How recovery will work after the new clean install?

I have a dv7 - 2177cl comes with Vista Home Premium 64-bit.  I'll do a clean Windows 7 install, when I receive.  What I've read, the recovery partition will be useless after that. I made the recovery disc for Vista.  My question is, once that Windows 7 is installed, do the new recovery disc that he will restore in windows 7 or should I return to the conditions of the factory first with Vista recovery disks and reinstall Windows 7?

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If you perform a clean Windows 7 install, you would not need the partition recovery. You need not use the Vista recovery unless kit until you want to go back to Windows Vista. Post successful Windows 7, drivers and any software installation required like you, I would say that you take a backup image of the C: drive so that you can recovery back to this work State of Windows 7. You can use Windows Backup and restore of Windows 7 to do so.

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    > Everything is ok, but is anyway download nero, which is included in the original installation, and install it after format?

    Non-Toshiba tools and software that are part of the image of preinstalled Toshiba cannot be downloaded separately. You can use this software only as part of image of Toshiba.
    If you have installed your own system, you must purchase the software.

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  • My keyboard in Adobe Illustrator shortcuts do not work after the new update


    I like many others have done the new update of software for the Mac - OS X Yosemite. And theres been a few bugs I've experienced. With my internet slow Adobe Creative programs moved upward.

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    Thank you very much

    Phoebe K


    I seem to fix, but for how long I'm not sure.

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    Reboot and all the rest with closed seemed to help. Fingers crossed its long term and as a simple resolution such as.

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    I don't want to use the restore CD.

    Thanks for your reply.


    Of course you can use it with mp3 files. The files are probably listed in the WMP library, and you can use all of the buttons. There is nothing unusual.

    If you cannot use all those buttons in WMP when music CD is in the drive or you if the WMP library is open I recommend you remove TOSHIBA controls reboot the device and install again. Maybe it will work again.

  • Audio Acer 5520g does not work after the new service pack

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    One way to recover is to do a scan complete antivirus C drive.

    Second method is to remove the speakers from the Device Manager, install the Realtech driver after the service pack update.

    The question I have now is that the latest SP crushed the audio driver again.

    Restore restore previous point never works on this or any other question, I've had with windows no matter what...

    All previous options have failed now.

    Any help appricated.

    Download the "RealTek" directly from RealTek driver. ;-)

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    -Is a 64-bit or 32-bit computer?
    -What service pack have installed you on the computer?

    Is there an error with the error code.

    This issue is due to not having the latest version of windows update agent on your computer. So I would say you please install the latest version of windows update agent on your computer, and I am sure that this problem will be solved. Here is the link to download.

    How to get the latest version of the Windows Update Agent

    Run the fix which will be offered to you when you open the page above.

    Once this is done, better also install you the latest windows installer to ensure that the windows service install is running.

    Install install 4.5, if you have XP SP2 or higher and install install 3.1 if you do not have a service pack or even if you have Service pack 1.

    Windows install 4.5 Redistributable

    Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (v2)

    You receive an error message "Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page" when you try to install an update

    You receive an error message "0x800A01AE" or a "0 x 080070570" error message when you try to connect to the Windows Update Web page or to the Microsoft Update Web page in Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP

    I hope this information helps you!

  • Satellite L350D-118 Vista stops working after the error to install Windows XP

    I have a L350D - 118 (PSLE8E) bought 2 weeks ago and is installed in Dutch.
    My plan was to make it dual boot with Windows XP Professional.

    I resized C: partition using the Vista Disk Manager to make more room for the XP partition.
    I then tried to create a new primary partition, but I only could make an extended partition (so I did not).

    Then I put in my teacher XP + SP2 installation CD in the disc drive to see if I could install XP on a new partition to be created using the installation program itself. But the XP installation program fails before the installation starts with a message that an error has occurred and not further so that he could cause damage (the bottom line: stop: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000).)

    When I rebooted, Vista has not loaded, but there is only a flashing cursor in the upper left corner of the screen. X (there is that no message as not found operating system, or something like that.
    When I press on and/or press and hold F8 while loading the Bios, the same thing.
    The laptop is also transformed the immediately after pressing the power on button, instead of having to wait 4 seconds.

    Then I inserted the DVD of Vista Premium x 32 I have from my PC. This displays a message, press any key to boot from the CD/DVD... If I press a key, there is a bar "loading files" style back and after a loading bar Vista-style. After that, it still displays a flashing cursor in the upper left corner of the screen.
    When I retried with pressing F8 and select last known good configuration, it blocks the same way.
    When I retried with safe mode, the screen freezes after Loaded: \windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys

    I also tried the Windows XP edition family, and Windows XP Edition - family + SP2, but all abandoned and gave the same error message.

