How my history and the transparent cache without being put in place to do?

One morning my internet history and cache magically allowed and my options are not set up to do. Since my history and cache have been very well and not affected. Could someone please explain any possible reason as to why he would do this.

It is possible that Firefox did not close properly when he arrived.

Try using ' Firefox/file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave ";) Linux: "file > exit ') to close Firefox if you're doing that by clicking on the X close in the title bar.

Using this method to close Firefox can work better.

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  • BlackBerry smartphone how to configure and use e-mail without BES


    I'm trying to figure How to configure and use e-mail without using a BES.

    I checked with the local telephone company. And the number is not ascociated with any service of BES.

    The entry of services show no indication in this sense.

    In addition, the configuration of SIM card show that everything is disabled. This means that the phone is unlocked. At least that is my understanding.

    However, even after a wipe, the BB device does not set up an e-mail account, as described in the manual. He keeps asking for a BES activation first.

    What will do that disappears?

    And to allow the configuration of the "spam"?

    Just develop the right answer given by JSanders, you can always access your email accounts and social networks (facebook, twitter, google +, etc) on your phone, you will just have no notifications PUSHED to your phone.  You can access the internet on your phone in order to access these accounts, but it should go to them.  With BlackBerry Internet Service activated on your phone account, RIM will push these notifications of new emails, facebook messages, new tweets etc. for your phone.  That's what you'll be missing out on without active BIS.

    I wanted to just make sure that there is no likelihood of confusion.

  • How do I move the folder cache media?

    For the user with SSDS 'C', the cache file quickly fill the player; Therefore, it would be advantageous to move the storage of the cache on a data drive.  Yet, I have to find a way to handle this task.


    Please check Edit Menu/preferences/Scratch disks and the media in particular Cache category. In preferences, you can point the media Cache (consistent Audio Files) to disk save the location of your choice. Note: in the preferences, you will see the current folder location of Cache files from media as well as the amount of free space on the hard disk at this location.

    While you're in preferences, check out the other categories, location and the free space on the hard disk at this location. See especially the video previews. At his hard drive, you can find the preview files which are generated automatically whenever you make timeline content... for SD card, dv.avi and for HD, MPEG2.mpg (same format that the preview of video source or again... they can accumulate a lot).

    There's also edit Menu/preferences/Media and the Media Cache database. Better use the Clean button it is for maintenance purposes. This concerns the media Cache files folder to the location Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Common in the common folder is the media Cache files folder that contains video files in line (CMPD)

    This media Cache files folder again seems return/regenerate to its default location, no matter how hard you try to redirect.

    Questions or need any clarification on any of the above, do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.


  • How can I download the Facebook app without having to pay for it?

    How can I download the Facebook app without having to pay for it?

    Please explain? The place where you try the download?

  • How to design and the list in ascending order from the minimum to the maximum with 6 entries


    How to design and the list in ascending order from the minimum to the maximum with 6 entries in Labview?

    It is easy to write in C++, but not in Labview, can be that I am new to Labview. I managed to get the 1st and the 6th after a comparison, but I can't get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.

    and can I write language c ++ in Labview VI?

    Thank you.

    Try this:

  • Is there a way to give a user access to the users and computers active directory, without being an administrator

    I want to be able to allow user group to be able to reset passwords and create accounts in an organizational unit.  I delegate control of the organizational unit for the group, but if I connect to the domain controller and try opening users and computers active directory, we wonder an administrator password.  I have a mix of two domain controllers Server 2003 and a Server 2008 DC.  Is there a way to give a group access to the users and computers active directory without being administrator?

    For assistance, please ask for help in the appropriate Microsoft TechNet Windows Server Forum.

    Thank you.

  • Some icons in my computer, in Windows Explorer on the desktop, or on the Quick Launch bar change randomly. This problem occurs if the icon cache is not updated correctly. How can I rebuild the icon cache solves this problem

    Some icons in my computer, in Windows Explorer on the desktop, or on the Quick Launch bar change randomly. This problem occurs if the icon cache is not updated correctly. How can I rebuild the icon cache solves this problem

    How do I rebuild the icon Cache in Vista

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How can I fix the problem of not being able to open files by double clicking with photoshop

    How can I fix the problem of not being able to open files with photoshop by double-clicking it in windows Explorer?

