How is it: freezes/different colors of the screen Macbook pro 2012


About two weeks, the screen of my mbp has suddenly started to freeze and the screen turned green. After not touching a few hours, it worked like nothing happened.

But since yesterday the same bug reappeared with the screen turning blue!

The bug looks like this:

A few months ago the tablecloth has been replaced because when I turned on the mbp, kept screen frozen with the Apple logo on the gray screen. I don't know if that is related to this new problem.

Anyone know what could be the problem? If pain or else onboard graphics?

My mbp has the latest update available...

Thanks for help

If the retina 15 inch 2012 could then be this:

MacBook Pro (retina, 15 inch, mid-2012)

Otherwise, it looks like an another hardware problem. In any case:

-Make an appointment at an Apple store Genius Bar.

Shop Apple Store - Genius Bar

This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the MacBook Pro laptop forum.

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    Are you referring to this? From the reference manual of the SQL language under the schema object names and qualifiers

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    Oracle Application Server 10g

    Kind regards


    You can have as much as you want, just your applications should have different names or URLs and point to a specific database (using data sources).


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    While ' messing around ' in the center of control & with stuff I know nothing about, (Duh...). I changed the color of the screen on the sites I visit, to green color. This makes the text in blue on the screen of the site impossible lo read, especially on the areas where they are needed to fill the void. Thank you for your time & expertise!

    I'm not sure I'm 100 percent, but you hear hyperlinks?

    If so,

    The "Windows color and appearance" window should open.

    Under "Item" click "hyperlink."

    Is that what you changed?

    If his watch as green, change it to blue and press [OK].

    If it isn't, press [Cancel].

    If it's not her, can give you a more precise description or maybe after a screenshot of the problem (without giving personal data address / email etc.).

    Note: Depending on the browser you are using, its possible to change the colors in the browser itself. For example with Firefox - FireFox Menu, Options, content, [color], will reach same choice specific to Firefox.

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    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you have a query.

    I would like to know some information.

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    I suggest to refer to the Microsoft Articles help below and try the steps.

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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    I think you want to color your application according to the background and foreground color! Override the paint of the main method and use instance graphics for call getColor () and getBackgroundColor ()... Save it to integer variables and use it anywhere where you need...

    See you soon...

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    How can I get my menu bar on my macbook pro? The dock also disappeared. I know I have to take my pointer upwards (or downwards), but it's a waste of time and that bothers me. Its only happens on Safari, and not on other applications.

    You could try starting in safe mode:

    • Try safe mode if your Mac does not end commissioning - Apple Support

    Which can allow additional troubleshooting.

    Also, sometimes there may be a hardware problem which may help a SMC reset with

    Depending on the cause:

    • Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

    You can try the test equipment to see what appears in the results:

    • With the help of Apple Hardware Test - Apple Support

    Other options include an appointment with a genius of Apple Store or a

    service provider authorized Apple for the device inspected, diagnostic tests, etc.

    There may be system software or hardware problems, in order to solve the problems with the aim

    to see what the cause, can take time. If you have a backup in Time Machine &

    end by using OS X Recovery to see OS X Utilities usage, disk utility or

    other functions, be aware that this can make the more advanced features; It may not need.

    Because this question appears as a symptom in Safari, which makes it more curious.

    • Stop the pop-up ads and advertising on Safari - Apple Support   

    There may be a weird extension in Safari that may relate to some adware or other

    elements, so this is another issue to consider. a report of Etrecheck may tell you if

    some candidates are there; but maybe not. I do not primarily use Safari

    so, my other two browsers work slightly differently.

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • background color: I want to change the background color of the screen of the monitor

    I have a web image in my Office I want to change the background color of the screen of the monitor without a change in the office itself

    could you let me know how to do this?

    Thank you

    I have a web image in my Office I want to change the background color of the screen of the monitor without a change in the office itself

    could you let me know how to do this?

    Thank you


    To change the color of the desktop background, follow these steps.

    Click on the desktop and select personalize.

    At the bottom of the window, select the color of the window.

    In the next window, select the Advanced appearance settings.

    In the element , select Office.

    Click the drop-down color 1 menu and select your favorite color. ClickApply/OK.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
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