How many curves can be traced on a tiara 2D graph

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I want to draw the curves of some(360+) on a 2D graph. I got the results for samples that are measured at different temperatures. I had no problem to trace the curves of all devices for a temperature. But what I noticed when I tried to trace the curves of all devices for all temperatures, it is that it does not work. Tiara (ver.10.2) gives an error if the number of curves is higher than 250, how is this possible? Is this a program limititaion which can be fixed with a patch or service pack, or I do something wrong?

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Hi fscommand.

From DIAdem 11.1, the maximum number of curves on a graph given in mode or REPORT is 250.  This has been the case for many years.  This restriction may disappear in future versions of DIAdem, but I do not expect it to disappear in the period of 2010.

The solution is to overlay the 2 graphics, on the other.

Brad Turpin
Tiara Product Support Engineer
National Instruments

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