How many RAM slots one E5-411 have and all their ram upgrade videos out there?

Want to increase the ram to 8 GB on my e5-411 and would like to know if I can add an additional 4G stick or what I need to replace the existing with a 8 4



Yes a single location. "Your laptop supports up to 8 GB - DDR3L - 1600 MHz (1x8Gb)."

Other compatible memory:


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    See page 3. Some models have 2 slots, and some models of Intel have a slot. Based on other models, I'll assume the Celeron and Pentium models 1 a slot and the Intel Core 2 models. Your model is a processor i3 and probably 2 slots. The question is largely academic, because the only way to get to the memory slots is by removing the motherboard which will jeopardize the warranty and is not recommended for end users.

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    Thanks for all the help Brummyfan.

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  • Satellite L650 - 12 P - how many RAM slots is free?


    Thinking about buying a TOSHIBA Satellite L650-12 P, which comes with 2 GB of pre-installed RAM. I know that you can add extra RAM in the laptop and I was wondering just how many slots were free on the motherboard?

    If someone could help that would be great, thanks.


    EDIT: Just to clarify something, he expressed the crucial site for this laptop model:

    Chipset: Intel HM55
    Drive form factor: 2.5 "
    Drive Interface: SATA
    Maximum memory: 8192MB
    Slots: 2 (2 blocks of 1)
    Standard memory: 2048MB removable
    Support for USB: compliant 2.x
    Although the memory can be installed a module at the same time, the best performance comes from the use by pairs of modules

    Do not really understand that, but can help.

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    There are two RAM slots and a slot is empty. In another location, you can find a module 2GB DDR3 1066 MHz (PC3-8500) RAM.

    If you need to update the RAM, then I suggest you buy an exactly the same module

    PS: Here you can find a beautiful movies and instruction how to replace a RAM module

    Welcome them

  • Satellite 3000 - x 4: this model has how many memory slots?


    I have a question on this model of Toshiba Satellite 3000 - x 4 PS301E - 000 K 8 - EN I took the chassis on this model today to do a repair for someone in my family work. When I took the VGA card, I discovered what looked like an another memory location.
    So my question is how many slots memory model there?

    I read online and I checked the profile page and they all point to this model with two memory locations.
    If this is the case then what is this thing that resembled a memory slot under the vga card?
    I had to buy another piece of RAM for this model today make three, but I decided on a little hand to check it out first.

    There are already two sticks of laptop memory already, 512 MB, and 128 MB. This model can take up to 1 GB.
    So, what do you think is there memory locations two or three on this model?

    Thank you


    As far as I know, this unit has 2 memory slots and 1 slot for PC card for 2 Type II cards or 1 Type III card.
    Please also see this Toshiba product site:

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    Help, please

    Your laptop has 4 GB and you can buy the second module of 4 GB. Compatible memory module except the number PA3918U-1M4G.

    All about RAM upgrade, you can read in the document of the user s manual on page 70.
    Check it out.

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    When you install the right RAM, the system works on the use of the RAM.

    Download this Scanner and it will check how much RAM your motherboard is able to use and what is the compatible RAM that you can use.

    See you soon.

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    I assumed that the issue would also be how many computers can I do put on CC also.  TKS for any advice.

    Hi Ed4land,

    You can install all the versions that you want on your computer.

    However, you cannot activate 2 machines both for Adobe products

    ~ UL

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    Because I am doing a complete disk image automated nightly, I did not invoke the 'previous version' feature of Windows 7 and therefore do not know many details about it.

    These web pages are substantially the same as the help files for support &, but maybe add a little:

    'Previous versions' applies to both files and folders.  I haven't experienced it, but likely restore a previous version of a file would restore files that have been deleted from this folder since the creation of the earlier version.

    Under Windows 7, restore points are created automatically each week (on XP, it was once / day) and just before significant system events, such as the installation of a program or device driver. You can also create a manually restore point.  In practice, you will find a lot more than one restore points / week.  For example, my Win 7 Pro box displays the restore points following last week:
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    Update of windows of 3/16
    Update of windows of 3/16
    Windows 3/12 update
    Installed software 3/11
    USB device driver installed 3/11
    Automatic restore point 3/10

    It is not clear to me how to change the frequency of the automatic system restore points in Windows 7. If seen sites which proposes to change the frequency of a scheduled task in the Task Scheduler - but the settings in my task scheduler to launch SR once / day and as seen above, which does NOT result in a daily automatic Restore Point. I saw references to editing a registry value, but it was not definite either.

    To remove "Previous Versions"-

    • Click on the start Orb, then right click on "Computer", then select Properties (Alternatively, control panel > system)
    • Click on the "System Protection" link in the left pane
    • Click on the tab 'System Protection '.
    • Click on the button "configure."
    • Select the option "Turn off system protection" or click on the button 'delete '.
    • OK your way out

    If I have not addressed your questions, it is because I do not know the answers.

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    We wish to inform you that you can turn on only 2 machines with a single subscription, however, you can just use one at a time.

    If you want to use the machine 3, then, you will have to purchase another subscription with a different email address.

    You would need a different e-mail, because activation is made via the e-mail address and more than two 1 email activation is not possible.

    Please come back if you need more information on this.

    Thank you

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