How question list of access room.


What I try to do is:

(1) Authenticate and connect to the account

(2) the list of the room (as applicable)

(3) validate if a certain margin exists against the room list

So I connect successfully, but the list of the room is always null.

I checked the documentation, it seems to be straight forward, but I can't get it to work.

Someone at - it an example of code for this?

Here is my code:

public void authenticateSuccess(event:AccountManagerEvent):void
trace ("ROOM:" + event.list);
try {}
{if (IsMaster)}
acctMgr.createRoom (roomName);
else {}
} catch (error) {}
e.message = "the room that you are trying to create already exists!"
throw e;

Thanks in advance.


LordAlex Works Inc.

That doesn't really meet Nigel question (you do this in the Flex client? You can't unless you are the owner of the developer account).

In addition, it is faster for you to call createRoom and capture/ignore the error instead of check if the room is first (it's always 1 server call vs potentially two calls to the server if the room does not exist)

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    This has been previously answered on this forum. See for more details.

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    A VI which is marked 'private' in a library certainly is not accessible in the screw outside this library, so the behavior you describe seems strange.  Could attach you a simple example that shows what you see?  Also, what version of LabVIEW are you using?

    Chris M

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