How long can new iPhone purchased be recorded in store for pick-up?

I want to buy the new iPhone 7 more through the store pick up option.

My uncle is going to the United States, Vegas - but he'll be there 3 weeks after that the iPhone will be available.

Is it possible to order the new iPhone using picking up in store option in this case?

will save them the question for me until he Vienna 3 weeks later?

Thank you!


Unless you or your Uncle has a us credit card with an address of billing US, you can do that.

You can't order online from the US store for pick-up or delivery by other than the United States credit card.

Nothing has been said yet about internal collection of pre-orders. It can even impossible with a US credit card at the beginning.

If you want to use other than the United States credit card to buy on the US store, the only way to do is physically go into an Apple Store and buy it there, if it is in stock.

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