    This problem affects psd, jpg, and png files.  I get an error saying "the program can't start because adbeape.dll is missing on your computer.  I can open all these types of files in the menu 'open' in photoshop.  It is not a matter of them not having no not extensions.  I use windows 7.

    Thank you

    Thanks for the update.

    Just for test, could you please rename Photoshop.exe to Photoshop CC2015.exe location: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC2015

    then change the file association to the new renamed exe file and let us know if this helps or not.

  • I have a new macbook pro and want to install CS3 on it. I followed all the download links. Found my serial number for my Adobe account and get up to date through the whole & get this message ' put in place has encountered an error and cannot continue,

    I have a new macbook pro and want to install CS3 on it. I followed all the download links. Found my serial number for my Adobe account and get up to date through the whole & get this message ' put in place has encountered an error and cannot continue, contact adobe customer support for assistance ' all I want is for CS3 to install on my new computer so I can continue to work and do not have to spend hours working it help Please. CC is not an option, because I work in a country with no reliable unlimited internet access

    New computer means new problems of system operating with the OLD software means

    Fix possible Mac 10.10.4 (at least for Premiere Pro)

    10.10 mac. ? sometimes has problems, often related to the 'default' permissions that need to be changed

    -solution of a person

  • How do to set a new password to be put in place a second Director

    Original title:

    Administrator password

    I just bought a computer laptop second hand

    the previous owner my son says he doesn't remember his administrator password

    It is severely restricting my

    can u please tell me how do to set a new password to be put in place a second Director

    Thank you

    Click Start, click Help, and then search help on the password to see how it's done.

    However... using a computer used "like what" is high risk. There could be more viruses that a dog has fleas or it could have been hacked. The only course of action is to perform a destructive factory restore, using the hidden disk partition. This will make the machine 'as new '. Consult the manufacturer's web page for detailed instructions.

  • Has someone managed to recover the annual renewal of autobill put in place by default by Adobe that they ignored?

    I've been autobilled $ 359 for another year of Adobe. I had only used it for approximately 10 hours the first year. I was ignorant of the auto renew that Adobe put in place. I found out 2 weeks after the event, when I checked my bank account.

    The officer and his superior "Aurora", which I didn't have the right to speak, said that they could not repay the money because it was a month after and the terms and conditions of State you have five days for questioning.

    1. only 15 days had passed, not a month and 5 days allowed is too short time if something is wrong in the method of communication, goes on vacation, falls ill, computer breaks down, or be it for 5 days.

    2. they offered to reduce to $200 and $ 159. This does not help me because I do not use the software enough and planned on not using it at all.

    3. they said: I was warned despite my repeatedly telling my story of why I do not use e-mail or the adobe account more.  It sounded like they tell many people this. I think they could avoid this by ensuring that it is said people from the outset. A large part of the terms and conditions should not be hidden in the small print. Take clients for more money without their awareness is not a good practice for a large company that should be able to trust more.

    4 I asked the General conditions and no they were not given.

    5. I have asked the legal service and no they were not given.

    Now I have to refute this charge with my Bank.

    Anyone been able to get this refund?

    Thank you


    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience when you contact support and that you do not find the clarification above useful.

    The link above (General conditions of subscription ) also contains the terms of the annual subscription prepaid where you need it.

    I'll make arrangements to have a support contact you agent to see if they can help you further.


  • Download Helper - how to download and save files .wmv WITHOUT the video being downloaded reading on screen?

    Windows 7 Pro
    Latest Version of Firefox
    Latest Version of Download Helper
    Windows Media Player and VLC are installed

    When I download a video file (.wmv, usually) the video starts to play on the screen of the monitor prior to my being able to use Download Helper to download the video and save it on the hard drive. This generally translates the video stopping and playing and stopping the process of download because of the speed of download available. There is never any problem with the final download hard disk.

