How much time must be recharged Satellite Pro U200-10 b for the first time


How long the computer laptop Saturday Pro U200-10 b should there be for the first time?

Kind regards


Hi Christoph

That s easy. You must charge the battery for laptops up to the battery LED switches to green light or blue. I put t know exactly the LED on the U200 Pro colors.

A hint; all the details should be in the manual of the user who is always pre-installed on Toshiba laptops
There, you will find also information about the battery and manipulation.


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  • Satellite Pro U200 - recover all of the WinRE partition system


    I have PLUA1E Satellite Pro U200 - 02802QS4 with Vista Business.
    HOWTO recover the entire system of the WinRE partition?

    It is really strange that you do not understand how it works with recovery and what is this partition WinRE (Windows Recovery Environment).

    One more time:
    Partition WinRE has nothing to do with installation of recovery and laptop factory settings.
    If you want to have BONES like the first day, you must install OS again. You can do this if you install recovery image designed Toshiba. I don't know if this image you got saved on DVD (disc facilities) or saved as image of HARD drive recovery.
    If you can tell me exactly what you have, I can explain how it works.

    WinRE partition is characteristic of Vista and Toshiba has nothing to do with it. So, if you want to know more about it using Google and Wikipedia. Maybe some Microsoft forum can help you about this.

  • Satellite Pro M30 - Win XP - for the brightness of the display FN keys do not work

    I just do a fresh install of win xp on a satellite pro M30 laptop.
    I installed the drivers bt the fn keys (brightness, etc.) will not work if the screen is very dark!

    I tried to update the bios, but it won't let me.
    Also tried to install the common modules but get an error saying that it didn't is not supported on this hardware!

    Can someone please help.
    I think you need to install the drivers in a specific order.
    Is this true? Or y at - it way round this?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    > I tried to update the bios, but it won't let me.
    > Also tried to install the common modules but get an error saying that it didn't is not supported on this hardware!

    To me, it seems that you tried to install applications that are not compatible with this laptop.
    Where did you get the drivers?

    On the European driver of Toshiba in archive page, you can find the drivers for Satellite Pro M30

  • Satellite Pro U200: dark shadow with the lowest level of brightness


    Now, I have another problem with the display of my U200:
    In the lowest brightness level, there is a dark shadow on the left side. I can see it after a few minutes of work at this level of brightness. Two months ago the display has been repaired or replaced by TOSHIBA.

    You know this problem or could someone test it please if this is normal or not? In the other levels of brightness, I can't see a shadow.

    Thanks in advance, Michael


    Have you noticed these shadows before the repair screen?
    I m not a Pro U200 owner and, therefore, I can not say much about this issue, but on my laptop, something similar appears if the brightness is set to lowest level.

    In any case, I recommend you to call the guy who repaired the display. Maybe they know more about this issue and could provide details.

  • Satellite Pro U200 - no sound via the headphones or the speakers on Windows 7

    Hello everyone,

    In desperate need of help! Tried running Windows 7 RC on my U200, all beautiful, but the sound just will not work.
    The system detects the soundcard no problem, I also get a peak in the 7sound control Windows, but there is simply no sound through headphones or speakers. I tried to run the Vista drivers from the Toshiba site, but they do not work either.

    Does anyone know if toshiba must support the U200 under Windows 7?

    Thanks for your help!


    If your sound card is properly listed in Device Manager to make sure that his isn't muted. Check it!

    In addition, I can recommend try the drivers from the Toshiba page Windows 7 beta we. Maybe they will work for you:

    In the worst case, you will need to go back to Windows Vista.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro L850 - Driver/tool for the display of the functions of the F keys


    I have a L850 Pro of the Satellite with "nine" Windows 7 Home Premium. I had to reinstall windows and I do not have the recovery DVD, so I used a Windows DVD installation and installed the drivers manually.

    The only thing I miss now is the display of the F1 to F12 key functions (like brighter, stronger, touchpad switch, Wifi/Bluetooth power and so on).

    Can you tell me, what driver Toshiba or tool do I need?

    Thank you very much.


    Hi Andy

    What you need is the package of added value. This package contains several tools and utilities. One of them is utility of Flash cards. This tool is for Flash cards that you see at the top of the screen when you press the FN key.

  • Hi all. When l lance a game Sudden Strike 3 I get error "insufficient privileges: u must be administrator when you run this application for the first time". What should I do?

    I have already checked that his play on preivileges admin % but still run it.

    Make a right click on the shortcut, go to properties, then find target. Right-click on the application and in the menu that appears, select run as administrator.

    The message that you shouldn't have to do is run once in this mode.

  • After my Liquify Filter settings have been applied, a transparent semi appears which includes the area that I modified. I use my new Macbook Pro with PS CC for the first time. I had no problem on my Mac mini.


    Hi Carpemoment,

    It is a known problem with the latest update of Photoshop.

