How my hard drive fdisk

Is there any where where I can print the instructions step by step on how to fdisk my hard drive? my computer is less than a year and a virus because of the devastation and its buried in my registry.  If I re - install windows, the virus is still there because I can't update anything, windows or virus scan, and I can't even patch my video game.  I tried recovery windows & re install windows. Update does not work, so I know the virus is still there.

You can use him Active @ KillDisk utility to erase the drive completely. You can download the Image ISO bootable Killdisk from the following URL:

After you download an Image ISO Bootable of Active @ KillDisk, burn it to a CD/DVD image (and not as an addition to the file).
For more information about the Active @ KillDisk utility, please see the following URL:

Note: Change the initial CD-ROM boot order in the BIOS of your motherboard.

Once that all the partitions are deleted, perform a system recovery using recovery disks in your PC. Carey Frisch

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  • How many hard drives can fit in a x120e?

    Hello, how many hard drives can adapt? I would like to keep the included hard drive but also add a small ~ 30GB SDD to Windows host on. Is this possible or is it just a free SATA port?

    one, since the mPCIe on the X120e is not compatible with the mSATA drive.

  • No matter how much hard drive space or size is not displayed. It says hard drive is not accessible and the cyclic redundancy error.

    * Original title: hard drive problem

    No matter how much hard drive space or size is not displayed. It says hard drive is not accessible and the cyclic redundancy error. When I try to format it, it says windows could not finish.

    What just happened? How can I solve this problem?

    It says hard drive is not accessible and the cyclic redundancy error. How can I solve this problem?

    Sorry, you can not. A CRC error means that there is a serious problem with your drive. You need to replace it.

  • Satellite A200 - 10 X: how to HARD drive partitioning

    Hi there guys!

    I have a pro with my satellite A200 - 10 X, there is only one volume of HARD drive and I want to do both... and everytime I use the product recovery CD, it formats the HARD drive... but I don't know how to partition the drive HARD two get volume two spaces...

    and what is worse than when I continue to do it that he eats again and again the free space of HARD drive... so how can I partition the HARD drive and recover space 200 GB the computer initially?

    I appreciate your help...


    If you use the Vista operating system, you can partition the HARD drive running Vista.
    Just go to disk management. You can find in the control panel-> tools of Government (or something like that).

    In disk management, you can shrink the first partition C.
    On the free space of HARD drive, you will be able to create a new partition.
    I think you should see this option if you right-click on the partition.

    This procedure is very simple and I already did on my Vista computer.

    Good luck

  • How much hard drive space I use for my files stored in my Windows Mail program?

    I received 2 spam/phishing messages, telling me that my Windows Mail storage limit is 20 GB and I got past it and must 'click here' the re - validate my mailbox... "run of course put correct data to increase the size of mail... failure to do so may result in losing your account within 24 hours.  The message contains errors of grammar and the missing words. Although it is an obvious scam, it raises the question of how to do to check what storage capacity that I used for my e-mail program I could not find the answer.  I can only be limited by the size of my hard drive, but I want to know how much of my hard drive is used by my emails stored - files I created to hold the emails I want to keep.


    I suggest you to follow the steps below and check if it helps:

    The default folder location where Windows Mail store messages is:

    C:\Users\ (your user name) \AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local records

    a. right-click on Windows mail

    b. select properties and discovered a folder size

    Hope this information is useful.

  • How many hard drives can have a dv6-4023TX?

    I think installing a SSD as drive in the new dv6-4023TX, I just bought.

    The user manual talks about the "primary hard drive" as if there may be a secondary?

    I took off the back cover, but could not see if there was room for a second drive.  I didn't remove the HARD disk that was visible for fear of disturbing it.

    Because SSDS are quite expensive I will be only able to afford a small, 60 GB?  I would like to install the primary current as the data disk drive and use the SSD purely as a system disk.

    This means transfer the second partition (where the backup of the operating system, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit) for the second disc.  I don't have a Windows installation DVD.

    How will this affect reload Windows from the backup drive (I never have to)?

    The dv6 uses a hard drive, while the dv7 has 2. I would not get any less than 128 GB ssd, it is simply not enough space to work with.

  • What is the most accurate way to tell how much hard drive storage you have left?

    My HARD drive is almost full and I have deleted hundreds of pictures and some movies, but the tab for storage underneath the watch more than a few GB available.  Is there a more precise way to tell?  It is a 500 GB drive MBP (mid-2012) running 10.10.5 with 8 GB of RAM...

    Launchpad - disk utility - it should give you an overview of what is placed on a macro level

  • How more hard drive I can get in my computer laptop dv7-3020ea?

    It will support 2 x 1 TB HDD?

    The Maintenance & Service guide:

    Supports all Serial ATA (SATA) 9.5 mm, 6.35 cm (2.50 in.) hard drives
    Supports up to 2 hard drive

    As the information from the manual I can't see any reason that this would be a problem at all.

    You can buy an another caddy with cable adapter for the second disc.

  • Hard drive was named as a backup drive. How to change the designation?

    Some how my hard drive was named as a backup drive. This prevent me to upgrade the operating system. How can I remove this designation without losing the information on my hard drive?

    The machine is iMac mid 2011.

    Thank you

    Change the name of the account and the name of directory on your Mac - Apple Support

  • 'Read only' external hard drive Toshiba

    After the update to El Capitan yesterday, my drive toshiba external hard now only gives me permission to "read only". How can I fix it?

