How I replace the toolbar firefox... and remove the toolbar that starts with the MOST VISITED and SUGGESTED SITES

Somehow lost the toolbar that has the page back arrow and refresh and stop icons. How can I replace those and remove a toolbar that starts with the MOST VISITED and lists several SUGGESTED SITES.

Hello kittyheckel, please see the Navigation buttons such as back, home, bookmarks and recharge are missing. You'll want to disable the bookmarks toolbar and enable the navigation toolbar.

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    I just uploaded 2 new video from Youtube on the L50 - A. Satellite Pro

    The first is a tear down showing how to replace the memory, hard drive and battery (you can also clean the fan if it detects overheating).

    BTW why they made it so difficult to get just to the battery in this model?

    WARNING - proceed at your own risk and don't forget static precautions!

    Hope they help and if you have any questions let me know.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed ad channel may not +.

    Thanks for these videos. It may be useful to replace the memory, but I think that the owners of the laptop should not open the case. This may void the warranty.
    Be careful about this.

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    Hi majortom68

    Follow the link below to learn how to add/remove the default search in internet providers explore.

    Good luck.

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    Override the makeMenu() method in your form class and leave it empty.

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    The simple answer to your question is no!

    Please provide a copy of your system information file. Type the system information in the search box above the Start button and press the ENTER key (alternative is select Start, all programs, accessories, System Tools, system information). Select file, Export and give the file a name noting where it is located. Not to place the cursor in the body of the report before exporting the file. The system creates a new information file system each time system information is available. You must allow a minute or two before the file is completely filled before exporting a copy. Please download to your OneDrive (formerly Sky Drive), share with everyone and post a link here. Normal mode preferred report. Please say if the report was obtained in safe mode.

    For assistance OneDrive see paragraph 9.3:

  • How to replace the contents of the settings/passwords backup server / current browser bookmarks?

    Classic scenario: after the bookmark long manual organization Firefox Sync adds trash of its server to my laptop or tablet.

    Where can I find how to replace the content of the backup of the server by settings/passwords / current browser bookmarks? Stupid me, I put a new synchronization and lost this ability.

    It is not recommended to go back to the old version of Sync

    The old version is removed he'll stop being available soon, it takes getting used to using the new version.

    IIRC, it is actually possible to force synchronization of the old working with Fx29 & Fx30 using an old profile or preferences of piracy, but I don't think I should encourage users to try this, but it would be better than using an older version of Firefox which is really bad. In fact using an old outdated version of Firefox is so bad, that it is customary to recommend using a browser on alternative day of someone else instead.

    Firefox ESR is aimed at corporate users, definitely, at the moment, it will use the synchronization of the former. Who will update soon to use synchronization well again, and this time, I guess the synchronization of the former will probably totally frowned upon for example are not available at all.

    It is possible to use the feedback system to leave a short comment on Sync. I would recommend this making, but at least to make very many people of spirit comments that I doubt will have no effect.

  • How to replace the CD/DVD-Rom on Satellite Pro 2100


    My laptop's dvd - rom drive is old and broken, now that I have here an other dvd - rom drive, but I don't know how to remove the old dvd - rom without removing all parts of my laptop. Is there some service manuals how to replace the dvd - rom drive?


    I m not 100% sure on the CD/DVD drive replacement on this laptop, but I assume that the procedure is very similar to other portable players.
    For the most part the ODD is secured with the screw at the bottom of the unit.
    You will need to remove this screw to get out and to swap the drive.

    But be careful and don t there if you have no experience!
    Moreover, not all readers are compatible and supported in reason parameters master/slave/c-salt. If you n t know which drives are compatible you should ask the ASP in your country for advice!

  • The most visited folder on the toolbar is not up-to-date and does not the same content as the list of the most visited in the bookmarks library.

    The content in the most visited tag on my toolbar doesn't seem to update and contains a few sites I have visited only once. If I look to organize Favorites there is a library for the most visited folder that seems to have a correct information, which is very different from the list of sites under the label of toolbar. How can I get the latest update list?

    Is this a smart bookmark with the icon to the same folder as the working version?

    If a copy and paste of the Working Group "Most visited" bookmark in the bookmarks (library) Manager only gives not a working copy you can create a new "Most visited" bookmark with location defined place: sort = 8 & maxResults = 10

    You must paste the full text in the location field of this new bookmark and probably need to close and restart Firefox to make it work like a smart bookmark.

  • How to replace the HDD on Satellite 1130?