    Please refer to this article:

  • Problems after Satellite Pro U200 has been accidentally deleted


    I keep having problems with my laptop Toshiba Satellite pro U200. Problems started the laptop was accidentally deleted.
    I will try to describe here:

    Laptop started making noise like buzz... all the time.
    and it's really annoying. Never, it was so loud.
    Another strange thing, it is that we continue to be: after about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all windows just freezes. You can not move the mouse can not do anything, even ctrl + alt + del doesn't work, so I have to push turn off button for a few seconds to turn off the laptop.

    I don't know what I have to do?
    is this a hardware problem? If that's what should I change?
    If anyone has had similar problem please share what you know with me!

    Thank you very much!

    > After about 4 hours of running Windows, it starts to make the buzz of his stronger and ultimately all the windows just freezes
    I think there could be something wrong with the cooling module.
    Is that your fall, the computer laptop and, consequently, the cooling module could malfunction and might makes a strange noise.

    Usually, if don t cooling modules to work properly, the temperature rises to a higher level and finally the laptop begins to freeze due to a higher internal temperature.

    In fact, this is just my personal opinion and I can't say with certainty what s wrong.
    I think you should ask a technician for laptop for a short audit

    What I can say is that it really sounds like a hardware problem

  • Satellite Pro U200 - projector as external monitor

    I try to connect a projector as external monitor. I use a HDMI adapter, VGA, because the entry in the projector.

    If I use an old laptop, it works OK.
    If I use my Satellite Pro U200, Modelo PLUA1E-02301RSP, the display shows only the initial screen,

    I mean the landscape with the TOSHIBA logo, but it doesn't change.
    If, for example, I look at some photos as I have both monitors running, the portable computer I see the photo, but the projector doesn't change, it shows only the landscape and logo.

    What can I do?

    Thank you and best regards,


    I put t know if I understand you right but perhaps extended desktop enabled. You must disable this option in screen resolution settings.

    Can move you the open Office Windows laptops to the pic you is on the projector?

  • Upgrade SSD on Satellite Pro U200


    I have a laptop (Satellite Pro U200-PLUA1E-00X007HU of the v3.70 win7 32-bit bios), I want to upgrade with a series of Samsung 830 64 GB SSD. I read that the SSD need AHCI mode. My laptop supports AHCI mode? What can I change in the bios before installing the new storage?

    Thanks for the help!



    I see you're confused
    First, he must know that the laptop supports the SATA controller.
    This means that you must use hard drives SATA or SATA SSD.

    Second: AHCI means SATA some BIOS supports only a SATA mode, and you can switch between compatible (IDE) mode and AHCI (SATA) mode.

    If this switch is not available in the BIOS mode is always set to AHCI.

    However, to SSD drive question:
    I put t really no problem using an SSD.
    It must function as the SATA controller support

  • Satellite Pro U200 - does support the DVD double layer?


    Does anyone know if engraver of DVD of Satellite Pro U200-PLUA1E-02802QS4 supports the dual layer option?

    Kind regards


    It s dependent not portable, it s according to the reader that supports double layer DVD or not! ;)

    To check the properties of your drive, for example with Nero. There you can see what are the types of discs, you can use in this drive.

  • Satellite Pro U200-10I - need of detailed specifications

    Hello guys,.

    I have the laptop mentioned above and I want to know the specification of this laptop. I tried the Toshiba Web site but I failed.


    Maybe I can help you my friend
    To my knowledge, the satellite Pro U200-10I belongs to the series of PLUA1E and it supports these devices:
    -WIDE XGA 12.1 CSV "
    -120GB (5400 RPM) SATA
    -Mobile Intel graphic Chipset 945GM
    -1 GB OF RAM (512 + 512 MB DDR2 667 MHZ)
    -Wireless network card

    I hope it can be useful a bit

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro U200 - Docking Station

    You can buy a docking station for the Satellite Pro U200?

    In the affirmative, please can you pass on a link? or the numbers of models etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Hi Adam

    I answered your first question on the Portege docking station.

    You will find the link to the site Options and accessories.
    This Toshiba site, you will be able to find the compatible devices and supported.

    If your computer supports a slot down for a connection to the Port Replicator port so you can use the docking station or port replicator port as an additional device.

  • Satellite Pro U200 starts after some time it stops after 5 minutes

    Satellite Pro U200 stops after 5 minutes, then starts after some time. When she stops the
    blue screen say - stop: (0x0000008e, 0xaa846f58, 0xa9f29808, 0x00000000)

    Sysaudio.sys - address aa846f58 base at aa843000, datestamp 41107f1a


    Believe me; It's not easy to say exactly why the BSOD appears.
    It usually happens because of a malfunction or severe software hardware fault.
    Have you used the operating system of the image of Toshiba?
    Message it says something about sysaudio.sys.
    This file is a system audio WDM filter processes and it s a part of the Windows operating system. It controls the material such as the printer or the graphics card at a lower level.

    Note: The virus uses these files as a camouflage. You should always use an anti virus application.

    In addition, you suggested that the laptop stops after 5 min.
    Well, this looks like an overheating problem. How did you use the laptop? You know that free space around the laptop is very important due to the circulation of air. Fans should also be free.

    I you use Notepad in the right position and it happen, so I recommend asking for help Toshiba service partner. They should check the laptop.

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