not handle...

    Hope I got a respons soon... CZ, looks really URGENT...

    THX in advance and sorry if there are errors in my writing (I still am of Belgium)

    UPDATE *.
    The method above does not work for me... So took my USB floppy drive and put the drivers on it (hit 'F6' at the start, added the drivers found on the link above, it install it)...
    Then I could also choose a partition...

    So far so good... He asked me if wanted to format it or not... I said ok...
    Then, when he wanted to start the copy, I got:

    Insert the CD-rom or the floppy disk with the name
    Driver Intel Matrix Storage Manager
    In station of A:

    * Press ENTER when you are ready...

    And I do not know what I do... CZ hitting enter doesn't do anything: s

    So what I'm doing wrong, it becomes really ANNOYING and frustrating... I did everything they said in the link, in fact the method with f6, but still now reaction: s... Everyone?


    Thanks for the latest info!

  • How downgrade from windows 8.1 to windows 8

    I have a HP Pavilion laptop 15-E016TX (3rd Gen Ci5 / 4 GB/1 TB / Win8 / graphic 2 GB) who came up with the unique language of windows 8.  It has recently been upgraded windows 8.1 without even giving me an option to cancel the upgrade. After the update the system became shit. It restarts again and again the desktop screen. When I right click on the desktop I can not access the graphics property option or set the switchable property option... It gives an error that 'cli' is not found. Even my games do not work properly (its getting hanged)...

    Can you please help me how downgrade to windows 8 with the detailed procedure given that I don't have a deep knowledge of resetting or updating of systems...


    Thank you

    YSRK wrote:

    I have some doubts about this...

    1 Wil it erase all my data of all readers... I had a single disc hard when I brought in the first instance, I manually partitioned it...

    Ok. You have not provided this information before. So my previous post was a waste of time. You will need to buy HP recovery media. If you are available and active recovery media recover image factory, it would be to delete and recreate the partitions on the boot only disc not the secondary hard drive.

    Looking for discs recovery or recovery usb media?

    2 what, reset or refresh the pc. This will help?

    N ° reset or update will only update to the current Windows 8.1 operating system

    3. is it going to be unilingual Windows 8 again.

    It will not work if there is no recovery partition, if you do not have to worry about that

    4. How can I stop the installation of windows 8.1 in the future.

    Change the settings for Windows Update. See the following image

  • How to format c drive Windows XP Pro? I'm trying to downgrade to Windows XP Home Edition OEM CD. Request CD will not allow.


    I have a PC with XP Pro, which I think is not a legitimate copy of the operating system.  So, I am trying to install an original OEM OS from Windows XP Home ed. Paraphasing error message: "Cannot go back," I want to start by reformatting the c drive.  However, I don't know how to do so on Windows and in the 'Run' dialog screen.  I tried to start the configuration of the screen (F8 on reboot) but the CD player says "disabled", and I can't seem to activate.  Any help that works will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
    PS: this is my first time using this forum, so I hope I can find the answer if someone answers

    I think xp reformatted drive what ever you choose to install on. A good work-around: do you do a fdisk. Set your bios to boot from floppy. Go to the directory and use the format command. That it will scan. make the boot disk.

  • How downgrade to Windows XP Home on Satellite Pro A200GE with XP Toshiba Recovery

    Hi I have A200GE seen preinstalled Windows vista business edition and I ordered with windows xp and xp dvd recovery came as his 3.01 GB.

    I really don't understand why he cannot install as when I install a blue screen comes in restarting the laptop and the end.
    I got to know the nlite software and sata drivers I loaded the sata drivers on another dvd disc separately as nlite did not recognize my cd dvd window.

    But again, I loaded the files separately, now when I loaded this dvd the installer does not start rather a back order type window opens and I don't know what to do.

    Please someone help me how canI the xp recovery cd that came with my laptop because I'm desperate to use vista is too slow and I can't tolerate it.



    Before using Windows XP Home edition please check Toshiba support page and make good BIOS update. As far as I know Toshiba offers WXP BIOS version. If I remember well he must be version 5.20 or something similar.

  • Printer Spooler service removed from Windows Vista Home Edition

    I have Windows Vista Home Edition and I don't know when, but in some sort my printer spooler service has been removed, whenever I try to install my printer it gives an error message that there is no printer spooler service, please help I did not one backup drive that I have to buy windows vista home edition to return to my printer spooler service?


    1. What is the error message or an exact error code?

    2. what security software do you use?

    3. have you made any change before this problem?

    4. What is the serial number and model of the printer?

    5. you have all other printers installed on your computer?

    6. How do you install the printer?

    7. do you have a software CD to install the printer?