    Today I installed the latest version of Firefox and Download Helper on another computer.
    Windows 7
    Latest Version of Firefox
    Latest Version of Download Helper
    Windows Media Player (not) is installed

    Downloaded the same .wmv file you downloaded above and the video started to play on the screen of the monitor. Download Helper has allowed me to download the file on the disk hard WITHOUT constantly tuned to the video start/stop/start/stop etc.

    Which option (in which program) would allow playback of the video to be turned on and off all by downloading the .wmv file?

    Thank you.

    Once the download has started, you can go to another web page. The
    Download must be a separate function.

  • my laptop is divided into 2 profiles. How can I remove the 2 profiles without deleting the programs in profiles

    I want to remove the 2 profiles that divides my laptop. I wish well for my laptop one without loseing computer programs that have been added. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 2650


    Here is an answer from another forum posted by Rick Rogers:

    "There is no method of merging the accounts, simply choose one or.
    others and save the data of the impeachment.

    Start and connect to one you want to keep. Open Windows Explorer as
    Administrator (click right/run as admin) and take ownership of files in
    the other profile that you want to save (under your registered profile). You may need to go to start / Control Panel / folder
    Options/display/and check the box to see hidden and system files to do (if you do not, you will not miss important information - in particular about your programs). Move the
    files you want to put on your user profile. »

    There are some files that you should not move - they are documented in the following article: (which is very close to what do you except that you are not from a user account fresh but one that already exists).

    NOTE: Before removing the old profile, I would make absolutely sure all your data are moved and accessible, and that all your programs work correctly.  The time to solve a problem, if there is while you still have available data - not after it has been deleted.  Frankly, I'd let the old profile sitting there for a few weeks or more, just to be on the right side (if you have the space, and I suspect you do).

    Here is more information about the permissions you need permissions in its own right and to take ownership of:

    To view your permissions, right-click on the file/folder, click Properties, and check the Security tab.  Check the permissions you have by clicking on your user name (or group of users).  Here are the types of permissions, you may have:  You must be an administrator or owner to change the permissions (and sometimes, being an administrator or even an owner is not sufficient - there are ways to block access (even if a smart administrator knows these ways and can move them - but usually should not because they did not have access, usually for a very good reason).)  Here's how to change the permissions of folder under Vista:  To add take and the issuance of right of permissions and ownership in the right click menu (which will make it faster to get once it is configured), see the following article:

    To resolve this problem with folders, appropriating the files or the drive (as an administrator) and give you all the rights.  Right-click on the folder/drive, click Properties, click the Security tab and click on advanced and then click the owner tab.  Click on edit, and then click the name of the person you want to give to the property (you may need to add if it is not there--or maybe yourself). If you want that it applies to subfolders and files in this folder/drive, then check the box to replace the owner of subcontainers and objects, and click OK.  Back and now there is a new owner for files and folders/player who can change the required permissions.  You can change now switched to read-only (even if the main folder indicates that they are always read-only - you can access yourself as the owner).  You can keep them in read-only to other users, customers and administrators even (although they can support themselves and access, if they wish, and it is really not that you can do to stop it except protect the file with a password by using a 3rd party product.)  Here is more information on the ownership of a file or a folder:  To add take ownership in the menu of the right click (which will make it faster to get once it is configured), see the following article:

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

    Lorien - MCSA/MCSE/network + / has + - if this post solves your problem, please click the 'Mark as answer' or 'Useful' button at the top of this message. Marking a post as answer, or relatively useful, you help others find the answer more quickly.

  • How to draw and the positioning of images in FieldManager using the method object?

    How can I add and the positioning of my images in the position desired in FieldManagers?

    I need to add more than 2 fields (HorizontalFieldManager/VerticleFieldManager) in my application and I draw an image using the method of painting ovverided.

    NOTE: The image will be established if I do not use mainScreen.add (SeparatorField ()) or mainScreen.add (hori2), see below.