    How the hard drive is formatted?

    If it is formatted to NTFS, it is likely that your third-party software installed to write NTFS must be updated to El Capitan.

  • Satellite a210-171 needs new HARD drive

    I took the laptop to the computer repair shop, they want to charge me £100 to replace the HDD with a 500 GB one and reinstall windows. I am not satisfied with the service, the length of time necessary to diagnose the problem or the price then I refused to let them fix it. It took 3 days to identify the problem and more they can not even give me a quote until they had installed the new hard drive!

    Is it easy enough for me to replace the HARD drive? I don't really know where he is, than only what disk HARD buy! I have the original recovery disk, it will load everything once I have replace the HARD drive?
    I need really, really little help and advice here!


    > Is it easy enough for me to replace the HARD drive?
    HARD drive replacement is very easy, you need a HARD drive 2.5 SATA, and here you can find some nice videos how replace HARD drive on laptop series different.

    Here you will find the replacement Satellite/Satellite A210 HDD Movie:

    It's the right one for you!

  • No HARD drive light on Qosmio X 870

    Hi all

    I m coming on this forum to post something that has my curiosity because I bought my Qosmio X 870, 3 years ago...
    This series has no HARD drive light and I wonder why...
    I mean, it looks like "slikier" without light... But this HDD light is very useful in my opinion, it gives me a reading how my HARD drive works when my computer oar, allowing me to solve some problems and simply check the health of my laptop computer in general. I have to put my ear on the side of the HARD drive and listen to it if it is working or not, boring.

    Why is it like that? Is this just for the style?
    Thank you.

    We can discuss here everything, but no one here can tell you why this model Qosmio no HDD LED. Always new and new design I think. My S50 - B Satellite has not too much.

    To be honest, it is very useful to have, but I don't miss it at all.

  • Satellite L670 - hard drive dead after only 8 months


    This morning I return my laptop due to defective hard drive problem. After 8 months, he is already dead.

    The positives are: I'm still under warranty and the second the software toshiba hilighted me from time to time, allowing me to back up my data before the crash. TKS Toshiba for this very useful tool.

    The question is: how a hard drive die that fast after fews month only?

    Bad luck or bad use? I wonder.

    I wish to have feedback from those L670 who owns the same model (windows 7), to understand if this problem is common or if I was unfortunately concerned.

    Also, if there are possible solutions to avoid the stress of the HD for daily use? As for example, reduce writing on this subject (save blu - ray using AnyDvD HD on hd, then cut & paste for external hard drive), or connect too often external hard drive in order to avoid the extra electricity if necessary?

    In the future, I have to perform chkdsk more often? Defrag? If Yes, how often?

    This is my 3rd phone dying, Sony VAIO = mothercard dead after 1.2 years, Fujitsu Amilo xi = exploded after 3 years and now Toshiba HD after 8 months.

    900EUR up to 1600EUR, I do not see significant resistance of one of these models, Sony was the badest ever in terms of longevity of the video card and compatibility (unplayable games after 2 months, no update of the driver), keyboard 'paint' was a mess with deterioration after fews month compared to Fujitsu and Toshiba (no points). Toshiba L670 most recent, was the best in terms of game compatibility.

    What should do? Stop buying the laptop or use only fews hours a day with a PC on top?
    For time beeing I can't afford to have a PC + a computer laptop that I'm unemployed, surviving with 10EUR per day.
    time to find a new job.

    Despite this, I managed to buy the new book of the cooler Zelman for my Toshiba 40/50EUR all about, but it did not help apparently.

    TKS for your comments about life duration L670 and particularly problem HD + best use to protect it.


    In my opinion the answer is clear: no chance.

    In any case, don t think too much on the use of the laptop. Cell phone is designed to operate for a long period, then there is no reason to reduce the time to use on your Toshi.
    I use my laptop to work on a daily basis and it works at least 10 hours a day, sometimes one night too many.
    Just be careful that your laptop is placed on the desktop, the cooling fans must not be blocked by what it is.
    All that s.

  • This HARD drive is compatible with Satellite L30?

    I managed to break (don't ask how) my hard drive on my laptop Satellite L30.
    He will have to find another.

    Could someone help me find where I need?

    Bravo guys

    Hi Matt

    Have you tried to search this forum for more information?
    There are many discussions on models of different laptops and I sure that you might find interesting and useful discussions on the HDD for L30 m.

    For example, I found this thread:

    The guy said that a 120 GB 2.5 SATA HDD was possible.
    I think you could use a bigger HDD as only 120 GB, you can try a 160 GB if you want.

    Cheers mate

  • Satellite 1800 is not recognizing the hard drive of 80G

    I recently bought a store and save 2500 80 external to free up hard drive space on my laptop. Deliberately, I bought a disc that was backward compatible with my USB 1.1 (assuming) ports. When I plug it in, the external drive turns on and it beeps constantly but is not recognized by my PC. I tried the drive in a desktop computer and it works fine - so were excluded from the unit malfunctions. I uninstalled the USB drives and re-installed, etc, but no luck.

    Any ideas of what I can do?

    What form factor is this player 'record and store? It's a 3.5 "or a smaller as 2.5"? And how the HARD drive is powered? With two USB connectors or an external AC adapter?

    It would be useful to know some information about everything that solve your problem.

    Welcome them

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