    8. in the printer works well before?

    Try the following and see if that helps you.

    Method 1:

    Use the services console to check the status of the print spooler service and make sure that it is started and set to automatic

    Try this link to check the status of the print spooler service:

    Method 2:

    Disable the security software and check if that helps you.

    Disable Vista security software:

    Method 3:

    Try to add a printer and check if that helps you.

    Add or remove printers in Vista:

    Method 4:

    Try this link to solve printer problems in Windows:

    I hope that helps!

  • No wireless on Satellite A300 afrer downgrade to Windows XP Home edition

    No wireless on Satellite A300 (PSAG0A-02009) after downgrading to Windows XP Home with the CD provided to Toshiba.
    We have the wireless switch, but we cannot find the driver for the wireless.

    > We have the wireless switch, but we cannot find the driver for the wireless.
    Hey Buddy, if the WLAN card is not preinstalled why you go WIFI on / off? May not work at all.

    So let us first do you have installed driver for wireless network card or not. What is the status in Device Manager?

  • The upgrade from Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional SP3 SP3

    I need to upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition SP3 of Windows XP Professional.  I'm a small business and 3 computers running Windows XP Home Edition.  I need run Windows XP Professional to join a domain.  I was wondering if doing updated since XP Home SP3 I need to upgrade to XP Pro SP3?

    Hi jackieT387,

    Thanks for posting. To perform the upgrade, you must download the House to a pack of equal service than the Pro version. After having done that, you should have no problem, perform the upgrade.

    I hope this helps!

    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • How downgrade from Windows 8 for Windows 7 on a Dell computer?

    Original title: dell xps cannot restore

    Does anyone know how to restore before windows 8 download. Installation of big mistake and now I cannot uninstall or restore to a point before. I'm not computer ace, can anyone help? Thanks in advance

    Hi Mikey,

    Please write us with the following details.

    1. What version of Windows 8 you have installed on your computer?
    2. Why would you downgrade to Windows 7? What problem are you having with Windows 8?

    To descend from one operating system to another you are unable to perform a restore of the system as the operating system restore points will not have another operating system. You must install a new copy of Windows. In this case, you have installed Windows 8 on your computer and now you want to downgrade to Windows 7, I suggest you contact your manufacturer regarding this issue.

    You can also check out the link below.

    Understanding downgrade rights

    You can also see the steps in the link below.

    Feel free to write us if you're having other problems related to Windows.


    Can I install a fresh copy of Windows XP Edition to replace Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade family?  If so, the XP upgrade disk will allow for a full and clean install in the process without problems?  The XP disc I am wanting to use seems to have no service pack included.  Just the original 2002 version.

    Thank you!!

    The drive to upgrade XP (without Service Pack) requires that, during installation, you insert a disc Windowqs 98 or Windows ME to complete the installation and the XP active. For XP Professional Windows 2000 disk is also acceptable.

    Also, be aware that it may not be the device drivers XP available for your brand and model of the computer according to how old he was. If you built the computer yourself check the web site of the manufacturer of the motherboard to support to download the XP drivers.

    J W Stuart:

  • Downgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit to 32 bit


    I have a Pavilion tx1215nr that is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. My laptop has 1 GB of RAM. I find my laptop slow, I think that the reason is that 64-bit requires 2 GB of RAM. There is no RAM upgrade for this model. So I wonder if there is anyway I can downgrade to the 32-bit version.

    If it is not could you send add a download link to windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit download, as it was the previous operating system

    Thank you


    You must do a clean Windows 7 32 bit install - if you bought the retail version of Windows 7, it will have come with 32-bit and 64-bit installation discs.  The same activation key will work for both versions.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to uninstall Windows XP Home Edition SP3?


    Sony VAIO, XP Home Edition SP3 computer - if any other information is needed, please let me know.


    The main problem is that after the update via Windows Update from SP2 to SP3 has caused the USB ports to stop working. I tried everything that is listed on this Web site:, contacting Sony, System Restore (for some reason, I did not define a restore point before installing SP3!), unplug the computer for a few hours (which works for about 10 seconds after putting a flash drive into a USB port, but then the USB port stops working) , research in the folder where the update is supposed to be in (but he's not here), looking in Add/Remove Programs, remove registry, searched files via Google answers, etc., etc.

    Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    You do not use / have you used "Registry cleaners" (e.g., Registry Mechanic;) Registry Booster; CCleaner)?

    The above, if WinXP SP3 is not listed in Add/Remove Programs, the only way you can remove it would be formatting your HARD drive and do a clean install of Windows XP. A repair installation (AKA In - Place Upgrade) will not fix it! ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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