How is it safe to type the password for the Mac in while net surfing?


This question, I hope a little more am react.

Mac (not the apple account password) password is required to type to make big system changes. I started thinking, how easy is to villains to steal? I was surfing net to find answers to a problem and then typed in command in And then started worrying - could he was reading / stolen by some site that I had to open this time?

Noticed that terminal needed no password minute later when I added the new command. I hope he didn't mean that his record here and outside the source able to read?

Sorry I don't know much about tech. I hear passwords remain safe and it worried me. Ease is even steal password of Mac by external sources (hoping that I am not infected with what either).


If your Mac is protected by a password for admin (connection) anything can happen, so I hope you can be one, one good and that use you it.

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    no doubt your mac password.

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    Nmap (Network Mapper) is a software to scan the networks. One that suits.

    You must have installed well.


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    Good luck.

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