    I tried to start with the prompt with a CD of Windows 98 SE. It works, but it can not find the drivers for the DVD-disc drive and since W98 doesn't support NTFS I don't see what is on the C: partition. :-(

    I did a recovery DVD because it is already on the D: partition and I do not plan on using Vista.
    There was also a non dos partition of 1.5 GB at the beginning of your hard drive. This is mentioned in the guide of the 3-8 regarding the system recovery options.

    Is there another way to take a look at the C:-partiton or get HARD drive recovery tool work?

    If you say that the [] Toshiba Recovery DVD, how did you it will work. ?:|

    Thanks for any advice.


    I must say that your ad is very interesting and dual boot is a topic where people can write about experiences.
    Last month, I did my own experiences and want to share with you.
    At first, I must say that your ad is a little confusing. Let's start with General things.

    Dual boot (installation of two BONES) is without any doubt, and I see no problem here.
    It is just important to have two partitions on the HARD disk. If you have preinstalled in C that you want to use in the future or create one with disk manager or just start the installation of the OS and the Windows installation to create the second partition.

    If your laptop has two hard disks, you can also install the second partition on the first partition, which belongs to the second HARD drive.

    With short words, all options are open and it's just important to know what you want to do exactly. If I understand you right, you cannot boot OS preinstalled.

    The problem is that after having playing with partitions, you will not be able to use the saved on the HARD drive recovery image. This score from GB 1.5 has nothing to do with the recovery image, and it is characteristic of Vista. If everything is OK, you can enter if you F * to start and choose the first option called fix my computer.

    You can see this option after using F8 at startup?

    I really don't understand why you have this error message when you start installation of WXP. What you can do is to set the default BIOS settings and try again.

    If you order the Toshiba Recovery DVD, you will be able to reinstall the OS and have once again the factory settings. Maybe you should buy it. OK, it costs about 40 Euros, but this isn't a bad idea to have the original recovery DVD. Perhaps one day you want to use Vista or you want to sell your laptop. It's good if you can also offer original recovery with her media.

    Sorry if I forgot to comment on something in your ad. If you have any questions please let me know.

    Good luck!

  • Repeatedly to get BSOD on Windows 8, even after the new re - installed.


    I installed a new copy of Win8 about 3.5 months ago, and last week I started having these BSOD errors (possibly after a windows update):

    1. NTFS FILES for error SYSTEM

    Everytime I restarted my computer, I had another of these errors. So I decided to update the installation of Windows 8, and because the update remained stuck on 39% more day I left it. At this point, it was simply impossible to connect to windows whenever I tried because the BSOD would leap upward before that windows won't even load.

    Attempts at recovery:

    1. Fully formatted HARD drive, installed Windows 8, but it was just a matter of time until that the BSOD was back again after a windows update. I suspect that these errors are all drivers related issues, but how can we know which driver is causing the conflict exactly? What can I use to read the Dump files easily?
    2. Research showed it could be things like adapters wireless usb etc, and I noticed that my usb adapter list win8 as a compatible platform. I went to the store and bought a usb adapter which is 8 compatible windows. I also bought a HARD disk that is compatible win8 just to be sure. I tried another new facility at the new disk and he succeeded. I installed the driver of usb wireless network card compatible win8 since the accompanying CD and the BSOD was back.
    3. Completely re-formatted the HARD drive tries again, another installation, but once it has reached "Installing updates" IRQL LESS or DIFFERENT error popped up again. I don't think it actually installed updates because the computer was not connected to the network somehow, because the usb adapter is no longer connected to the computer.
    4. I tried to install another after a quick format once again, and when she reaches the "Install updates" step the BSOD came back (no cable Ethernet or a wireless connection to internet).

    Issues related to the:

    1. A full format really helps the situation?
    2. Is it possible to have driver problems during the installation of windows on a hard drive completely wiped out?
    3. Why it would fail to step "Install updates" even if there is no connection to the network, so no way to download the updates?
    4. Is it possible that the other components of my machine cause conflicts?
    5. If not, how can I solve this problem? What are some other things to try?

    Here are the specs of my machine:

    • Graphics, GTX 670 1 800 MB of memory.
    • 16 GB of RAM DDR3 Corsair Vengeance.
    • Processor 3.5 GHz Intel core i7 - 3770 k

    Thank you


    It turns out one of my RAM chips was defective.

    I ran a diagnosis of memory, which has detected hardware problems, then I ran my computer with each piece at a time to determine the defective one.

    My computer works fine now. I think that everything else is fine as well.

    I thank very you much for all the help. I'll reach out again if something else happens.

    Edmar - G.

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