    How to replace the hard drive in this notebook?


    If I remember well HDD is under the optical media drive. Optical media drive is fixed with a screw that you see above the player. Remove the screw and remove the drive from the Bay.

    HARD drive is fixed, I think, 4 screws (probably black). When the screws are removed you can use two fingers to remove the HDD from the connector plug. I hope you now know how to put the new HARD drive.

    Good bye

  • How to replace the screen & HDD in Tecra S1

    Could someone help me with 2 queries?
    1. how to replace the screen? I broke my screen 15 "and have a replacement original but would like to know if this is possible without the help of the reseller, etc.
    2. bad drive c. message is 992 KB bad clusters. How to replace or repair the C drive?
    Thank you


    Well, the replacement of HARD disk drive is very easy on the Tecra S1.
    At the bottom of the unit, you will find a cover that protects the HARD drive Bay.
    A screw covers. Remove it.
    Then, it should be possible to remove the HARD drive.

    The replacement of the screen is another matter. It is not easy to remove it. In this case I recommend to contact Toshiba service in your country for details.

  • Re: Satellite A100-692 - how to replace the CD/DVD drive?


    the device DVD/combined my A100-692 is damaged and I want to replace it.
    I found no still no guide how to replace the unit.

    Is there something available?

    Thanks in advance!


    AFAIK, you must remove the keyboard first, before you can replace the CD/DVD drive. Remove the screws on the lower side, and then you can push the disc if you have replaced the keyboard.
    It seems to be a bit tricky

    Maybe you should ask a technician for laptop to help. They can replace the CD/DVD drive for you.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio G20: How to replace the keyboard



    I m not an owner of the Qosmio G20, but the replacement of keyboard on the G20 is very similar to another series of laptop.
    If you want to remove the keyboard please follow these steps:

    1.) open view.
    2.) Insert your finger into the slot between the reinforcement of the keyboard and the computer. Then,
    Lift the keyboard bracket to unlock and remove.
    3. remove 1 screw from the keyboard hold the plate.
    4. remove the screws fixing the keyboard
    Lift the upper part of the keyboard and turn down the palmrest.
    6. remove the 2 screws of the plate support keyboard and remove the
    keyboard support plate.
    7 disconnect the cable from the keyboard connector on the system board CN3200.
    8. remove the keyboard.

    All that s

    But note; If you have no experience, please don t remove the keyboard.

  • Satallite A100: How to replace the keys?

    Is there a manual on how to replace the keys once they come out?

    My Satallite A100, a year, lost two keys a few weeks ago, and I am unable to replace them, even if I have all the parts (little). It got even worse when some more broke recently, when my grandson some peeled off, using exhibit created by the keys already disappeared.

    Thank you!

    Hello Mike

    Read your ad I don't understand exactly what is wrong with your keyboard but deleting and creating keycaps (plastic with written symbol) is not problematic. You have to just put this right into place and push it gently. You will hear a click and the key CAP will be back to the square.

    Under this cap is placed small plastic mechanism. It contains two small plastic parts. If they are deleted from the bottom, you can put them inside once again. To see how it looks like to remove any other key cap and see how it is placed.

    I did the same today, and with a little patience you can put it in the right position again.

  • How to replace the motherboard on the Pavilion p6550z

    How to replace the motherboard on the Pavilion p6550z

    Depending on where you have acquired your replacement Board Aloe, it may be 'tattooed' with the name of the model, product number and the serial number of your computer.

    Use these HP guides as needed.

    (1) unplug the computer and hold power in 5 to 10 seconds.

    (2) on the side of the cover (see guides above)

    (3) place the case on the closed side with the open side facing upwards

    (4) take a photograph detailed inside your computer... take more if necessary

    (5) unscrew the restraint of external expansion card (see guides above)

    (6) disconnect the power supply connections to the motherboard and all devices... tag and/or take more pictures

    (7) remove the... rock expansion cards cards gently just pulling up

    (8) unplug data cables from the motherboard and readers... tag and/or take more pictures

    (9) disconnect remaining USB switch, connections etc... once again, the label or take more pictures

    (10) remove all motherboard screws on the case and remove the motherboard

    (11) reverse the steps, starting with #10 and working #1

    Good luck

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    Hello kilian99,

    You can try this download (free) MalwareBytes from here: tag = mncol install, Update then do a scan of your system to ensure that it is indeed clean. Once done, remove everything it finds. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "In the end the love you take is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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