    If I use mainScreen.add (mainScreen.add (hori2) SeparatorField ())... n then the horizontalFieldManger won't be empty, drawn in the output screen.

    import net.rim.device.api.ui.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.container.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.system.*;
    public class BackgroundImage extends UiApplication
        private Bitmap backgroundBitmap;
        private Bitmap fieldBitmap;
        int width, height;
        public static void main(String[] args)
                BackgroundImage theApp = new BackgroundImage();
        HorizontalFieldManager hori2;
        public BackgroundImage()
            //The background image.
            backgroundBitmap = Bitmap.getBitmapResource("jalan_logo.png");
            MainScreen mainScreen = new MainScreen();
            hori2 = new HorizontalFieldManager();
            HorizontalFieldManager horizontalFieldManager = new HorizontalFieldManager(HorizontalFieldManager.USE_ALL_WIDTH | HorizontalFieldManager.USE_ALL_HEIGHT){
                //Override the paint method to draw the background image.
                public void paint(Graphics graphics)
                    System.out.println("come to here..!!");
                    width = graphics.getScreenWidth();
                    height = graphics.getScreenHeight();
                    //Draw the background image and then call paint.
                    graphics.drawBitmap(width/2, height/2, 150, 40, backgroundBitmap, 0, 0);
            //The LabelField will show up through the transparent image.
            LabelField labelField = new LabelField("This is a label");
            //Add the manager to the screen.
           mainScreen.add(new SeparatorField());
            //Push the screen.

    Help, please.

    I have already pointed out the problem with USE_ALL_HEIGHT in first Manager add you to the form. Drop this style bit, otherwise sublayout your screen will generate an exception, and nothing appears!

    If you want HorizontalFieldManager to be of a particular size, regardless of the height of managed fields, replace its sublayout:

    HorizontalFieldManager fieldManagerTopBanner = new
         protected void sublayout(int maxWidth, int maxHeight) {
            super.sublayout(maxWidth, maxHeight);
            int myDesiredHeight = ;
            setExtent(getWidth(), Math.min(myDesiredHeight, maxHeight));
         protected void paint(Graphics g)
              // g.setBackgroundColor(0x000000);//blue
                 g.drawBitmap(100, 150, 100, 200, jlnLogoImg, 0, 0);
  • How to connect to the account administrator without password reset disk?

    Original title: How can I reset the password without iso disc?

    I am the administrator on my PC, with a second windows profile that is not password protected. I used to write down of my password every time I have to change, but this time I don't have. I went through dozens of passwords I would use and still not recalled it. My PC came with 7 is already installed and I have no backup disc 7. How can I get my account? I already tried to command prompt and it was unnecessary.

    I already tried to command prompt and it was unnecessary.

    What is the value of a password if you could get around it with a simple command console?

    Since you are obviously the owner of the PC, you can reset the password to its previous value as follows:
    1. Set your BIOS so that it uses the DVD drive as its primary boot device.
    2. Start the computer with your Windows 7 repair CD.
    3. Press a key when prompted to boot from the DVD.
    4. Select 'PC Repair' in the menu.
    5. Select 'Repair' when prompted.
    6. When you are prompted, select System Restore.
    7. Configure Windows to a point before you changed the password.
    8. Plan ahead a little and create, test and document an alternative admin account, same as you have a spare emergency House key. This will save you a lot of trouble.

Maybe you are looking for

  • iMac, blocked by malware.  Help please!

    This morning I was using all my usual internet links (Facebook, hotmail and a hotel site), and suddenly a window popped up almost directly after my iMac froze & the window OS Support popped up immediately followed by another indefinable window saying

  • 5K iMac display driver problem crashing end of 2015

    I have a new end 2015 27 "5K iMac, CTO with the i7, Fusion of 3 TB drive and the M395X w / 4 GB of VRAM. I got the plug 8 GB of RAM but put 16 GB of RAM spec Apple Crucial in both. All are adapted. I have clean education installed windows 10 via boot

  • Impossible to uninstall Greeting Card Factory

    I try to install Greeting Card Factory.  Message - "you make etque sufficient access to uninstall... contact the system administrator."  I am the administrator!  What should do?

  • Why my screen resolution keep reset

    Every time I have to turn off my computer, when I turn it on the resolution is defined as the lowest setting. I keep him setting the highest value, but it keeps resetting. Help me please.

  • Why the newly created user profiles are not lacking logon

    I created a new profile for my partner with administrative rights after you manually delete its an old. While trying to log the logon message